Can I Take A FireStick On A Plane? [Know Before You Go!]

When it comes to air travel, there are a lot of dos and don’ts for bringing things onboard with you, but can you get a Fire Stick on a plane?

Amazon’s Fire Stick is one of the best ways to access your favorite streaming platforms, as this one device enables you to transform any standard TV into a smart TV. However, if you are planning on traveling and pairing your FireStick with a TV at your destination, you should know whether or not you can bring this device with you on a plane. 

Can I Take A FireStick On A Plane 1 1 Can I Take A FireStick On A Plane? [Know Before You Go!]

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Can I Take A FireStick On A Plane? 

You are allowed to bring your Amazon Fire Stick on planes. The Fire Stick is not a hazardous item, and it doesn’t violate any TSA or international airline security policies. However, you may have difficulty accessing some of your Fire Stick’s features abroad – with limited streaming options available.

These days, when you want to watch TV, you are probably doing so through a streaming service. Over the last decade, third-party applications like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO have taken over home entertainment.

More and more people prefer to get their content from streaming services rather than traditional cable providers – given the flexibility and expansive accessibility that you get to a virtually unlimited selection of movies and shows. 

With a Fire Stick, all you need is a compatible TV and an internet connection, and you can be streaming instantly. However, a lot of people want to take their Fire Sticks with them when they go traveling, which begs the question of whether these devices are allowed on planes. 

To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at the legality of bringing a Fire Stick on a plane and what the device’s limitations are abroad. 

After extensively researching airline policies, I have been able to gather enough information to determine whether Fire Sticks are allowed on planes. My research has indicated that no regulation prohibits Fire Sticks in the airspace or within airports.

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Can You Take a Firestick Abroad?

One of the best things about having a Fire Stick is that you can take it abroad with you, but you need to be aware that the services that are available on the device will vary depending on where you are traveling. 

If you are traveling domestically within the United States, you will have zero issues using your Fire Stick – regardless of where you go.

However, if you are planning on leaving the country, you may find that your Fire Stick becomes a bit less reliable. Fire Stick TV devices are much more limited in where they can be used abroad, as they will only function in a handful of countries.

On the other hand, a Fire Stick Basic Edition works in over 50+ countries abroad which are all listed on Amazon’s site. The list includes countries in Europe, South East Asia, South America, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and Africa.

This is great news for anyone who wants to travel abroad and use their Fire Stick.

Are Fire Sticks Allowed in Carry-On Luggage?

If you are concerned about bringing your Fire Stick with you on your next flight, you will be delighted to hear that you should have no issues bringing the device with you in your carry-on luggage. The Fire Stick is a non-lethal and non-hazardous device that does not pose any more danger than a common USB stick. 

The TSA does not have any protocols or regulations that prohibit Fire Sticks, which means that you can safely pack the device into your carry-on luggage for your next trip abroad.

Can I Take A FireStick On A Plane 1 Can I Take A FireStick On A Plane? [Know Before You Go!]

Are Fire Sticks Allowed in Checked Luggage?

Surprisingly, you may find that putting your Fire Stick in your checked luggage is a bit of a grey area. This is a matter that has nothing to do with airport security and only with the airline that you are flying with. 

Some airlines have regulations on the types of electronic devices that you are allowed to store in your checked luggage. 

Although you should not run into any issues when storing your Fire Stick in your checked bag, you should confirm this with the airline that you are flying with before you put it in your luggage. 

With that being said, what is likely to occur if the airline you are flying with does not allow you to pack your Fire Stick in your checked luggage is that they will simply ask you to store it in your carry-on.

Is a Fire Stick Portable?

A Fire Stick is a very portable media streaming device. A standard Fire Stick is just 3.4 X 1.2 inches which means that you can easily fit it into your pocket if you had to.

You can pack this compact device into your bag, as it will not take up much more room than a standard USB stick or portable hard drive – making this very travel-friendly tech.

Can I Take My Amazon Fire Stick on Holiday?

Yes, you can absolutely take your Amazon Fire Stick on holiday. The Fire Stick has become an essential device to bring on vacations, as so many of us like to unwind to our favorite shows even when we are away from home. 

Instead of having to resort to the basic cable options that are available in hotels, all you need to do is plug your Fire Stick in, and you can be streaming in no time. You just need to make sure that you have a TV available with an HDMI port and that there is Wi-Fi.

What is Not Allowed in a Carry-on Bag

As a general rule, you should never pack anything inside of your carry-on bag that can be even remotely dangerous. This is normally categorized as explosives, firearms, and sharp objects. 

However, the list of things that you can’t bring with you in your carry-on is actually much longer than this, and it can be easy to overlook some of these items as being potentially dangerous. Here are some of the things that you can’t bring with you in a carry-on:

  • Liquids (more than 100ml)
  • Gas or butane
  • Self-defense items
  • Chemicals (bleach, spraypaint, chlorine)
  • Tools (longer than 7 inches)

We have all gone through TSA at some point and had an odd object confiscated, such as a bottle of shampoo or nail scissors. 

But there are actually some obscurities about what you can and can’t bring with you in a carry-on, as each airline has a slightly different policy. To ensure that you are not violating any rules, always read through what your airline’s specific guidelines are on carry-on bags.

Can I Use a Fire Stick on a Plane?

Despite the fact that most planes these days are equipped with entertainment systems, a lot of people would still like to use their Fire sticks while flying. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use your Fire Stick on a plane. 

This has little to do with airline policies and security measures, and it’s mainly due to a lack of technological compatibility. 

Unless you are on a private plane, you are probably not going to find a TV that has an HDMI input to support your Fire Stick, which means that you won’t even be able to plug in the device. The monitors that you do have access to generally only have a USB 2.0 slot for charging phones.

In addition, you need a solid internet speed to stream movies and shows on your Fire Stick – generally, at least 3 – 4 MB/S. The Wi-Fi internet speed that you do find on planes can vary greatly depending on the airline that provides the service. 

Although the speed that some airlines can provide is more than enough, the connection is often unreliable for consistent streaming. Lastly, any device that you do use on a plane needs to have an ‘Airplane Mode’ like the one on your smartphone, which needs to be engaged. 

The Fire Stick does not have an airplane mode.

Fire Stick Limitations Abroad

Although you should not have any issues taking your Fire Stick abroad, you may find that the device is limited in some ways. You will be able to plug your device into a compatible TV and connect to any network while you travel, but the streaming services that you use may not work properly.

Most people buy their Fire Sticks so that they can stream through third-party applications like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Prime Video. However, each streaming service operates differently overseas – or it may not be available at all. 

This can feel quite defeating when you check in to a hotel abroad and are eager to watch a show or movie – only to find that the app doesn’t work. 

If you want to use your Fire Stick abroad, you should check to see what countries your streaming applications are available in. Applications like Netflix are available in a lot of countries around the globe, and you should not run into too many issues. 

With that being said, a good workaround for streaming any application wherever you want is to use a VPN to change your IP address simply. This allows you to use your Fire Stick abroad without limitations.

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