Can Apple AirTags Get Wet? A Full Water-Proof Rundown

Apple Airtags are handy little tracker devices you can place on your keys, bags, wallet and more. You can then track their position right from your device to ensure you find them. While these trackers are definitely resilient, you might be wondering if they can get wet. I’m going to cover the available information on that so you know a little more about how durable Airtags are.

Can Apple AirTags Get Wet 1 1 Can Apple AirTags Get Wet? A Full Water-Proof Rundown

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Can AirTags get wet?

While it’s definitely not recommended, Apple Airtags can survive after some water exposure. Apple says that they should last for about 30 minutes if submerged in three feet of water. Any longer or any deeper and this can cause irreversible damage to the tag, so it’s best to keep it dry.

Technology is always getting more durable. 

Phones and other devices from decades ago could barely withstand even being touched by water. Current devices nearly all have some waterproof rating. 

While it’s not in their best interest if you dunk them in water repeatedly, the truth is that most devices are able to withstand some water.

That being said, can Apple Airtags be exposed to water? Not only that, but how much water can they take and for how long? It really comes down to its waterproof rating.

Apple Airtag Waterproof Rating

There are different waterproof ratings. 

Each rating determines how long the device can stay under water and how much water it can take. Staying under any longer or going any deeper can cause severe damage. Not only that, but it’s best to avoid pushing devices to their limit unless you really need to.

That being said, what is the Airtag waterproof rating, and what does it mean? Airtags have an IP67 rating.

This means that it can be submerged for 30 minutes and up to about three feet of water. This also affords it superior dust protection, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

This means that it should have no problem with some occasional water exposure, and you shouldn’t have any problems if you slip in water and the tag is exposed. 

At the same time, this isn’t something you’d want to go diving with or bring in the pool with you.

Are AirTags Washable?

Some people have wondered if Airtags are washable. 

Can they go in the washing machine? While this seems like an odd question, it seems like it should be fine on the surface level. Your washing machine likely isn’t more than three feet deep, and a quick wash should be done before the 30-minute time limit.

That being said, it’s best to avoid this. The pressure from the agitator, along with the other nearby objects bumping into the tag, can cause enough of a disturbance to let water in.

If you want to clean your Airtag, then it’s very simple. Start with a dry microfiber cloth and wipe away dirt and dust. Paper towels and other paper-based items can scratch the surface, so microfiber really is the best.

You can then use a 70 percent alcohol wipe to remove fingerprints while disinfecting the surface. 

You should only clean the surface. Attempting to clean the interior can cause damage to the device. You’ll also want to avoid bleach or compressed air as these can also cause damage.

Stick with microfiber and alcohol, and your Airpod will be looking like new in no time.

Can Apple AirTags Get Wet 1 Can Apple AirTags Get Wet? A Full Water-Proof Rundown

Are Apple AirTags Worth It?

This is actually a great question. While they are fairly inexpensive as far as Apple tech goes, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good buy. You should only get tech that will help you.

While Airtags can be very beneficial, I think only certain people will find them useful. Let’s explore this more so you know if this is right for you.

Worth It

Airtags are useful for locating objects like keys, bags, wallets and more. Simply attach it to the object and use your iPhone or iPad to track it. You should ideally only follow the signal if you lost the item. If it was stolen, then you’ll want to get the police involved. 

There’s no reason to track down a criminal yourself.

That being said, this makes it very easy to find lost objects. If you are constantly wondering where you put your keys or other items, then this might be exactly what you’re looking for. Just track the tag and you can find the item in seconds.

Not only that, but the tags are very reliable. You won’t have to worry about them dying or shorting out randomly. They are sturdy, able to take a few hits and they keep working. 

This ensures that you get the most out of them. They are also always ready for you. Just pull up the app, and you can begin tracking.

Not Worth It

Everyone loses items every now and then, but is this a relatively rare problem for you? If this isn’t a frequent problem for you, then these tags probably aren’t worth it. 

You’ll never really use them, and chances are you’ll soon remove them from the object anyway.

While they are affordable by Apple’s standards, there’s no reason to buy tech like AirTags that you won’t really use. 

Another downside is that they don’t attach to everything. While they easily go on keyrings or fit in pockets, there are many items this won’t be compatible with.

Another possible issue, though certainly a lesser one, is that you might go on a wild goose chase. 

If the Airtag fell off the item, then you’ll only end up finding the tag and not your keys, bag or whatever else you were looking for.

Airtags are unique and great for those who keep losing items, but not everyone will get significant value from them. Consider how often you lose items and that’ll tell you whether these tags are worth the cost.

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