How Many Alexa Devices Can You Have On One Account?

Amazon’s Alexa is a household name these days and so many people are taking advantage of this handy AI, but how many devices can you have on one account? Whether you want to stream music or movies, or simply ask Alexa to Google something for you, the ability to access information and entertainment is just a simple voice command away. However, you can also use more than one Alexa device at the same time, but there is often some skepticism regarding the number of devices that can be connected to a single account. 

How Many Alexa Devices Can You Have On One Account 1 1 How Many Alexa Devices Can You Have On One Account?

How Many Alexa Devices Can You Have On One Account?

There is no limit to how many Alexa devices you can have on one account. You can connect as many Alexa-enabled Echo Speakers under one Amazon account as you like, but you will be limited to using 6 simultaneously with Amazon’s multi-room music feature. 

Technology is advancing at a rampant pace and Alexa has been a game-changer for so many homes. Prior to Alexa, smart home technology and AI assistants were either outrageously expensive or totally inferior. But as soon as Amazon announced its product launch of Echo smart speakers, the ability to control your favorite apps, search the internet, ask for a weather update, and so many other features became accessible through voice command in every home. 

Amazon’s Alexa devices are more popular than ever and they are loaded with features to make your day-to-day more convenient. 

As Alexa devices continue to get upgraded, a lot of people end up having multiple Echo speakers in their homes. What’s great about owning more than one Alexa device is that you can actually keep them under the same account and use them together. 

However, it is important to understand the limitations of owning and using more than one Echo speaker. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at how many Alexa devices you can have on one account in more detail.

After extensively researching Amazon’s Alexa policies, I have been able to gather enough information to determine how many of these devices can be connected to a single account. My research has indicated that most limitations that you will experience with Alexa devices are not the number that you can have on one account but how many you can use simultaneously. 

How Many Alexa Devices Can You Have on One Account?

You can have as many Alexa devices on one account as you want. Amazon has not set any limits on how many Echo speakers can be used by a single account holder yet. If you own more than one Echo speaker, you can connect all of them to your Amazon account.

Amazon has launched a number of Alexa devices over the years and although there is no limit to how many you can use on one account, you may find that not all of them can be used simultaneously. 

This feature varies depending on the product that you bought, as well as when it was released. We have found that a lot of the earlier Alexa devices that Amazon launched have fewer capabilities than the recent models, which includes how many can be used together. More on this later.

With that being said, whether you bought an Echo Dot, Echo Studio, or a Fire TV Stick that has Alexa built-in, you can connect all of your devices to your Amazon account and there is no limit to the amount that you can add.

How Many Alexa Devices Can You Have On One Account How Many Alexa Devices Can You Have On One Account?

How to Set Up Multiple Alexa Devices on One Account

One of the best things about owning an Alexa device is how easy the setup process is. Amazon has eliminated all of the hassles of setting up your Alexa device when you buy the product directly through them (as most people tend to do). 

When you order your Alexa device through your account, Amazon will automatically connect it to your account when you put the order through. Once the Alexa device arrives at your door, it will already be connected to your account without you needing to go through the process. 

How Many Alexa Devices Can You Use Simultaneously?

Although you can have as many Alexa devices on one account as you like, you will be limited by how many of them you can use at the same time. In addition, you should also keep in mind that the limit varies depending on the Alexa device that you are using. 

Amazon has a number of products that have a built-in Alexa AI and each device has a different limit on how many can be used simultaneously – with Echo smart speakers and Fire TV Sticks being the most popular options. 

Let’s take a look at each of these devices in more detail. 

How Many Echo Speakers Can You Use Simultaneously?

You can connect up to 6 Echo speakers together. If you have more Echo speakers than this, you will not be able to use more than 6 at the same time. Although this is one of the limitations that comes with these Amazon devices, most people find that 6 Echo speakers connected together is usually more than enough. 

The great thing about this feature is that you can choose to have your Echo speakers working together or independently of one another. 

A lot of people like to create an entire sound system that spans their entire home – with each Echo speaker connected together and playing the same audio. However, you can also choose to have each Echo speaker playing completely different content even though they are all connected and used under the same account.

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How Many Fire TV Sticks Can You Use Simultaneously?

Despite the fact that most people buy Amazon smart speakers to have access to the Alexa AI, this feature is also available when you buy a Fire TV Stick. This device enables you to turn your standard TV into a smart TV so that you can have access to third-party applications and online searches.

Amazon allows you to register as many Fire TV Sticks under one account as you want. However, you will be limited to using 2 of them at the same time. This means that if you have multiple Fire TV Sticks at home, you will be blocked when you try to stream on more than two.

How to Group Alexa Devices for Multi-Room Music

The great thing about adding another Alexa device into your home is that you can make good use of your previous models by grouping them together. 

Amazon has enabled its Alexa devices to be equipped with multi-room music, which means that each one of your Echo speakers can connect together to play music at the same time throughout your entire home. 

This is a unique feature that very few Bluetooth speakers have, which is why so many people opt for the Alexa-enabled Echo speaker. If you own an Echo device such as the Echo Dot or Echo Studio, you can group as many as 6 of these speakers to play music together. Here’s how:

  1. Access ‘Devices’
  2. Press (+)
  3. Press ‘Combine Speakers’
  4. Select the Echo speakers you want to group

You can now play music through the multiple Echo speakers that you added to your group at the same time. However, Amazon also has options within these settings that enable you to create speaker groups with your Echo devices that are designed for movie watching or studio sound. 

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