Can You Use Bose Speakers Without A Subwoofer?

The experience of a good movie with sound bouncing around, vibrating in the walls is amazing but can be hard to get without a good sound system. 

But sometimes we don’t want that awesome bass bouncing in our sound system, which begs the question, can you use a Bose speaker without the subwoofer?

Can You Use Bose Speakers Without A Subwoofer?

You cannot use a Bose Acoustimass Model speaker without the subwoofer. The subwoofer is incorporated into the sound system as a whole. For most surround sound and home entertainment modules, using it without the subwoofer is not possible.

Not being able to adjust the subwoofer might be a bit disappointing, but hopefully, with some more knowledge on the basics of subwoofers and sound systems, you’ll be able to guide yourself to the optimal listening experience for you. 

Keep reading to learn more.

Bose Subwoofer Basics

What exactly is a subwoofer? What does it do in your sound system?

It’s easy to get mixed up or confused when looking at sound systems to get your home entertainment setup engaging and able to give you an experience you can truly enjoy. 

So it is best to understand all the components of speakers, and starting with the subwoofer is smart.

Subwoofers are bass boosters. 

Most speakers, including the majority of the Bose speakers, have the bass and subwoofer incorporated into the existing speaker. 

We all love those really low, deep vibrating sounds that make everything bounce when the beat drops.

It’s that moment that drives us to get speakers and sound systems that have good bass-boosting and can really deliver to that need and enjoyment.

Sound works through a series of frequencies called hertz (abbreviated as Hz). 

The lower the frequency, the deeper the sound is and the more it has that vibrating feeling. 

The speakers we run into in daily life or off of Amazon can’t reproduce or create that low of frequencies on their own.

That’s where a subwoofer comes in. 

Bose is known for its speakers having good bass production.

A subwoofer specializes in those deep frequencies and is that bass booster for when you really want to bounce around.

You’ll most often feel the bass when you’re in a movie theater that likes to boast about its sound systems.

Bose Speakers

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There is a variety of Bose speakers that can work for what you’re looking for, be it a home entertainment setup, or simply a cool speaker to pop around while you’re doing things. 

Bose has versatility and is happy to provide.

The majority of Bose speakers have the subwoofer as a part of the actual speaker itself, endeavoring to provide great sound quality while also not requiring you to buy more to get your optimal sound.

There are also some Bose brand subwoofers if you’re wanting to boost your entertainment setup with a subwoofer specifically.

Depending on what you’re going for, there are options for home speakers, entertainment speakers, and portable speakers.

None of these will have subwoofers that are controllable by themselves.

That’s what subwoofer speakers are made for. 

That exact purpose is why they can’t be adjusted and modified to achieve your favored sound system experience.

Now, since you’re looking at Bose speakers, here is a quick rundown on the ones that would be worth looking into. 

One for each level of speakers that you’re likely to find. 

Home, entertainment sound system, and portable speaker.

The Life-Style 650 is the best Bose home entertainment sound system, and as such it is expensive. This one comes in at around $3,999.00. 

That’s extremely expensive and unless you’ve got that type of cash for the project, you’ll be better off looking at the Bose Surround Speaker. This one is significantly cheaper at $349.

As for a portable speaker, the SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker is looking like a really good option! It sells for $149, which is pretty decent for a Bluetooth speaker and the specifications are awesome.

There are also the Bose Home speakers, which are smart speakers that can be connected to things like the Amazon Echo.

The Bose Smart Speaker 500 is automatically connected to the Amazon AI and can help you out with things, not necessarily something for a home entertainment setup, but very much something to bop to while you wash the dishes, or hang out with your family. 

The price on Bose’s website is $349, reasonably priced for a smart speaker of its size.

Bass-boosting Alternatives

If it’s the subwoofer customizability you’re looking for, then Bose isn’t the only place to look. 

There are several other places to find subwoofers that will boost your bass-loving days and give you a much greater experience with your entertainment. 

Bose does have its fair share of subwoofers and will be compatible with your current Bose speakers if you have them. 

But if you’re looking to get a subwoofer for a sound system, and you already have Bose brand speakers, you’ll be better off getting a Bose brand subwoofer to match.

A subwoofer from Bose that would be worth your time and money is the Bose Bass Module 700. 

This speaker is geared towards bass-boosting and being the subwoofer you want. 

It is pricey though, coming in at $799.

As far as another subwoofer for a different brand, it will greatly depend on your price range and what you want to accomplish with your entertainment setup, whether it be a gaming setup, an in-home theater, or simply just to elevate your movie and entertainment experience.

The Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer has five stars on Amazon and is reported to have crisp, clear sounds. 

Which is a must, especially with a subwoofer. 

You can find it on Amazon for around $400. 

Klipsch seems to be the brand to go to if you’re looking for a subwoofer. 

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