Why Do The Batteries In My FireStick Remote Drain So Fast?

The Amazon Fire Stick is a fantastic streaming device, but some users have reported having very fast issues with the remote draining.

Battery-powered remotes are bound to run out of juice at some point, but this should normally take months or even years, which is why Fire Stick users are often shocked when they find that their remotes are drained after just several days. However, there are several different reasons why either version of the Fire Stick remote might be draining so quickly, and you should consider all of the factors that could be contributing to this issue to resolve it.

Why Do The Batteries In My FireStick Remote Drain So Fast 1 Why Do The Batteries In My FireStick Remote Drain So Fast?

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Why does my Fire Stick remote die so quickly?

Your Fire Stick remote batteries are most likely draining due to poor quality batteries, accidental button pressing, an old generation remote, misuse of the device, or Alexa (if the AI is connected to your remote).

When Amazon launched the Fire Stick, it was an instant success, as this handheld device made streaming movies and music easier than ever. The Fire Stick enables you to make any regular TV a smart TV – giving you access to countless apps and streaming services.

However, it can be quite a pain to deal with technology when it does not function properly, and an issue that has become common with Fire Stick remotes is the batteries draining faster than they should. The batteries in your Fire Stick should last for a long time. 

Keep in mind that if you’re in a pinch, you can mirror your iPhone to your Firestick and use it as a remote instead.

If you are finding that your batteries die on you quickly – especially if it is just after a few days, there may be a more serious issue that needs to be addressed. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at the different reasons why your Fire Stick remote batteries are draining.

After extensively researching Fire Stick remotes, I have been able to gather enough information to determine why the batteries in your device are likely draining faster than they should. My research has indicated that Fire Stick batteries usually drain due to misuse or due to faulty products.

Why Do My Batteries Die So Fast in My Fire Stick Remote?

It can be very frustrating to turn on your TV with the intention to stream your favorite content, only to find that your remote’s batteries are drained. This is particularly annoying if the problem is ongoing and you are replacing your remote’s batteries every other day.

The bottom line is that your Fire Stick remote batteries should function for a long time – much like they do on a standard TV remote. However, before you can fix the problem, you first need to identify exactly what is causing it. 

Why Do The Batteries In My FireStick Remote Drain So Fast 1 1 Why Do The Batteries In My FireStick Remote Drain So Fast?

1. Poor Quality Batteries

Not all batteries are made equal, and you will find that cheap ones will die on you considerably faster. Fire Stick remotes use standard AAA batteries which are very common, which is why there are a ton of knock-off brands that make poor quality options and sell them cheap.

If you want to get as much life out of your Fire Stick remote as possible, be sure to use quality batteries from a reputable brand, as these are guaranteed to last a while.

2. Accidental Button Pressing

Remote batteries are notorious for getting drained when buttons are pressed accidentally. This generally happens when you place the remote upside down against an object or when it gets lodged inside the couch. 

When your Fire Stick’s buttons accidentally get pressed (especially over a long period of time), the remote will be engaged, and the batteries will drain. If you are piling a stack of magazines on your coffee table with your Fire Stick remote underneath – don’t be surprised inf the batteries run out of juice fast.

3. Old Generation Remote

This is not an issue that you will run into if you recently bought a Fire Stick, but some customers have complained that older generation remotes would drain on them very fast. If you bought an early model Fire Stick, your remote could be draining simply due to the product being faulty.

4. Misuse

A lot of people like to button mash their Fire Stick remotes, which is misusing the device, and it can easily lead to your batteries draining quickly. This is a responsive device, and it should only require a single button press per on-screen action.

If you find yourself pressing more buttons than you need to and holding them down for long periods, then you are contributing to your batteries running out of juice. This can be particularly common when children play with remotes, as they may end up using them as toys. 

5. Alexa

If you are an Alexa user, then you have probably connected the AI to your Fire Stick to make your home entertainment system even more convenient. However, when you connect your Alexa with your Fire Stick, you put your remote in permanent listening mode. 

Even when you are not giving Alexa a vocal command, your remote is still listening – meaning that it is using some of its battery power, which is contributing to them getting drained.

6. Battery Mixing

We have all done it – taking out just one of the dead batteries in a device and replacing it with a new one – while leaving the rest in. Although this may seem like a solid solution to your battery issue, this is actually a poor practice, and it can have an adverse effect on your device.

A single battery with juice supporting your device is going to actually drain it faster and it can even cause a rupture or leakage. If you want to get the most amount of life out of your batteries, make sure to replace all of them when your Fire Stick remote starts to die. 

Why Does My Remote Control Drain Batteries?

The batteries on your Fire Stick remote are supposed to drain over time. These batteries do not recharge themselves, which means that replacing your batteries is going to be a part of owning a Fire Stick.

Your batteries will drain when you press the buttons on your remote, and they will drain even faster if you are connected to other devices like Alexa.

How Long Does Fire Stick Remote Battery Last?

You can expect to get around 9 to 10 months of life out of your Fire Stick remote batteries. However, this is a rough estimate based on average usage. 

This number can greatly fluctuate based on how you use your remote, as well as the kind of batteries that you put inside of it. Some people can get 1 year or more out of their batteries – whereas others might get 6 months or less. 

Which Battery is Best for Fire Stick Remote?

Buying the right batteries for your Amazon Fire Stick remote can make all of the difference in how much life you get out of them before you need to swap them out. There are some great brands to consider, but reliable options are the Rayovac Alkaline Triple-A Batteries.

These high-grade AAA batteries will give your Fire Stick plenty of juice so that you can rely on your remote for upwards of a year before replacing them. If you are buying from a reputable brand, then you should be good to go. 

The main things that you want to watch out for are knock-off brands and cheap companies that do not have customer-backed reviews.

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