Does PlayStation 5 Support 1440p?

Everyone wants to get their hands on a PlayStation 5, but a lot of people are unsure of what type of television or monitor they need to pair it with. 

The PlayStation 5 will work perfectly fine on an older 1080p television; however, the picture won’t look as good as it could.

The PlayStation 5 is capable of providing a crisp, high-quality image if it’s paired with a high-resolution monitor or television.

Does PlayStation 5 Support 1440p?

The PlayStation 5 does not support 1440p, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider a 1440p display for the future. Sony has reported that they will soon allow 1440p output resolution for their newest gaming console, so gamers who already have a 1440p screen will eventually be able to make full use of their screen. 

As of right now, the PlayStation 5 defaults to 1080p when paired with a 1440p screen. 

Sony has stated that they will pay attention to market trends and react accordingly. 

The sales of 1440p screens are definitely rising.

In fact, 1440p is becoming the preferred resolution for PC gamers already.

It’s only a matter of time until Sony adds 1440p resolution output to the PlayStation 5. 

Making the PlayStation 5 compatible with 1440p resolution is as simple as Sony sending an update to the consoles.

This means consumers won’t have to purchase a new console when 1440p support is added. 

Options for Consumers

There are a lot of options right now for gamers.

There isn’t always a single choice that is right for everyone. There are many questions to consider before purchasing your next television.

Do you play single player games or multiplayer games? Do you play for fun or play for a competitive rush? Continue reading to find out exactly what type of screen is the perfect match for your new PlayStation 5

Finding the Right Screen

While it’s difficult to find a high-quality 1440p television, it is extremely easy to find a 1440p gaming monitor. 

In fact, 1440p is considered the standard when it comes to gaming in the modern age. 

There are dozens of options available for consumers to pick from when it comes to 1440p gaming. 

Monitor Vs. Television

It may seem like there is no difference between a television and a monitor, right? This simply isn’t true. 

Monitors are typically made for gaming, providing settings and options to fine-tune the gaming experience.

Televisions are more diverse screens.

A television set has to provide a great image for tv shows and movies. 

This often doesn’t translate to a great gaming experience.

Movies and tv shows are designed to look good at a standard 23 frames per second.

High-frame-rate gaming is getting more and more popular, with some of the best options providing over 200 frames per second! 

This means gamers who are playing on a high-quality gaming monitor will have higher refresh rates and have an advantage when it comes to reflex intensive gameplay. 

Does PlayStation 5 Support 1440p 1 Does PlayStation 5 Support 1440p?

4k or 1440p

The question becomes whether 4k or 1440p is better for pairing with a PlayStation 5. 

Truthfully, the correct answer is it depends. 

As of right now, only 4k and 1080p screens are supported for Sony’s newest console; however, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for when 1440p support is added. 

People who value higher refresh rates of resolution should always pick 1440p. 

Many games on the PlayStation 5 are limited to 30 frames per second when outputting at 4k. 

This means the game will lower performance, look sluggish, and could actually put players at a disadvantage if precise reflexes are required to win. 

There is an easy way to find out whether a 1440p or 4k screen is the right choice. 

People who want to play cinematic single player games would be better off going with a 4k screen; people who like to play competitive games that reply on precise gameplay and reflexes are better off with a 1440p screen. 

A 1440p screen will allow higher refresh rates, meaning players will receive information on screen faster than if they are playing with a low refresh rate. 

Screen Size

Lots of people are under the assumption that bigger is better when it comes to television. 

This isn’t always the case. 

Bigger television sets provide greater room to notice individual pixels on the screen.

Smaller televisions at the same resolution will actually hide the pixels better, even when viewed from close up. 

This means consumers should take into consideration how far they’ll be sitting from their gaming setup. 

Individuals who like to be up close to the action will likely benefit more from a smaller television. 

For 1440p, 27 inches is a very popular choice. 

It provides enough screen space to allow for deep immersion, but it’s not so big that you’ll start to see individual pixels. 

On the other hand, people who like to play from the comfort of their couch might prefer a larger screen. 

It’s impossible to see individual pixels when viewing a 1440p or 4k television from across the room. 

Preparing for the Future

It’s clear that Sony intended for their newest console to be paired with televisions rather than monitors. 

1440p television sets never really saw popularity. 

However, it’s clear that gamers are interested in pairing a 1440p monitor with their PlayStation 5s. 

Sony will continue to monitor the situation, and if trends continue, 1440p popularity will continue to rise. 

It’s only a matter of time until Sony adds 1440p functionality to the console. 

This means it could be beneficial to purchase a 1440p monitor for future use. 

Gamers will have to play at 1080p on the screen until the update rolls out; however, once the update goes live, gamers will already have a compatible device with over 75% more pixel density.