iPad Touchscreen Not Working? Try This First!

Having an issue with your iPod’s touch screen can be a very frustrating experience. Here is what you can do about the problem.

iPad Touchscreen Not Working 1 iPad Touchscreen Not Working? Try This First!

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Why isn’t my iPad touchscreen working?

A problem with your iPad’s touch screen can sometimes be solved by restarting the iPad. This can be done without the touchscreen by holding the home button and the top or side button at the same time for a few seconds. Issues not fixed by restarting might require some help from Apple.

We’ve experienced broken electronics, including iPads. We’ll guide you through how to do some basic resets. We’ll also tell you when you should just bring your iPad in for service.

What happened to my iPad’s touchscreen?

Generally when iPad touch screens stop working, either the surface of the screen is broken or there is a software issue that keeps the screen from communicating touch.

To make a long, technical story short: the touch screen on your iPad use capacitors that hold a small electrical charge. These are tiny and basically invisible. 

Touching the screen changes the charge within the capacitor and the iPad screen detects that change.

The use of a capacitor and electrical charges also explains why some iPads don’t work well when used with winter gloves. Also, if you are using winter gloves and your screen isn’t working, either get touchscreen gloves or take them off temporarily.

How To Fix An Unresponsive iPad Screen

Let’s do the simple method first: First, clean your iPad and screen, just to make sure nothing is causing the problem from the outside. 

We suggest turning the iPad off and using a soft cloth to wipe it clean. You don’t need any cleaning sprays unless you see fingerprints or grease. See what the soft cloth can do first.

Second, restart the iPad. There are two different ways to do this depending on your iPad model. The biggest difference is whether or not your iPad has a “Home” button. The “Home” button is a circular button at the bottom middle of the iPad that you usually use to go the main screen.

Restarting your iPad if it has a “Home” button:

If your iPad has a “Home” button you’ll want to locate both the “Home” button and the smaller button above the top right corner of the screen. This button is normally used to “wake up” or “sleep” your iPad. 

Hold both of these buttons at the same time until you see an Apple logo appear, then let go. This will perform a forced restart on your iPad.

iPad Touchscreen Not Working 1 1 iPad Touchscreen Not Working? Try This First!

Restarting your iPad if it doesn’t have a home button

Some newer iPads don’t have a Home Button. For these, you’ll want to instead locate the same button on the upper right corner of your iPad, then locate the volume buttons on the right side. 

You’ll start the process by quickly pushing and releasing the Volume Up button, then quickly pushing and releasing the Volume Down button, then tap and hold the button at the top right. Do this until the Apple logo appears, then let go.

Why would that work?

The problem could be a software issue, and the problem could actually be that the iPad operating system is frozen. We hope this works because it is by far the easiest and cheapest – or free method of fixing your iPad.

Other iPad touchscreen problems: when to service

If your iPad doesn’t respond to a reboot with a properly working touchscreen, the issue is likely within the hardware of the device, and that isn’t the news you want to hear.

The iPad will likely need to have the screen replaced. You do have some options though. 

While Apple does have nice stores and a “Genius Bar” to consult and evaluate devices, and potentially fix in store at a price, there are also often lots of local repair shops that can replace a screen for less money. We have literally seen them when walking through local malls.

We suggest looking up iPad repair in your area to find a place that might ask for less of your hard-earned money than Apple.

Why do iPad screens break?

This is a great question, and it has lots of answers. An iPad that was dropped or impacted by something will have tell tale signs, like breaking or shattering, that will make it obvious that the iPad itself didn’t just have a problem.

Does Apple have a warranty?

Apple offers Apple+ and often requires that retailers offer the Apple+ plan and a plan unique to that store, like Best Buy’s Geek Squad Protection plan. 

These plans also often cover accidental damage, like your kids dropping the iPad or if the iPad gets submerged in water on a fishing trip or at a pool party.

The standard warranty will not cover signs of abuse, whether accidental or not. Apple does have ways of telling if an iPad was abused and typically uses its own discretion. This can include an accelerometer in the iPad to tell if it was dropped and moisture-indicating stickers on the inside that turn red when exposed to water.

How can I protect my iPad from future issues?

You can do a couple of things. To protect yourself from the high cost of repairs, we would suggest a warranty with accidental damage protection.

While we don’t know the price of a warranty, it tends to be on par with the price of a fix.

You’ll at least have a better chance at having the same kind of iPad for years without worrying about paying out of pocket if you break it.

The other option is to get a screen protector or case. You could even buy a warranty and a case for double coverage. 

Cases are not exactly ‘guaranteed’ to protect your iPad in the event of an unexpected fall, but they make the chances of damage much less.

Key Takeaways

  • The first thing you should do when your iPad touchscreen stops working is trying to reboot the device
  • You should also clean your iPad to make sure that sticky stuff or grime isn’t preventing it from working
  • If rebooting fails, you might need to get help from Apple or a local repair shop
  • A warranty or case can help prevent future problems or make repair prices more up-front.

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