Why Does My Oculus Quest Keep Disconnecting From WiFi?

Is there anything more fun or futuristic than Oculus Quest games? I love playing these, but I’ve found that sometimes it just keeps disconnecting from WiFi.

Why do I keep disconnecting from WiFi? Don’t worry, I’ll go over the most common reasons so you can fix this yourself.

Why Does My Oculus Quest Keep Disconnecting From WiFi?

There are multiple reasons why your Oculus Quest is disconnecting from WiFi. The most common is the router switching bands, which must be changed from the router itself. You may also find that rebooting the headset or router clears up many issues. It largely depends on the origin of the issue.

There are many reasons why your Oculus Quest is disconnecting from WiFi.

I’ll go through the most common ones so that you understand what is going on. 

You’ll also learn how to fix these issues.

Changing Bands on Router

This is by far the most common reason why your Oculus Quest is disconnecting from WiFi. 

The telltale sign is that the headset will disconnect for a few seconds before reconnecting automatically. 

This is especially true if you are standing in an area between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz range.

Many routers have a Smart Connect feature. 

This means that it changes bands as needed. 

A 2.4GHz band is slower but has a better range. 

A 5GHz band is much faster, but you must be closer to the router for it to work properly.

Can Oculus connect to 5GHz WiFi? It can, and it often works better on this band due to the higher speeds. 

This is especially true with more intensive games.

The problem is that Oculus Quest will disconnect from WiFi whenever the band switches over. 

The best way to fix this is to change your router’s settings.

Change the Router’s Settings

Why Does My Oculus Quest Keep Disconnecting From WiFi 1 Why Does My Oculus Quest Keep Disconnecting From WiFi?

I will be broad with these instructions because each router is a little different. 

Be sure to look up instructions for how to change Smart Connect or Band Steering with your router for more specific instructions.

Open a browser on your computer or device and access the router by entering your IP address into the URL bar. 

Go into “Settings” or “Interface Config” and you will see your various bands there.

Disable the Smart Connect feature. 

You should then be prompted to make different network names for both bands. 

Make the names different so that you don’t accidentally connect to the wrong one.

You should then use your device with the Oculus app to connect to the right band. 

As I said before, 2.4GHz is good for many games and gives you better distance, but 5GHz is better due to its faster speed.

If this is due to the band switching, then you should no longer have to face WiFi disconnection issues.

WiFi Not Connecting

This is the second-most common issue that Oculus Quest users face. 

Your WiFi is fine and other device are connecting to it, but your Quest simply won’t connect. 

Unlike the other issue where it’s disconnecting and connecting whenever the bands change, this problem involves your headset simply not recognizing the router.

While this can be annoying, it’s usually easy to fix. 

I suggest quickly checking a nearby device like your phone or tablet to ensure it’s connecting to WiFi.

This means that the router is working, but your headset is having the issue.

Soft Restart

The first thing you should try is a soft restart.

Hold the power button for about five seconds and the headset should turn off. 

Give it a minute and then press the power button again to turn the headset back on.

This often corrects the issue, but sometimes it’s not enough.

Hard Reboot

The next step is a hard reboot, which clears out more data when you turn the headset off.

Start by turning the headset off. 

You should then hold the volume down button and the power button simultaneously. 

This will bring up a new menu.

Use the volume buttons to navigate this menu.

Go to “Exit and Reboot” and then push the power button to confirm your selection. 

This will reboot the headset. Many users find that this clears up the issue, but there is one more thing you can try.

Forget the WiFi Network

If rebooting and restarting didn’t help, then this might clear it up. 

Open your device and launch the Oculus app. 

Make sure you connect with your Oculus Quest and go to the wireless settings.

Here you will see all the stored WiFi networks. Select your home network and then choose the forget it. 

This will remove it from your list. 

Scan for available networks until your router comes up. Attempt to connect again.

This should fix the issue and you should now be able to connect to your WiFi network.

Connected Without Internet

This is the least common problem on this list, but it’s still one to be aware of. 

You may sometimes see that your Oculus Quest is connected to WiFi, but it claims to have no service.

While this is a less common problem, there are still some simple solutions that can help fix the problem.

Like with the other troubleshooting steps here, it should only take a few minutes to correct the issue.

Try Using the Internet

The first thing I suggest you do is try using the internet with your headset. 

I know it says that the headset is connected but doesn’t have service, but many times you’ll find that it works anyway.

Simply open the Oculus store or any online app and see if it connects properly.

It can be annoying to see the error message on your headset, but many people find that they can still use the internet despite this warning.

Restart the Router

The most common reason for this problem is that the headset and router aren’t aligned properly. 

The easiest way to fix this is to simply restart the router. 

You’ll find that this corrects many similar issues as it gets the router to function properly again.

Go to your router and turn it off by pushing the power button. Wait for a minute or two. 

Push the button again and wait for the router to turn on. 

Most routers need a few minutes and there is often an indicator light letting you know when service is restored.

I would also suggest connecting to WiFi with a nearby device to ensure that it’s working. 

If your phone can open websites through WiFi, then your headset should be able to connect as well.

Alternate Connection

If you still can’t connect to the router, then attempt to make an alternate connection. 

The easiest way to do this is to create a hotspot on your mobile device. 

This allows the device to become a WiFi center for nearby devices.

Do this and try to connect your headset to the hotspot. 

Many people find that this works, and it can also then help you connect with the original router.

Better WiFi

Does Oculus Quest need good WiFi? Usually, a standard connection is good enough. 

While you might notice that resource-heavy games lag if your connection is slow, you can still normally connect.

Some people have found that their headsets won’t connect if their service is very slow. 

If this is the case, then consider purchasing a better WiFi package to see if this corrects the issue.

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