Can You Charge Bose Soundlink Mini With USB?

The Bose Soundlink Mini is a popular choice for a portable Bluetooth speaker. And even though this speaker has been discontinued, a special edition version can still be found on Bose’s website. 

Every edition of this portable Bluetooth speaker has included a USB port of varying sizes. So, yes, you can charge both of the Bose Soundlink Mini portable Bluetooth speakers using a USB cable if you know which one to use. The Bose Soundlink Mini I comes with a micro USB port, and the Soundlink Mini II comes with a USB-C port. Both speakers can be charged with a USB. 

You can charge the Bose Soundlink Mini II using a USB-C to USB-A cable and the Bose Soundlink Mini I using a micro USB to USB-A. You will also need a computer or a wall power adapter as energy sources. Both cables can be purchased from Bose.

If you have a Bose Soundlink Mini I, you’ll need a micro USB to USB-A cable to connect your speaker to your computer. Bose releases software updates for the speaker through its website, and when connected to your computer you can download them to your speaker when needed.

Read on to discover which speaker you have, how to charge it, and what accessories you’ll need to buy if necessary. 

Knowing how to charge your Bose Soundlink Mini depends on what version of the speaker you have and what accessories or cables you have that go with your speaker. 

Charge It on the Cradle

The first Bose Soundlink Mini came with a charging cradle. The cradle allowed you to charge the portable speaker anywhere while still listening to music. The wall adapter plugs into the wall, and the end of the charging cord plugs right into the cradle while you use it.  

Set your speaker on the plugged-in cradle, making sure to line up all four corners correctly. Once it’s charging, you can turn it on and connect it to your Bluetooth device. 

Charge It with the Charging Cord

The original Bose Soundlink Mini comes with a charging cord that can be plugged directly into the speaker. Next to the auxiliary port on the speaker, the charging port is also round. Plug the wall adapter into your nearest wall port, and connect the round end of the cord to your speaker. 

Charge It with a USB

The BoseSoundlink Mini II, including the refurbished and special edition versions, can be charged with a USB-C cord. The speaker is made with a USB-C port and does not come with a separate charging cradle or wall adapter plug. Instead, it comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable. 

Attach the USB-A side of the cable into any wall adapter and plug it into the wall. Plug the USB-C side of the cable into your Bose Soundlink Mini II, and the speaker will begin to charge. 

Micro USB

The original Bose Soundlink Mini or the Bose Soundlink Mini I was discontinued in 2018, but many people still have their original speakers. It was sold without a USB cable but was made with a micro USB port to allow users to update the portable speaker’s software on the computer. 

A micro USB is a smaller version of the regular USB-A port. It’s also square but is about .25 inches wide and .007 inches tall instead of the full size. A micro USB port can be found on most game controllers, tablets, and Android gadgets, as well as GPS and webcam devices. 

While the original Bose Soundlink Mini doesn’t need a USB connection to charge, it does need to be occasionally connected to a computer. Connecting your speaker to your computer will require a micro USB to USB-A cable. 


The Bose Soundlink Mini II comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable, and it’s made with a USB-C charging port. The USB-C cable will connect to most Android devices like Samsung Galaxy and Google Phone, some newer Macintosh computers, and game consoles like the Nintendo Switch. 

USB-A is the original and largest form of a USB. It connects to almost all Mac and PC computers, especially older models. USB-A is the half-inch square port that is found on keyboards, mice, digital camera’s and other technology, both devices and accessories. 

Since the Bose Mini Soundlink II is the only edition of the Soundlink Mini still available to purchase from Bose, it’s crucial to hang on to your USB-C cable if you want to charge your portable speaker. If you lose it, Bose does sell them for sixteen dollars a pop on their website.

Whether you have the Soundlink Mini I or II or are thinking about buying one, we have answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the portable speaker. 

The most notable difference between the Bose Mini Soundlink I and II is the battery life. The first Soundlink Mini battery had about 7 hours of battery life. The second edition Soundlink has 70-80% more than that and, according to Bose’s website, up to 12 hours of constant battery life. 

The Soundlink Mini II also allows you to speak to Siri or Alexa through your speaker using the microphone button. The Soundlink Mini II comes with a USB-C port and cable for charging instead of a wall adapter charging cord. It also comes in two new colors, luxe silver and black.

In late 2018, the Bose Soundlink Mini line was discontinued in order to make way for the Bose Soundlink Revolve and Bose Soundlink Color product lines. Both portable Bluetooth speakers are compact and lightweight, and they’ve become a popular addition to the Bose family. 

Though they were discontinued, the Bose Soundlink Mini’s stayed in favor after 2018, and in 2019 Bose announced a special edition version of the speaker would be sold. The special edition Bose Soundlink Mini II has a USB-C port and an auxiliary port for other audio sources.


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