Why Does My Vizio Sound Bar Keep Turning Off by Itself?

Vizio soundbars are considered to be some of the best on the market – especially for their asking price, but they have been known to turn off by themselves. If you want to have quality sound at home for streaming shows, movies, and music, Vizio offers some amazing soundbars. However, if your Vizio sound bar keeps turning off on you, it can be extremely frustrating to deal with – especially when you are in the middle of streaming.

Why Does My Vizio Sound Bar Keep Turning Off by Itself 1 Why Does My Vizio Sound Bar Keep Turning Off by Itself?

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Why Does My Vizio Sound Bar Keep Turning Off by Itself?

The most likely reasons your Vizio soundbar is turning off by itself are software issues, multiple devices being connected, the eco settings being turned on, or you are not using an official Vizio remote with your soundbar.

When shopping for a quality sound bar at an affordable price, there is really no better option than a Vizio product. Vizio is an American company that offers some of the best value soundbars that money can buy.

Traditionally, having a bulky home entertainment system that is full of speakers and stereo equipment was the standard, but with modern-day technology, you can get a lot of the same features with a simple soundbar. Vizio’s soundbars are equipped with a variety of high-tech features including Bluetooth, wireless speaker connections, and even voice controls so that you can stream what you want without having to lift a finger. 

However, your Vizio soundbar is only good to you if it is functioning properly and a lot of users have reported issues with the speaker shutting itself down at random. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at why your Vizio sound bar keeps turning off by itself and what you can do to solve the issue. 

After extensively researching Vizio sound bars, I have been able to gather enough information to determine that automatic shutdowns are a common problem with these speakers. My research has indicated that there are a number of different factors that can contribute to a Vizio soundbar turning off by itself and you should consider all of the potential reasons behind the issue to resolve it. 

How to Fix Vizio Sound Bar Turning Off by Itself

Although Vizio makes a lot of great products, you can expect a glitch or malfunction from time to time. One of the most notorious issues that customers complain about is that their soundbars turn off automatically.

The good news is that this problem should not be all that hard to fix. However, there is more than one thing that can cause this malfunction, and to fix it, we first need to identify what the exact reason is. These are the potential reasons why your Vizio sound bar turns off by itself:

  1. Software issue
  2. Multiple connected devices
  3. Enabled Eco Settings
  4. Non-Vizio remote control 

Each reason behind your soundbar’s issue requires a different approach to resolve it, but none of the fixes are overly technical and you should not have a hard time getting your Vizio device back in working order. 

Why Does My Vizio Sound Bar Keep Turning Off by Itself 1 1 Why Does My Vizio Sound Bar Keep Turning Off by Itself?

Software Issue

Software is notorious for getting buggy and glitchy – especially if it is outdated. One of the reasons that your Vizio soundbar keeps turning off on you is that you are using your speaker with old software that needs to be updated. 

Vizio has routine software updates for the majority of their products and there is a good chance that you may have missed one (or several) if your soundbar is acting up. You can update the software of your soundbar by using their app.

However, if the problem persists after you update the device or if you have been running scheduled updates on your soundbar regularly already, then the software issue should be resolved after a reset. To reset your Vizio soundbar go through the following steps using your Vizio remote control

  1. Menu button
  2. Reset 
  3. Confirm Reset (Press ‘Yes’)

A reset will often clear up a lot of the potential issues that you may be experiencing with your soundbar and you should consider initiating one if you run into other glitches and malfunctions. With that being said, you should consider what a reset actually does before you make it a common habit every time that something goes wrong.

A reset will delete all of the custom settings and preferences on your Vizio soundbar, which means that you will have to go through the process of personalizing your device all over again. So, make sure that a reset is essential before you commit to one – with software issues, they are usually mandatory.

Multiple Connected Devices

Your Vizio soundbar is compatible with a variety of different devices and a lot of users like to set up their speaker to be connected with their entire home entertainment system including phones, TVs, game consoles, and more. 

While this does make the soundbar very dynamic, it can also cause some potential issues – with automatic shutdowns being one of them. When your soundbar is receiving signals from so many different devices it is essentially communicating with every piece of tech that you have in your home at the same time. 

You should try unpairing what connections you have through Bluetooth to see if this is causing any kind of interruption with your soundbar.

With that being said, the speaker is most likely shutting down due to a physical connection between your TV and another input connected to it.

If you have an HDMI input that is interfering with your soundbar, it could potentially be causing it to turn itself off, which is why you should adjust your inputs to solve the problem.

Enabled Eco Settings

Conserving energy is a great way save the planet and avoid expenses on your electric bill but you are probably not thinking about this while you are streaming through your Vizio soundbar. Your soundbar is equipped with a great setting that forces it to turn itself off automatically after a certain period of inactivity, which is its Eco Setting.

However, this feature does not always function the way that it should and it is quite common for it to engage itself while you are in the middle of watching a movie or listening to music. This is not when you want your Eco Settings to switch on. 

To prevent this setting from interfering with how you use your soundbar, you should disable it completely. 

Your Eco Power mode can be accessed through your device’s settings. Using your Vizio remote, navigate to the tab that says Eco Power and then select ‘Turn Off’.

Non-Vizio Remote

When you use technology, you will often find that devices tend to work best when they are from the same manufacturer. Vizio designed its soundbar remote to be compatible with the speaker and it will function best when they are paired with one another. 

A lot of people have high-tech home entertainment systems that are equipped with universal remotes that can control every device that they use. 

Alternatively, you may have found a replacement remote that seems to work well enough with your Vizio soundbar. 

While a remote that is not from Vizio may appear to work fine with your soundbar, it can potentially be causing the device to turn off by itself. 

Vizio recommends that you use their soundbar with the original remote that came with the device to ensure that it functions properly, as this can be one of the reasons that you are experiencing the device shutting down automatically.

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