How to Reconnect Ring Doorbell To New Wifi? [QUICK and EASY]

How to Reconnect Ring Doorbell To New Wifi 1 How to Reconnect Ring Doorbell To New Wifi? [QUICK and EASY]

A disconnected doorbell sends the wrong message to outsiders. If your Ring doorbell is disconnected, you’ll miss out on important audio and motion detection. Connecting an outdoor device to WiFi may seem like an unnecessary annoyance, especially if a doorbell is easy to use without the internet. Fortunately, internet door systems are easy to use once you have all the instructions. Without them, the process is a headache.

How to Reconnect Ring Doorbell To New Wifi 2 How to Reconnect Ring Doorbell To New Wifi? [QUICK and EASY]

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How to Reconnect Ring Doorbell To New Wifi?

Both Ring security cameras and doorbells can connect to a home WiFi network. If the connection is damaged, the initial mobile app can help. The network may need a reboot if there is an outage or considerable lag time. Restarting the router is just one way to check the connection.

Disconnection can happen for a few different reasons. Power outages, poor internet connection, and password changes are all possible causes. Troubleshooting is not a difficult process and is relatively straightforward, depending on the doorbell type. Most Ring doorbells can be reset and reconnected in approximately 5 minutes. 

The off-key doorbell in my house was driving me crazy before buying a new one. I thought setting up a WiFi bell would be complicated, and frankly, I assumed it required electrical work. 

After I finally bought one, the entire time it took to set up a network and the working doorbell was under ten minutes. 

WiFi Doorbells vs Traditional Doorbells

Doorbells are a polite way to knock. If you don’t want your door scuffed, a doorbell allows people from all over the house to hear when somebody arrives. For big houses with multiple rooms, even a loud knocker will not get someone’s attention on the third floor. 

Traditional Doorbells

Most people are familiar with traditional doorbells. These are the wired bells that electricians install. The wires are usually invisible because they are hidden inside the house. 

Traditional doorbells don’t last forever. When they eventually do start to fail, the pitch and tone of the doorbell can become altered (like my old doorbell). 

An electrician will need to fix this problem because the solution lies within the electrical system. 

Wired doorbells can be heard inside the home, but the sound may not carry. If your home has carpeting or drapes, the fabric will muffle noise. If you have multiple floors, this may also be a problem, depending on the house’s acoustics. 

A traditional doorbell is practical and cheap if you live in a smaller home. It produces high-quality sound and comes in several different designs. Unfortunately, the installation process is a bit of a headache. 

WiFi Doorbells

How to Reconnect Ring Doorbell To New Wifi 1 1 How to Reconnect Ring Doorbell To New Wifi? [QUICK and EASY]

WiFi doorbells are also known as wireless doorbells. A wireless doorbell is just as functional but does not require a complex electrical system. By transmitting signals from the door to the home receiver, the bell can be heard whenever the button is pushed.

The home receiver is mounted to any wall of your choice. I have multiple home receivers because I have a house with nine rooms. It’s not difficult to attach one of the receivers; you just need a few screws and double-sided adhesive tape.

Wireless doorbells are also used for security purposes. Depending on the type you buy, WiFi door gadgets can have motion sensors and intercom systems. For those with hearing disabilities, the WiFi doorbell can flash LED lights instead of making noise.

Although I was a little disappointed by the lack of fancy doorbell designs, wireless bells do have a diverse range of chime jingles. If at some point you get bored with one type of chime, it’s easy to change sounds. 

How A Ring Doorbell Can Disconnect

Wireless doorbells require a consistent network. Once it is connected to your WiFi, it can broadcast signals from outside. If the connection is broken or cannot be found, your doorbell will not work in any part of the house.

Distance is a key issue when setting up a wireless doorbell. If you have just purchased a doorbell and are wondering where to put the bell and receiver, consider the router.

If your router is 2.4GHz, this may not be strong enough to hold a signal. 

Houses that are made from brick or concrete may also interfere with the WiFi signal. 5GHz routers have a higher frequency and usually work fine with hard building materials like metal siding. To measure interference, check the frequency of the router before placing the receiver on the wall.

A power surge may also cause the doorbell to disconnect. This is particularly common in older houses with two-pronged outlets. You can check the breaker box to figure out which wire was tripped, but the WiFi connection may take time to boot up.

If there is a low voltage issue, the transmitter does not have enough power to send signals to the receiver. If the transformer is over 15VAC and is still malfunctioning, just call a professional. Ring offers free customer support.

How to Reconnect Ring Doorbell To New Wifi?

Sometimes a wireless doorbell can disconnect. Even when the distance between the receiver and bell is correct, this periodically happens.

Usually, it’s because you’ve changed the WiFi password and forgot to let your doorbell in on the secret. Regardless of the reason, it’s extremely frustrating when tech devices don’t work. 

Check the Router

The first step to reconnecting a doorbell involves your network. Before anything else, check the status of your router. 

There should be a string of lights flashing different colors. If the lights are orange and red, this means there is a problem with your network. If all the lights are off, this does not mean the router is dead, but it will need to be restarted.

To find out if the problem stems solely from the router, first disconnect the wireless doorbell. With your smartphone, try connecting to the Wi-Fi router. If the phone can easily connect, the router is fine. If there is still a problem with the network, reset the router and try again. 

Change Password

If you have recently changed your password, this may interfere with the connection. If you’re like me, you have all your passwords set to sign in automatically. When the password is reset, this does not automatically update all your accounts. 

Resetting your password may be required if you previously lost connection. Depending on the doorbell app, there are different instructions to update privacy measures. You can create a new password from your PC or your smartphone. 

It’s important to leave the security settings on WPA2. The WPS security is not nearly as secure and is not recommended. 

Replace Batteries

Depending on what kind of wireless doorbell you have, the device may require batteries. Low batteries may not be easy to detect if there aren’t any warning lights.

If there is no outside indication that batteries are running low, pay attention to the WiFi connectivity. 

Doorbell apps usually have a menu where users can check the status of their batteries. If it’s not under the “batteries” section, try looking for “power status” or “device health”.

Upgrade Network

Certain devices are not compatible with a 5GHz network. If your network was updated automatically, you might not even realize you have a different level of speed. 

Newer devices are able to handle 5GHz with no problem. Since 2.4GHz can cause problems with speed and efficiency, most people prefer it given the option. A router that can share 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks is ideal. 

Is It Necessary?

A new online device may sound scary for people who like simplicity. Since there’s nothing as simple as a doorbell, a wireless device can seem unnecessary. The WiFi doorbell was extremely easy to set up and provided plenty of extra security features. 

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