Do Airpods Make a Sound When Connected?

Airpods have become one of the biggest Bluetooth earbuds devices. 

According to 2020 sales data, Apple sold almost 100 million Airpods in 2020, a record amount at that time. It’s easier to see why given how convenient Bluetooth earbuds are for listening to media when on the go. 

However, AirPods don’t have any visible indicator when they connect to your devices. 

So, do Airpods make a sound when connected? Let’s look at the Airpods and what they do when they connect to a saved device. 

Do Airpods Make a Sound When Connected?

When your AirPods connect to a device, the headphones play a small, light tone to signal that they have connected to a device. This tone plays for a moment or two before fading. Because this tone isn’t very loud, you’ll have to have your AirPods in your ears to hear the sound.

If you miss the tone, you can always check the connected device to see if the AirPods show up in the Bluetooth or Wireless device listing. 

Navigating to this list depends on what device you are using. 

When you take your AirPods out of their case, they immediately begin looking for a device to connect to. 

As long as there is a registered device for the Airpods to connect to within range, they should connect within a few seconds. 

Most Apple and Android smartphones have a dedicated section in the Settings for you to review connected devices. 

Other devices, such as desktop or laptop computers, will have a Control Panel that you can access the connected devices using the integrated search bar. 

Searching “Connected Devices” will pull up your Airpods and other connected devices in both Mac and Windows computers. 

How Do You Connect Airpods to a Device?

When you first get your Airpods, they will have to be set up with a device.

Without this setup, the Airpods won’t automatically connect to that device in the future. 

Here are the steps you should follow to connect your Airpods to an Apple device: 

  1. Go to your System Preferences and select the Bluetooth option.
  2. Enable your Bluetooth connections if the setting is turned off. 
  3. Place your AirPods into their case, leaving the lid of the case open for a better connection signal.
  4. Press and hold the setup button on the back of the Airpod case until the indicator light flashes white. 
  5. Find your Airpods on the Apple device’s Bluetooth device list and select Connect.

The steps you have to take to connect to a non-Apple device are a little different. 

Here’s the list of things you have to do so that you can know the differences: 

  1. Find your Settings menu and go into the Bluetooth settings, usually found in the Connections category.
  2. With the Airpods inside the case, set them near the non-Apple device and open the Airpod case lid.
  3. Press and hold the setup button until the light flashes white. 
  4. Find the Airpods in the Bluetooth device list and choose Connect. 

The main difference between connecting to Apple and non-Apple devices will be navigating to the Bluetooth options. 

Once you know how to find these settings, the steps to connect your Airpods are the same between the two device types.  

Do Airpods Connect to Any Device Around Them?

Do Airpods Make a Sound When Connected 1 Do Airpods Make a Sound When Connected?

As you can see with the steps above, Airpods take some effort to connect to a device. 

This keeps the Airpods from connecting to any Bluetooth-enabled device in the area around them. 

While it can seem inconvenient to do this setup for each device, it’s ultimately a security and convenience feature. 

Imagine if your Airpods connected to any device in the area, regardless of if the device was yours or not. 

For many people, this circumstance would be a roulette of where the Airpods connect, especially in urban or other densely-populated areas. 

By requiring this setup, the Airpods can save what devices they connect to for the future. 

It also allows the user to conveniently remove the Airpods from their case, pop them in their ears, and move on with their day. 

What to Do If Airpods Make a Crackling Noise When Connected

Sometimes after connecting your Airpods, you may find that there is a static or crackling noise coming from the earbuds. 

Whether the static is quiet or loud, it’s definitely annoying and takes away from the media you are trying to enjoy.

Here are some ways to diagnose the problem and clear out that static from your Airpods: 

  • If you are connected to an Apple device, ensure that the device has the latest software update from Apple. 
  • Check the distance between your Airpods and the connected device, as far away devices lose their connection and can cause the signal to degrade. 
  • Check your audio using another app to see if the static is from the media or the earbuds. 
  • Inspect the Airpods for any physical damage as loose wires or damaged parts can cause the Airpods to poorly receive signals.
  • Check the area around you for interfering devices or features, such as walls or barriers between you and the connected device. 

If you need help figuring out this problem, or many others, with your Airpods, Appl has a product support page to help you get in touch with an expert. 

These support reps will work with you to understand the trouble you have and get you on the road to solving the issue. 

The Takeaway

Thankfully, Airpods do make a sound when they connect to a device.

With no other lights or indications, the tone that plays when you connect to a device is how you know if the Airpods are connected. 

Your Airpods will only play this sound if you take some time to connect them to a device before using them. 

These connections stay on the device and the Airpods, allowing future connections to happen in seconds. 

If you need help setting up your Airpods or with issues when using them, Apple’s support page has FAQs and support contact info. 

With these resources, you can get started solving your issue with help rather than by yourself. 

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