Do Bose Speakers Wear Out?

A high-quality speaker can be pretty expensive, so it is normal to wonder if the product will last. 

When a speaker begins to wear out, the audio quality will begin to decrease, yielding it to be almost useless. 

Bose manufactures a variety of speakers, but do they wear out over time?

Do Bose Speakers Wear Out?

Old Bose speakers do wear out, but new Bose speakers can last for a lifetime if taken care of properly. Older Bose speaker models wear out after 10-20 years of use because they have foam inside. Newer Bose speakers use rubber rather than foam; rubber materials are more durable than foam materials.

There are many different types of speakers, and the parts that make them work are often complex. 

Below is more information about the wear and tear of your Bose speakers, the types of speakers they sell, why speakers wear out over time, how to extend the life of your speakers, and Bose’s speaker warranty.

Types of Speakers

There are two different categories of speakers that Bose and other manufacturers sell that have unique elements.

These unique elements cause them to wear out over time. 

The two different types are active and passive speakers.

The common household Bluetooth/wireless speaker is going to be an active speaker. 

This means that the speaker is self-powered and there is no need for a separate amp. 

Active speakers will not typically wear out mechanically before they become outdated technologically.

These speakers are not designed to be upgraded or repaired. They are also complex. 

As technology continues to develop, a speaker like this will simply become unusable because it will be outdated (but not for 10 or more years).

Passive speakers, on the other hand, are typically used by musicians, DJs, and other professionals. 

Passive speakers are more mechanical and operate only when connected to an amplifier. 

These tend to be much more costly when new, but they last for a long time and parts can be easily replaced. 

By replacing worn-out parts, passive speakers will continue to function, even after 20 years.

Why Bose Speakers Wear Out

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Depending on how the speaker is made, certain parts are more susceptible to breaking over time. 

However, technology has improved over the years, and new speakers are now made with materials that are designed to last.

You probably will not detect any change in your Bose speakers, even after many years of frequent use.

However, if you have owned a Bose speaker for a long time and suspect some major wear and tear, the following are the parts that are most susceptible to deterioration.

Speaker Surround

The speaker surround is the part of the speaker that is found around the edge of the speaker’s cone. It also cushions the actual speaker. 

This is usually the first part of a speaker to wear out.

In the past, speaker surrounds were typically made out of foam, which after years of use would become brittle and crack, completely ruining the sound quality.

You can buy a Bose Speaker Foam Surround repair kit online for $12-$40 if this occurs. 

However, today almost all speakers are made with butyl rubber surrounds, which are more flexible and therefore longer lasting. 

The rubber surrounds can still wear down over time, but overall, they are much more durable.

Speaker Cone

The speaker cone is the piece in which the speaker sits. 

Speaker cones are usually made from paper, plastic, or fiber. 

These materials don’t typically wear out, but if your speakers have been in a humid or hot environment, they may have become weak.


Ferrofluid is a substance used to dampen the ringing in a speaker and keep the speaker parts from overheating.

After ten or twenty years, this fluid dries up and the coil in the speaker may stop working, making your speaker sound dull.

Bose is known to use ferrofluid in its speakers, so this may be an underlying cause of a worn-out Bose speaker.

Crossover Capacitator

The crossover capacitor is a part that splits the audio into frequency ranges. 

The crossover can also degrade over many years of heavy use. 

You will notice a change in the frequency response of the speaker (how high or low it can go). 

A crossover capacitor can be replaced if the correct parts are acquired.

How to Keep Bose Speakers from Wearing Out

Speakers can last for a long time, especially if they are cared for properly.

Here are some tips to make them last:

  • Keep them in a cool, dry area with proper airflow.
  • Keep speakers in an area that doesn’t collect dust.
  • Clean speakers regularly with compressed air or a vacuum cleaner hose. Don’t ever use liquid to clean speakers.
  • If you hear crackling or distorted sound, turn the volume down.

Does the Bose Warranty Cover Wear and Tear?

Some tech companies are so confident that their product will last that they have a lifetime warranty. 

Unfortunately, Bose does not currently offer a lifetime warranty.

The Bose warranty is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase for electronic speakers. 

For passive, non-powered speakers, the warranty is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase. 

Keep in mind that if you purchased your Bose speaker second-hand, then the warranty is no longer valid, as it is non-transferable.

However, the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, incorrect use, or damage caused by third-party repairs. 

This means that Bose is confident that their customers will be satisfied with the longevity of their products, and they don’t expect to see speakers wear out quickly.

Bose is a worldwide leader in speaker brands, and they are known for their high-quality products and the sound produced by said speakers. 

This being said, Bose is not well-reviewed by “audiophiles” or people who are interested in the absolute best, clearest sound.

Bose is a company for the everyday consumer and does not specialize in high-fidelity audio. However, this doesn’t mean that Bose doesn’t create great products that last for 10 or more years.

Bose produces some of the top-rated home speaker systems on the market.

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