Why Does My Blink Camera Click?

Blink cameras are sleek and compact.

The elegant design is meant to make them unnoticeable to intruders.

If you have owned a Blink camera at one point, you must be aware of its annoying clicking sound.

The constant clicking makes it easy for intruders to spot the camera, beating the point of having a security camera. 

In this article, we share some of why your Blink camera is clicking and ways to fix the issue.

Your camera’s clicking sound is often an alert rather than a signal that your camera is not working. Your Blink camera is probably clicking to alert you that you need to change the batteries, that it has captured a video, or that there is an issue that requires your intervention, like a loose battery.

 Here are some of the reasons your camera makes the clicking sound.

Time to change the batteries

Suppose your batteries are running low. 

Your Blink camera will start clicking to alert you. 

The original batteries the camera comes with the need to be replaced with batteries of similar voltage. 

The AA 1.5V lithium batteries are a suitable replacement. 

These should last a couple of years which is a decent period.

The clicking sound is likely to continue if you replace the original batteries with incompatible AA batteries.

Alkaline-based batteries and rechargeable batteries are also hazardous as they may damage the camera.

The battery issue throws off many Blink camera users as the battery signal remains the same. 

If your battery signal shows your battery is complete, but your camera is still clicking, change the batteries and see if the issue is fixed.

The Photo Capture is Enabled

If you leave the photo capture on, your camera will be taking pictures from time to time.

This may be the reason for the clicking sounds, as the camera will be activating IR each time it takes a shot.

You will need to turn off the photo capture setting to fix this issue. 

You won’t need to remove the filter or turn off the I illumination setting.

Turning off IR illumination will temporarily fix the problem.

Internal Camera Issues

If you have checked and fixed the photo capture setting and replaced your Blink camera batteries, internal camera issues could be the reason why your camera is still clicking.

You can run a test by directly charging your camera using a USB port. 

If the clicking sound goes away, the issue could be a battery issue. 

If it continues, you’ll need to contact support and issue a ticket. 

In this case, some parts of your camera likely need to be replaced or repaired, and it would be best to get a professional on board.

Why Does My Blink Camera Click 1 Why Does My Blink Camera Click?

When the camera is in night mode, the Blink camera uses infrared light, usually invisible but gives off heat.

The heat from the infrared light will trigger the shutter to open and close from time to time to maintain the average temperature for the camera to operate.

This periodic opening and closing of the shutter is another reason for the clicking sound, which can be irritating but is no reason to be alarmed.

You can disable night vision as a measure if the clicking sound affects your life quality.

There has been a report of potential security vulnerabilities in Blink cameras.

The XT2 model has explicitly been reported as allowing unauthorized access.

Amazon, however, took the necessary measures and released security updates to users using the affected devices. 

Like any other technology system, Blink cameras are a target for hackers.

The most common method hackers use to gain unauthorized access is obtaining login information. 

Hackers can access your device with a user’s login details, change settings, and even lock you out.

 Credential stuffing is the most common way hackers use to obtain data. 

Credential stuffing is a method that involves scanning for login details from other sites operated by a user that is already breached. 

You must change your passwords regularly to avoid falling prey to these techniques.

Besides credential stuffing, Blink cameras have other security gaps that hackers can exploit. 

These security gaps allow hackers to access your camera’s footage from a third-party device. 

Hackers can also access the two-way audio feature in Blink cameras.

Additionally, if you have multiple cameras that are synched, the other connected devices will be susceptible to hacking as hackers can access all connected devices.

Much as Blink cameras have potential security risks, you can take steps to ensure your Blink cameras are safe and inaccessible to hackers. 

Amazon provides resources and updates to enhance security.

In addition, the following steps will improve your safety further.

Update Your Firmware

Whenever security gaps could put users at risk, Amazon always moves promptly to resolve them by providing software updates. 

To benefit from these security updates, it is necessary to update your Blink devices constantly.

If you are not aware of your camera’s power cycle, you can remove and replace batteries. 

This process will automatically connect your device to Blink servers and update your device to the latest version available.

Update Login Information

Besides updating your firmware, you must update your login information Moreso if you feel hackers have compromised your device. 

Cybersecurity experts recommend that you update your login information every three months.

If you are unsure how to go about the process, check the Blink website.

Use different Logins for Every Account

Most users have the exact login details across all platforms. 

This makes it easy for hackers to obtain your login credentials as most private parties are acquired through the credential stuffing. 

Use unique login information for all devices to protect your accounts from unauthorized access.

Check if Your Camera is working slowly.

Most cameras lose their efficiency when hacked.

This is because security cameras often have limited memory. 

If a camera is hacked, the CPU will work extra, resulting in slowed performance.

If your camera is slower than usual and has no hardware issues. 

This is a sign that there could be a security breach.

Yes, the Blink camera allows for two-way audio streaming, which means you can listen to audio and speak to users from a remote location.


Blink cameras are excellent security devices.

 They offer a variety of features and are made by a reliable company. 

We hope this article is helpful and provides a solution if you have a Blink camera with a clicking sound. 

Additionally, you can contact Blink support if you have any additional queries.

Amazon has moved fast to mitigate previous security breaches with software updates and are undoubtedly committed to making the Blink camera the best security camera for users.

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