Are AppleCare Replacement Phones New or Refurbished?

Sometimes, your iPhone might run into problems. 

If these issues are beyond your control to fix or the Apple Store is unable to correct them, you might end up needing a replacement iPhone through AppleCare

It’s fair to wonder whether that replacement iPhone is brand new or a refurbished model.

Are AppleCare Replacement Phones New or Refurbished?

If AppleCare is replacing your phone within the first 14 days of purchasing the phone, then they will send you a brand new phone. After the first 14 days, AppleCare will replace your phone with a refurbished one.

The quickest and easiest way to see whether your AppleCare replacement iPhone is new or refurbished lies right in your device’s settings. 

You can also dig a little deeper if you get your replacement through your wireless carrier. 

Once you get the information you’re seeking, it can ease your mind.

It can be very frustrating when the iPhone you bought brand new has a defect or breaks.

However, accidents happen and technology isn’t perfect. 

Whatever the case, if your iPhone is beyond repair, you can turn to AppleCare to get a handy replacement.

If you are wondering whether the replacement iPhone you got through AppleCare is new or refurbished, there are steps you can take to determine the answer.

Check the iPhone Model Number

You can easily tell whether your AppleCare replacement iPhone is brand new or refurbished by checking the iPhone’s model number. 

To do this, you should go to your iPhone’s Settings and tap on General. Then, tap on About. 

The Model Number appears as the fourth option down. 

If Your iPhone’s model number begins with the letter “M,” it means you have a brand new iPhone.

On the flip side, if the model number of your iPhone replacement from AppleCare starts with the letter “N,” it means it’s a replacement. 

iPhone replacements that you can get from your wireless carrier have model numbers that start with the letter “F.” However, those iPhones are replacements directly from the carrier that don’t come from Apple directly.

Note that any of the above model numbers are different from the model number that might appear on the back of your iPhone that start with the letter “A.”

Another Way to Check Your iPhone’s Model Number

If you have an iPhone that’s as recent as the iPhone 8 or higher, you can also see the model number in the SIM card tray slot.

In order to check your model number there, you have to remove the SIM card tray.

Removing the SIM card tray from your iPhone’s SIM card tray slot is simple. 

Use the SIM card tray removal tool that came with your iPhone to gently push the tray in the hole. 

It should gently pop open so that you can then remove it.

Checking your AppleCare replacement iPhone’s model number is the same through this means as well.

If you see that the model number begins with the letter “M,” it’s a new iPhone, but if the model number starts with the letter “N,” it means it’s a refurbished iPhone.

Are AppleCare Replacement Phones New or Refurbished 1 Are AppleCare Replacement Phones New or Refurbished?

What Does it Mean When an iPhone is Refurbished?

Sometimes, the term “refurbished” carries a certain stigma. 

This is especially the case when your iPhone bought brand new is being replaced. 

However, Apple has strict requirements for ensuring that refurbished iPhone replacements are top quality.

When you get a refurbished iPhone, it undergoes a deep process to meet the high standards expected from Apple. 

A refurbished iPhone replacement through AppleCare is guaranteed to be top quality and like new.

Refurbished iPhones always have model numbers that start with the letter “N,” as previously stated.

However, whether your AppleCare replacement iPhone is new or refurbished, it is still a quality device that meets Apple’s high standards. 

All refurbished iPhones from Apple include a warranty of one year.

They are redone with brand new batteries and outer shells after being completely cleaned and inspected. 

Refurbished iPhones come in a new white box and include all the regular accessories you would expect to come with the model if it were brand new.

What is Apple’s Standard When Replacing an iPhone?

You may also wonder about Apple’s standard when replacing an iPhone that you’re having problems with and that can’t be fixed.

If you have purchased your iPhone within the past 14 days and need a replacement because the issues it’s experiencing cannot be fixed, you can get a brand new iPhone as a replacement through AppleCare.

However, if you have had your iPhone for a while, even if it’s still under warranty, you will get a refurbished model as a replacement.

The standard through Apple is to provide the customer with a refurbished iPhone as a replacement if they have had the device longer than 14 days. 

The only exception to that rule is if Apple’s refurbished model iPhones are all out of stock.

After you get a refurbished iPhone to replace your original device, if you still have a warranty, that warranty will carry over to the replacement iPhone.

Additionally, when you get a replacement iPhone through AppleCare, note that it’s always called a “replacement” rather than refurbished. 

The standard procedure by Apple, however, is to provide the customer with a replacement that is refurbished but like new. 

As a result, if you need to get your iPhone replaced for any reason, the replacement you receive will appear brand new to your eyes. 

You will not be able to tell that it’s a refurbished model other than through the “N” at the start of the model number.

Finding out whether your AppleCare replacement iPhone is new or refurbished is an easy process. 

Not only can you always check the settings to view the model number to check whether it starts with an “M” or an “N,” you can also know that your replacement iPhone is a refurb that is always like new courtesy of Apple.

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