Ring Camera Streaming Error: 6 Ways To Fix Quick

If you are experiencing a streaming error on your Ring smart home device, you are not alone. But how do you fix this issue to get your Live View working again? Ensuring the security of your home is essential, and with smart home technology like the Ring camera, it has never been easier. However, a lot of Ring Camera owners have been reporting issues with the device not showing the Live View when they try to use it. 

Ring Camera Streaming Error 1 1 Ring Camera Streaming Error: 6 Ways To Fix Quick

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How do you fix a Ring Camera streaming error?

To fix the streaming error on your Ring device, check your Wi-Fi connection, test your internet speed, change the internet band, update Ring firmware, and update the ring app. If the streaming error persists, try resetting the ring camera. 

Home security is more popular than ever, thanks to devices like the Ring Camera and Doorbell. These devices directly connect to the Ring app so that you can stay connected with your home – even when you are away.

 Regardless of which Ring product you are using, the device will display the stream directly onto your smartphone. 

However, much like with all technology, you should expect a troubleshooting issue to come up every now and then. One problem that Ring users have experienced is a streaming error, which interferes with them being able to see their Live View. To help you get your Ring device back in action, we are going to take you through our quick fix on how you can troubleshoot the issue.

After extensively researching Ring troubleshooting forums, I have been able to gather enough information to determine what causes Live View streaming errors and how to fix them. My research has indicated that there are a number of different factors that can contribute to this problem, and you should consider each one to resolve the error. 

Check Your Home’s Wi-Fi Connection

Your Ring device relies on Wi-Fi to stream, as well as for a variety of its other key features. More often than not, a streaming error occurs on Ring devices when there is an internet connection issue.

If you are finding that Live View is disabled, the first thing that you should do is confirm that your home’s Wi-Fi is working. The easiest way to do this is to simply check to see if you are connected with your smartphone by opening up your device’s Wi-Fi settings. If there is a connection, check to see if you can get online by using your mobile browser.

Check Ring Camera Wi-Fi Connection

The problem may not be with your home’s Wi-Fi, but simply that the Ring device is disconnected. To see if the device is connected to the Wi-Fi, open up the admin panel of your Ring app. 

Check to see if the connection is active. If it is not, you will know what the issue is, which simply requires you to reconnect the device to your Wi-Fi.

Ring Camera Streaming Error Ring Camera Streaming Error: 6 Ways To Fix Quick

Soft Reset Router

Wi-Fi connections can experience minor glitches from time to time, which results in poor performance or the connection dropping completely. If you were not able to get online when checking your Wi-Fi, then you should reset the router.

Generally speaking, this will fix most bugs and Wi-Fi issues – including Live View streaming errors on your Ring device. To reset your router, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the router from its power source
  2. Wait for 60 seconds
  3. Plug the router back into its power source 

After resetting your router, test the connection to see if it is back online and check if the streaming error is resolved.

Check Your Internet Speed

Although your Wi-Fi may technically be working, it could simply be performing poorly. Your Ring device relies on a stable and consistent internet connection to function and if your home’s Wi-Fi is slow, it could be causing a Live View streaming error. 

Wi-Fi-based security systems do not necessarily require high-speed internet, but you should still have a speed of at least 1-2Mpbs for the device to work. You can check your internet speed by using a free service to test the quality of your connection.

If your internet speed test came back with poor results, then you will need to consider how you can increase the quality of your connection. You will know if the speed is an issue based on whether or not you can stream other videos online. If you can load a video through a web browser, then your signal is strong enough. 

In case you can’t stream at home, then you will have to consider upgrading to a different network provider. On the other hand, the issue with your internet connection and speed may not be due to a poor network provider but rather the distance of the router from the Ring device. Try moving your Wi-Fi router closer to your Ring device to see if the streaming error goes away. 

Change Internet Band

Your internet band can greatly influence the quality of your connection. Devices that are in the range of a 5GHz connection are much more likely to deliver quality performance, which is why you should ideally have your Ring camera in range of. 

However, given that Ring devices are often placed outside, they may not be within the range of a 5GHz connection. If that is the case, you most likely had to switch to a 2.4GHz band when setting up your Ring camera, as this band offers a better range. 

Although a 2.4GHz band does enable further distances for connections, it may result in slower internet speeds.

To test to see if your 2.4GHz band is causing your Live View streaming error, you should move the Ring device closer to the router where the 5GHz band is in reach. If you were able to get your Live View working, then the 2.4GHz band was causing the problem. 

Update Ring Firmware

When you install a Ring device in your home, you should expect it to undergo frequent firmware updates. Ring initiates these automatically without you having to do anything. So long as there is a Wi-Fi connection available, the device will update itself.

Ring does this to ensure that their devices perform optimally and they are swift when it comes to resolving firmware issues that interfere with user experience. If an update was interrupted or failed to start automatically, you could be using outdated software on your Ring device, which may be causing the Live View streaming error. 

To find out if outdated firmware is behind the issue, you will need to open the settings of your Ring device through the app to confirm if you are running the latest firmware. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Open Ring App
  2. Open Menu (3 lines)
  3. Select your Ring Camera
  4. Select Device Health
  5. Find Firmware Attribute
  6. Check Firmware Status

The status of your Ring device’s firmware will be displayed on the screen. If the status reads that the device is ‘Up to date’ then you will know that the issue is not firmware related. However, if there is a number shown on the screen instead, this will indicate that you are not using the latest firmware.

Your Ring firmware will update automatically, the next time that it is triggered. Any motion or activity will force the update to begin once the device is turned on. 

Update Ring App

The issue with your Ring device’s Live View may not be that there is something wrong with the camera or your internet connection, but with the Ring App. Applications are notorious for experiencing bugs that result in performance issues. 

Although your first approach should always be to close the app completely and relaunch it, this rarely solves streaming errors. Much like with your Ring device, the Ring application should update itself automatically. But if an update failed to install or was interrupted in the process, it could be behind your troubleshooting problems. Check to see if your Ring app needs an update by:

  1. Opening Play Store/App Store
  2. Search for Ring 
  3. Select Ring – Always Home
  4. Select Update (if available)

If an update is available, the option will be displayed on the screen. Once the update is complete, check to see if your Live View is back. 

Reset Ring Camera

When a streaming error occurs, the issue can normally be fixed quite easily, as it is usually due to a minor glitch or internet connection issue. 

However, certain troubleshooting problems can arise which are harder to pinpoint and resolve. Sometimes this is due to a more serious glitch – or perhaps you may have altered some sensitive settings while setting up the Ring camera.

If you have already tried our above-mentioned quick fixes, then you may need to consider performing a hard reset on your Ring camera. To hard reset the device, follow these steps:

  1. Locate Reset Button (orange) 
  2. Hold Reset Button for 15 seconds
  3. Wait for the light to stop blinking

After the light is no longer blinking, you will have successfully reset your Ring camera to its default settings. You should save this method as a last resort, given that it will delete all of your personal preferences and customizations. 

This means that you will have to set up the device from the very beginning again.

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