Using a Surge Protector with the PS5

Since the PS5 has built-in surge protection, you might be wondering if you should use an external surge protector with the console.

surge protector ps5 1 Using a Surge Protector with the PS5

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Should I use a surge protector with the PS5?

Using a surge protector with the PS5 is generally considered safe and can provide added protection against damaging power surges. To maximum effectiveness, you should use a surge protector with as high a joule rating as possible.

My PlayStation 5 is one of my most valued electronic devices, so I appreciate it comes with an internal surge protection feature to help fend off excessive jolts of electricity. Since surge protection capabilities can be reduced after each power surge, you might want to consider getting added protection.

Key Takeaways

  • A PS5 has built-in surge protection, but using an external surge protector shouldn’t hurt.
  • A surge protector can help protect your PS5 against a harmful electrical power surge.
  • Avoid using a power strip or a low-quality surge protector that offers little to no protection.

What Does A Surge Protector Do?

When investing in expensive electronics like the PS5, I want to do whatever I can to protect it from damage.

As a child, I had many smaller electronics that were damaged due to sudden electrical surges from lightning storms.

I wasn’t as mindful back then about plugging my electronics into a surge protector.

It was often easier for me to just plug my devices into a power strip or wall outlet.

Many of their devices would get damaged or destroyed due to the lack of surge protection during a lightning strike at their house.

A common way electronic items are damaged is through a power surge that causes an excess amount of electricity to hit the item.

surge protector ps5 1 1 Using a Surge Protector with the PS5

Should I Use A Surge Protector With The PS5?

If lightning struck your house, a power surge might cause damage to the wiring and other crucial components in a PlayStation 5 that could lead to a defective console.

In some cases, the damage from an electric power surge can cause sensitive equipment like the PlayStation 5 and other devices to completely stop working.

Since a PS5 has a built-in surge protection feature, you might be wondering if using a separate surge protector is necessary to keep your console safe.

Though the surge protector in a PlayStation 5 can certainly be helpful, using a surge protector to plug in your console can provide added protection to keep your electronics safe.

I usually use a surge protector to plug in many of my large electronic devices such as televisions, desktop computers, and audio equipment, so it’s not much of a hassle or an added expense for me to plug my PS5 into it as well.

If you’re paying hundreds of dollars or more for a PlayStation 5 and other consoles, paying a little bit more for a surge protector can give you valuable insurance against costly power damage.

What Kind Of Surge Protector Should I Use?

surge protector ps5 3 Using a Surge Protector with the PS5

Look For A High Joule Rating

To make sure you are using a capable surge protector, you should avoid using low-cost protectors with a joule rating under 2,000.

These surge protectors may not provide your PES 5 with adequate protection against a power surge.

Since surge protection capabilities can be diminished as more power surges occur, you will have less protection against a power surge with lower joule ratings.

However, using a surge protector with a lower joule rating is better than using a power strip with no surge protection.

Standard Power Strips Cannot Protect Against A Power Surge

A standard power strip and a surge protector are often confused for one another.

Though they often have similar designs with multiple plug outlets placed next to each other, you should opt for a surge protector and not a power strip.

A standard power strip is essentially an extension of a wall socket that offers no protection against an electric power surge.

These power strips may be fine for small electric devices, but they may not be able to handle the load of many high-voltage devices.

Adding too many high-voltage devices to a power strip may overload the power strip and cause excessive sparks and other adverse effects to occur.

Investing in a high-quality surge protector might be costly, but it could greatly diminish the risk of destructive power surges to your PS5.

Where Can I Purchase A Surge Protector?

surge protector ps5 2 Using a Surge Protector with the PS5

Surge protectors have been on the market for many years, so it’s easy to find a good-quality one at a store or online today.

Popular electronics stores like Best Buy tend to have a wide selection of surge protectors for sale.

I’ve also seen many surge protectors for sale at general retail stores like Walmart and Target.

Amazon is an online marketplace I like to use to buy electronic devices such as a surge protector, so I’d also recommend looking there to find one.

Buying a high-priced surge protector isn’t necessary to get adequate protection against power surges.

You should mainly look for a surge protector with as high a joule rating as possible.

A surge protector with higher joule rating will give you more protection against a power surge.

This is especially important if your PS5 faces repeated electrical power surges.

How Long Are Surge Protectors Effective Against Power Surges?

Surge protectors may have indicators that will let you know how much protection is left.

The effectiveness of your surge protector largely depends on the amount and intensity of its previous power surges.

Be sure to monitor the indicator as often as possible to ensure your PlayStation 5 is protected.

Since a surge protector may have limited protection capabilities, you should think about periodically replacing your surge protector to ensure maximum protection for your PS5.

How Do I Use A Surge Protector With The PS5?

The internal surge protector of a PS5 will work automatically, so there isn’t anything you need to configure to make it work.

Using an external surge protector with a PS5 is a fairly simple process, even if you aren’t a technical person.

After unpacking the surge protector, you just need to plug it into an electric wall outlet and plug your PlayStation 5 into the surge protector.

Certain surge protectors may come with settings and other options, so be sure to read the packaging to make sure your surge protector is properly configured.


The PlayStation 5, a marvel of modern gaming technology, is an investment that deserves the utmost care and protection. While its internal surge protection is commendable, the addition of an external surge protector offers an extra layer of security against unforeseen electrical anomalies.

As the digital age progresses, the importance of safeguarding our electronic devices becomes paramount. By opting for a high-quality surge protector, gamers not only ensure the longevity of their PS5 but also protect their immersive gaming sessions from abrupt interruptions. Remember, in the realm of electronics, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

So, as you dive into the captivating world of PS5 gaming, make sure you’re equipped with the right tools to keep your console shielded and your gaming experience uninterrupted.

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