Are Bose Car Speakers Good?

Bose is a well-known, high-quality speaker company that provides listeners with a unique and immersive sound. 

They specialize in making music sound life-like and present, but are Bose car speakers great as well?

Are Bose Car Speakers Good?

Bose car speakers are great because Bose uses Advanced Sound Technology and Active Sound Management to configure a sound model that competes with the sounds of the vehicle. Bose uses harmonic cancellation and data from the engine to mask the sound of the engine and produce a better quality sound.

While Bose is known for quality sound, there are some downsides.

Before you commit to the high price of an upgraded speaker system, consider the benefits and downsides and learn if it’s worth it for you.

What Makes Bose Car Speakers so Good?

Bose has implemented sound technologies to improve the audio coming from the vehicle’s stereo system. 

They have made improvements to the audio itself and the noise management of the vehicle’s sounds. 

Bose also uses a low output to conserve energy in the vehicle for other things. 

Advanced Sound Technology

Bose is well known for creating a high-quality, life-like sound. All of their speakers use advanced sound technology to alter the audio to sound more life-like. 

When Bose started making speakers, they focused on creating an experience, rather than amplifying sound. 

Bose invested in an audio research team that studies the way the brain interprets sound.

They find aspects of audio that are ideal to most individuals and target these ideals in sound production. 

After they’ve found ideals, the sound engineers find ways to manipulate certain soundwaves, so the sound comes out more naturally and more lifelike.

This creates the deep and rich sound so many Bose fans rave about.

Active Sound Management

Similar to the way audio is manipulated to sound better with the Advanced Sound Technology, Bose has developed ways to cancel out vehicle noise and provide an ideal sound based on the configuration of the vehicle’s interior. 

Bose designs all of their car speakers and placement to each vehicle’s interior, finding the best places to put speakers to create an immersive, powerful music experience. 

“We develop components, algorithms, and software for Bose sound systems that are custom-engineered for each specific car model. We work closely with automotive manufacturers during their planning, designing, and building phases to deliver powerful lifelike sound experiences.”


Bose studies the sound of the car models to configure a sound model that competes with the sounds of the vehicle. 

Because the engine in a car makes a predictable harmonic sound, Bose uses harmonic cancellation and data from the engine itself to mask the sound of the engine and produce a better quality sound. 

Of course, some sounds are less predictable than the hum of the engine, but Bose has prepared for those too! Bose’s QuietComfort Road Noise Control (RNC) is a process designed to mute out other sounds generated by other factors such as rough road conditions. 

The QuietComfort RNC also accounts for changes in the engine sounds due to aging and wear and tear. 

The QuietComfort RNC uses a microphone to take in the sounds generated by the vehicle, then alters the outgoing sound to oppose them. 

The stereo audio is altered to match the noise levels around and adjust sounds to blend the vehicle noise. 

Power Output

Bose’s car speakers don’t use too much power output.

The Bose Panaray setup requires less than 600 watts. 

This limited power output reserves more power for other features in the vehicle.

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Downsides to Bose Car Speakers

While Bose’s car speakers are excellent in many ways, they do have a few downsides.

No Aftermarket Car Stereo Systems

A big downside to Bose car speakers is the fact that you have to choose right away. 

Bose doesn’t offer aftermarket systems that you can install in your vehicle, but you can upgrade your speaker system to a Bose when choosing your trim and features for your vehicle model. 

While this is a downside, it’s also somehow a plus. 

Because Bose doesn’t offer generic speaker sets for any vehicle, you can be assured that Bose car speaker systems are carefully configured for each vehicle. 

Additional Cost

Another downside across all Bose speakers is the cost. 

Because Bose has put so much into their sound technology through research teams, they charge a steeper price for their speakers. 

This translates over to car stereos as well. 

To upgrade to Bose speakers in your new vehicle, you’ll have to pay a sum. 

You generally won’t be paying only for the speakers, but everything else included in the trim or feature upgrade as well.

False Audio

A general critique of Bose across the board is that they create a false sound. 

Most audiophiles steer clear of Bose because it distorts the original sound too much. 

Bose uses Advanced Sound Technology to create an experience, but some people still crave the rough, authentic audio as it was recorded.

For someone who is into audio and is willing to spend a pretty penny on their car stereo system, a Bose stock system won’t be impressive. 

Some common complaints about the Bose car sound system are:

  • Heavy bass/too bassy 
  • Higher tones aren’t bright
  • Mid-range is lacking

Admittedly, Bose offers a better sound than the base set of speakers offered in any vehicle, but they do engineer a sound that appeases the general audience. 

For a more authentic sound, a different speaker brand is advised. 

Volume Control

Because Bose speakers don’t take up too much output power, they need to be set at a higher volume. 

The standard speakers in the 2016 Mazda6 Sport volume 15-20 compares to the 2016 Mazda6 Touring Bose speakers volume 25-30. 

While the Bose speakers are still able to generate a big, booming sound, they do have limits. 

Vehicles That Come with the Bose Speaker Option

Because Bose doesn’t offer an aftermarket speaker system, you’ll need to be aware of what vehicles have Bose speaker upgrades available. 

The Bose website has listed all of the vehicles that have the option to upgrade to Bose speakers. The brands listed on the site are:

  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Fiat
  • GMC
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Infiniti
  • Kia
  • Mazda
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Porsche 

While these makes are listed on the site, only certain models come with the Bose speaker option. 

Check out the Bose website to learn which model and trim you will need to get to have a Bose speaker system.

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