Here’s How to Connect Two Phones to Alexa!

Smart devices have become common in homes in recent years, but most people are still learning how to use their home assistant devices. One such device is the Alexa Echo, most commonly known as the Amazon Alexa or Amazon Echo. Can you connect two phones to an Alexa Echo device?

how to connect two phones to alexa

Can An Alexa Echo Be Connected To Two Phones?

Two smartphones can be connected to one Alexa Echo device. Smartphones are connected to Alexa Echo through an app. Although the Alexa Echo is mainly controlled through voice commands, some settings must be changed within the Alexa Echo app. Users also set up their Alexa Echo devices through the app.

The Alexa Echo is an amazing device that is easy to install, but sometimes it can be complicated to use all of its features.

Keep reading to find out how to connect two smartphones to one Alexa Echo device.

Can I Connect Two Phones to Alexa Echo?

You can connect two smartphones to an Alexa Echo device through the app that is associated with Alexa Echo devices.

However, the person who used the app and phone to complete the initial setup of the Alexa Echo device will be able to see and change more on their app than the person who connected their phone to the Alexa Echo after them.

You can also connect multiple smartphones to your Alexa Echo via Bluetooth. 

You won’t be able to change any of the settings, but it will be able to access and play your music, even if you don’t have Amazon Music.

However, only one smartphone can be connected to an Alexa Echo via Bluetooth at one time. 

If someone connects their phone to Alexa Echo while another person is connected, the person who was connected will be kicked off of the connection. 

When you want to play music through your Alexa Echo and connect your smartphone to it, you will have to make sure that they are connected via Bluetooth. 

Luckily, that is relatively easy. All you have to do is go into your phone’s Settings, go to Bluetooth, and look at the connected devices.

How to Connect Two Phones to Alexa Echo

Follow the following instructions to connect two smartphones to one Alexa Echo device:

  • Download the Alexa Echo app to both phones
  • Use one phone to set up Alexa Echo
  • Once setup is complete, sign in to Amazon account through the other phone.
How To Put The Echo Dot In Pairing Mode Here's How to Connect Two Phones to Alexa!

Now, both of your phones should be connected to your Alexa Echo device. 

Only one person can change most of the settings, but the Alexa Echo can still be used by the other person easily.If you don’t want to download the Alexa Echo app, you can connect two phones to the Alexa Echo via Bluetooth.

To connect your phone to your Alexa Echo, make the Echo go into Pairing Mode. 

Make sure your smartphone has Bluetooth turned on. Then in your phone’s settings go into Bluetooth. 

Click on the Alexa Echo device. 

It may be listed under a different name than Alexa Echo, especially if you named it during the setup process.

Can Two Amazon Accounts be Linked to One Alexa Echo?

If you want to connect your Alexa Echo to multiple Amazon accounts, make sure all accounts are connected within your Amazon Household. 

After you connect your Amazon account to your Alexa Echo, all you have to do to switch accounts is say “Alexa, switch to ___ account.” You can also say, “Alexa, go into __’s account.” (source)

You may have to say a passcode that you created and put in place beforehand, but after you do you can give your Alexa Echo commands, order Amazon products, add things to your list or the family’s list, add events to the calendar, and send messages to others.

If you want to set up a passcode for your Alexa Echo to use, go to your Amazon account’s settings. 

Click on Voice Purchasing and enter a 4-digit pin.

That will be the passcode that you use when switching accounts on your Alexa Echo. 

This pin is especially helpful if you want to prevent purchases from being placed without your permission or knowledge.

If you need to add an account to your Amazon Household, go into your Amazon account settings. 

Then click on Manage Your Amazon Household. 

The main user of the Amazon account will have to complete this process, as they have control of the Amazon Household.

Overall, Alexa Echo devices can be connected to two cell phones at the same time, but not via Bluetooth.

Cell phones that aren’t smart devices can’t be connected to Alexa Echo devices.

Although non-smartphones are rarely used nowadays, some people still have them.

A smart device has to be used to control the Alexa Echo device if you have decided not to control it with your device.

Most of the time, you won’t need your cell phone to control your Alexa Echo, as they are mainly controlled through voice commands. 

You can use your phone if the Alexa Echo device doesn’t recognize or respond to your voice, but that won’t happen most of the time.

The settings for your Alexa Echo can only be changed by the person who set up the device, so decide beforehand who you want to control it when settings need to be changed. 

If you are having trouble connecting your smartphone to your Alexa Echo device, contact Amazon Support

They will be able to help you connect all necessary devices to your Alexa Echo.

If your Alexa Echo is not connecting to the WiFi or is not responding to voice commands that you or other members of your household are giving, reset the device. 

If that does not work, contact Amazon Support, and they will give you advice on how to fix your device.

If you are having trouble connecting your phone to your Alexa Echo via Bluetooth, make sure they are both available to be found by other devices.

You may have to put one or both in “Pairing Mode” before they can be connected.

If that doesn’t work, contact Amazon Support.

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