How To Clean Oculus Lenses Without Damaging Them

Are your Oculus Quest or Rift lenses smudged or covered in fingerprints? Don’t worry! A bit of smudging is entirely normal and par for the course. But what’s the right way to clean the Oculus lenses without damaging them?

To clean Oculus lenses, use a dry optical lens microfiber wipe. Start in the center of the lens and gently wipe in a circular motion, moving toward the edges. Avoid liquid or chemical cleaners, as they can damage the headset or void your warranty.

Cleaning your Oculus headset is necessary to keep it in tip-top shape and avoid blurry visuals. Let’s look at what you can and can’t use to clean your headset and how to keep it in pristine condition.

How Do You Clean Oculus Lenses?

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The Oculus Quest and Rift VR headsets have a pair of special lenses that make all of the amazing visuals possible. Accidentally touching the lenses, however, can leave fingerprints or smudges. Dust, grime, and debris can also build up and affect the lenses over time.

Cosmetic issues and physical damage aren’t covered under the Oculus warranty, so cleaning and maintaining your device is vital.

Here’s how to clean your Oculus Rift or Quest VR headset:

  1. Take a dry optical lens microfiber wipe (on Amazon) and clean the headset lenses. Don’t use liquid or chemical cleaners.
  2. Start in the center of the lens and gently wipe in a circular motion moving toward the edges.
  3. Use a clean portion of the wipe for the other lens and repeat.

Which Products Should You Use to Clean Oculus Lenses?

Meta states that you should not use liquid or chemical cleaners on the Oculus lenses. Instead, they recommend using this dry optical lens microfiber wipe (on Amazon).

You might already own a microfiber wipe if you have glasses. These are designed for sensitive surfaces, like monitor screens, smartphones, camera lenses, etc.

Some Oculus owners also use compressed air (on Amazon) to spray around the lenses to remove dust, hair, or other debris. That said, remember that Meta only recommends a dry microfiber wipe; compressed air may damage or void your warranty.

Can You Use Alcohol Wipes to Clean Oculus Lenses?

Avoid using alcohol wipes or chemicals to clean the Oculus VR headset lenses. Abrasive alcohol wipes and chemical cleaners can damage the lenses. Using these cleaners might cause scratches, smudges, or damage to other portions of the headset.

Alcohol wipes and chemical cleaners may also invalidate your Oculus warranty, depending on the situation. Instead, follow Meta’s cleaning guidelines and only use a dry microfiber wipe on the Oculus lenses.

What About Cleaning the Rest of the Headset?

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Cleaning the Oculus Quest and Rift headsets is an integral part of the maintenance process, as physical damage isn’t covered under the warranty. The VR headset is a sensitive device that requires special cleaning, and you’ll need to following materials:

Let’s look at how you can clean the rest of your Oculus Quest and Rift VR headsets:

  • Oculus Touch Controllers: Use a dry microfiber cleaning wipe to wipe off the outside of your Oculus controllers. You can then use the non-abrasive antibacterial wipes to clean the exterior and buttons. Don’t use alcohol or abrasive cleaning mixtures.
  • Oculus Earphones: Take a dry microfiber cleaning wipe to clean the Earphones. You can also use non-abrasive antibacterial wipes if necessary.
  • Oculus Headset: Wipe off the exterior of your Oculus Quest or Rift Headset with a dry microfiber cleaning wipe. Be gentle to avoid harming the exterior components and sensors. Take non-abrasive antibacterial wipes to clean the straps and the facial foam. Don’t use alcohol or chemical cleaning mixtures.
  • Oculus Sensor: Use a dry microfiber wipe to clean the sensors. Don’t use liquid, alcohol, or chemical solutions. Start in the center of the sensor and gently wipe in a circular motion moving toward the edges.
  • Oculus Rift Sensor Stand: Wipe the sensor stand with a dry microfiber wipe or a non-abrasive antibacterial wipe.
  • Oculus Rift Remote: Take a dry microfiber wipe or non-abrasive antibacterial wipe to clean the remote. Don’t use any alcohol-based or abrasive cleaning mixtures.