How to Charge the PS5 Controller (EXPLAINED!)

The Sony PlayStation 5 was recently unveiled, and it has some interesting features. We won’t dwell much on the features of the PS5

However, we’ll talk more about how to charge the PS5 controller.

How Do You Charge the PS5 Controller?

There are multiple ways to charge your PS5 controller, including using the included USB-C cable or any other USB-C cable that you may use for other electronics. You can also use the PS5 controller’s docking station, which is the fastest way to charge your PS5 controller. 

Read on for the full story on how to efficiently and safely charge your PS5 controller and get the most out of your gaming experience.

Charging Using A USB-C

Use the Cable Provided by the Manufacturer

The PS5 controller can be charged using the USB-C cable provided by the manufacturer. 

It is a flat cable, so you’ll need to hold it properly to ensure that the connection isn’t loose.

Note: Please make sure that you unplug your PS5 after charging is done, as it will take time for it to charge fully. Also, make sure that you reconnect your USB cable before powering up again; this will ensure that charging starts properly, and you’ll avoid experiencing a dead controller!

Use an Android Phone Charger

If you have an android phone, you can use its charger to charge your PS5 controller. 

There are reports that this method does not work well, though, as there are cases when charging is inconsistent for this method.

Using a Docking Station

The PS5 controller has a charging station that connects via USB; this is a dock station that you will need to plug into the wall; this is the best way to charge your PS5 controller.

The docking station ensures the controllers are well-organized, and there is no need to worry about them falling off. 

t also has a light on top, which would lighten up your room when you play in low-light conditions; this is especially good for people who play at night.

How To Use The Docking Station

You can charge multiple PS5 controllers using the docking station. However, there are certain things that you should know.

Make sure the cords are all connected properly

The PS5 controller can be connected via a USB cable. However, a separate Cord also connects to the charging station. 

This cord should be connected to the charging station and not directly to the controller.

Note: If you set up multiple controllers at once using only a single cord, this may result in your controller getting overheated and not charging properly, so make sure each PS5 controller has its own cord!

Make sure the USB port is working properly

You’ll have to ensure that your docking station works efficiently. Here are a few steps that you can follow:

  1. Connect a PS5 controller to your PC via USB, and then boot up the system. Wait till it’s done loading. Let go of all the buttons. Now check if the controller is charging. If it is not charging, then there might be something wrong with the USB port on your computer, and you will have to contact an expert for help.
  2. Now, try connecting your PS5 controller to your TV. If it is not charging, check if the ports on your TV are working properly or not. Make sure you check the USB ports and not the HDMI ports, as they function differently. If they don’t work, contact an expert to take care of this problem for you
  3. You can also connect your PS5 controller to a laptop or a PC via USB. You would need to download drivers on your laptop or PC and then follow the steps given by the manufacturer.
How to Charge the PS5 Controller EXPLAINED 1 How to Charge the PS5 Controller (EXPLAINED!)

Make sure you don’t charge them too much; minimal charging is enough.

Each PS5 controller has a battery that needs to be charged continuously and a system that will warn you if it gets too hot for safety reasons.

The charging station works as a charger and keeps track of temperature, so it’s up to you to charge the controllers optimally so as not to damage them.

Charge them at home

There shouldn’t be any issues charging the controllers at home as they are safe (unless they do not have a cord that connects to a PS5 console), so you can keep them handy whenever you want to play. 

Allow them to charge for some time before connecting it to your console.

Charge them when not in use

To keep your PS5 controllers in good condition, you should charge them even when they are not in use; this will ensure that your PS5 controllers are always ready for you when you want to play.

How to Charge the PS5 Controller Using a PC?

If you want to charge the PS5 controllers using your computer, then here are a few things that you should know.

You can charge multiple devices at once, and there is no need for any additional hardware or software.

Use a USB Power Cable for Input

Many systems allow you to charge the controllers and different devices simultaneously. 

A USB power cable will be sufficient for you to use for charging the PS5 controller with your PC or laptop.

It would still be up to you to unplug it from your computer before powering off your system if there are any issues.

Use the USB Ports on your PC

The USB Ports on your PC will allow you to charge your controllers without any issues. 

You would only need a cable for this purpose. However, you need to ensure that the charging station is getting charged. To do so, you can:

  1. Check if the Power Indicator Light is ON or OFF (if it’s ON, then it means that the controller is charging).
  2. Check if the light on your USB port is ON or OFF. If it’s ON, then it means that there is power at the source. However, you would still have to check if your USB ports are working as they may not be supplying power to your device.


So now that you have a better idea of how to charge your PS5 controller, it’s time to get yourself a docking station and keep your controllers in good shape. 

Make sure you don’t charge it for too long as this can damage the battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for the PS5 controller to charge?

A: There is no specific answer that can give you the exact time it takes for charging. You will have to check the charging LED light. If it’s shining, it means the controller is charging, but you will still have to wait a while before it’s full.

Q: Is the PS5 controller compatible with other accessories?

A: Yes, this PS5 controller is compatible with all other accessories, including PC games and headsets.

Q: Can I play with my PS5 controller while it’s still charging?

A: Yes, you can play with your PS5 controller while still charging. The only difference is that the battery icon won’t be displayed on the screen. You will have to wait for a certain amount of time for it to get charged, and then you can start playing.

Q: Do I need to charge my PS5 controller before using it?

A: Yes, if you want to use your PS5 controller, it is highly recommended that you charge it for a day or two. However, to keep your PS5 controller in good shape, you should always have it charged and ready for use whenever you want to play.

Q: Is the charging cable safe?

A: Yes, the charging cables are completely safe.

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