How to Prevent Scratches on Your AirPods Case

AirPods cases are very durable and have a sleek design that most users love. However, sometimes your case gets so scratched up, that it looks as though you’ve picked it up from the street! So how do you prevent your AirPods case from getting scratched? 

While you can take extra care not to drop your AirPods case and to keep it away from keys and other abrasive objects, the best way to protect the case is to place it in its own protective case. If you like the look of the AirPods case, simply consider a clear protection case.

Let’s look at whether AirPods cases scratch easily, how to remove scratches from the charging case, and how to protect your AirPods case from getting damaged. 

Do AirPods Cases Scratch Easily?

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Apple’s AirPods (on Amazon) are designed to be durable, and the cases aren’t any different. The AirPods case shouldn’t scratch too easily, but this depends on how you use it. If you drop your case regularly and place it in your pocket with keys and other sharp objects, the case will be full of scratches before you know it.

However, if you take care of your AirPods case and store it properly, your case should look as good as new even after a year or two. AirPods cases are made from durable plastic and won’t scratch or break easily, even when dropped. Still, if you use your case roughly, it will lose its luster easily. 

Can You Get Rid of Scratches on Your AirPods Case?

If your AirPods case is full of unsightly scratches, there’s no need to get a new case just yet. You can easily remove scratches on your AirPods case with some sandpaper and alcohol.

Follow these steps to remove scratches from your AirPods case: 

  1. Take 2000 or 3000 grit sandpaper (on Amazon) and gently rub down on the scratches. Avoid using sandpaper that’s too rough as it may damage the case. 
  2. Dip some cotton wool in the alcohol and gently polish the case’s surface. 
  3. If there are still scratches on the case, use fine sandpaper to remove them. 
  4. Polish the case with alcohol. 

You can remove most scratches from your AirPods case this way. If alcohol doesn’t remove the scratches, you can try using toothpaste instead.

However, if the scratches are too deep and the sandpaper doesn’t smooth out the surface, the best you can do is polish the AirPods case or get a new one.

How to Prevent Scratches on Your AirPods Case

As we mentioned already, AirPods cases are fairly durable and shouldn’t get scratched easily if you take good care of them. However, most people don’t have the time or energy to look after their AirPods case, and it’s small enough to slip out of your hands or pocket.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to protect your AirPods case from scratches. 

Here are some tips to prevent scratches on your AirPods case: 

Avoid Placing the Case in Your Pockets

Placing the AirPods in your pockets with keys and other objects will almost certainly scratch it. Avoid putting your AirPods case in your pocket when you’re out and about, especially if you have a bag with you. If you have to put it in your pocket, keep it separated from keys and other sharp objects. 

Get a Case for Your Charging Case

Yes, that’s a thing! You can get a protective case for your AirPods charging case. This will protect your AirPods from getting damaged and dirty with regular use.

The AirPods case is small enough to fit into its own protective case without being too bulky. Some protective cases are waterproof and will also protect your AirPods from getting wet. 

Best Cases for Protecting Your AirPods

The best way to protect your AirPods charging case is to get a protective case. Here are some of the best cases: 

Catalyst Case

The Catalyst Charging Case (on Amazon) is the ideal case for protecting your AirPods case from scratches and dirt. The best part of this case is that it’s waterproof and can protect the AirPods if it drops from a height of up to 7 meters.

It also comes in 9 different colors so you can choose one that suits your fashion style. 

Coffea Charging Case

If you’re looking for the best slim charging case for your AirPods, the Coffea Case (on Amazon) is ideal. This thin case is transparent and comes in a range of different shades. The slim design also makes it perfect for wireless charging. 

Satilog AirPods Case

The Satilog AirPods Case (on Amazon) is made with premium silicone and will protect your AirPods from the elements. It doesn’t scratch easily and can charge your AirPods case wirelessly or with fast cable charging. 

How Long Do AirPods Cases Last?

Comparison of two generations of headsets for smartphones Apple wireless rechargeable

AirPods cases are made from durable material and should last at least 2-3 years with constant use. However, the case will last much longer if you only use it sparingly, protect it from falls, and use a protective case to prevent scratches. 

You may have to replace your AirPods after 2-5 years, and the new AirPods will usually come with a new case of their own. However, if you preserve your case well, you can use it as a backup charging case for new AirPods!

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