A 3-Step Guide To Switching Phones On US Cellular Prepaid

The US Cellular prepaid provides a convenient and affordable way to switch phones. How can you switch phones on US Cellular prepaid? 

switch phones on US Cellular Prepaid 1 A 3-Step Guide To Switching Phones On US Cellular Prepaid

How do you switch phones on US Cellular Prepaid?

Switching phones on US cellular prepaid involves determining whether your phone is transferable in the US prepaid trading platform and then shopping for the US Cellular phone you want to switch to. US Cellular will ship or deliver your phone once the payment plan is depleted.


US Cellular prepaid is among the largest wireless services in the US that offers nationwide network coverage. It is also leading in the market in terms of innovation aimed at improving customer experience.

The company has its headquarters in Chicago, and it offers a broad range of communication services to improve consumers’ lives, boost network coverage and vibrancy of businesses and raise governmental activities’ effectiveness.

Additionally, it offers a strong and dependable network powered by cutting-edge technology. Regarding US Cellular prepaid, US Cellular provides you with two payment plans. One common payment plan is the prepaid one, where you are required to pay a certain amount of money upfront before getting your new device.

US Cellular service also offers a post-cellular plan where you pay for your installment at the end of every month.

How to switch phones on US Cellular prepaid

switch phones on US Cellular Prepaid 1 1 A 3-Step Guide To Switching Phones On US Cellular Prepaid

Check with the US Cellular Prepaid Policy

Before you get to the cellular prepaid plan, the first step is to check for US Cellular policy about phone eligibility.

Typically, US Cellular prepaid allows both compatible and incompatible smartphones as long as they are in good condition. 

If the prepaid phone you get after finalizing the payment process differs from the one you wanted, the US Cellular prepaid offers a maximum of 15 days to be eligible for an exchange. 

Therefore, there are a lot of policies concerning the cell phone switching process that you will need to be familiar with before you begin the switching process.

The following is a comprehensive guide on the things to do before you switch your phone to US Cellular prepaid:

Ensure your Phone is Fully Paid off

If you acquired your phone through monthly installments, ensure that all the amount has been fully paid. If you had unpaid installments on your previous phone, US Cellular would not allow you to switch it with their phones. 

Therefore, it is important to confirm that you have paid the cost of your phone in full because the remaining balance can release you from any contractual responsibility relating to the device.

switch phones on US Cellular Prepaid 2 A 3-Step Guide To Switching Phones On US Cellular Prepaid

Verify Phones Compatibility

Even though US Cellular allows you to bring compatible and incompatible phones for exchange, some of the phones may be restricted to using a specific network.

The ideal way to determine if your phone is compatible is to use the IMEI checker on the US Cellular site and enter *#06# to get the confirmation code.

You can also use the BYOD search tool to get direct assistance without visiting the cellular site physically. With the search tool, you must choose your phone model and the new one you want to use to check compatibility.

Ensure your Phone is Unlocked

You must ensure that your phone is unlocked and not connected to its former network provider. The procedure will vary depending on the type of phone you are using and the version.

If your phone is locked, seek assistance from the network provider to guide you on how to unlock the phone.

Shop for a New Cellular Phone

Before you shop for a new cellular phone, the US Cellular services will need to confirm that you are the legitimate owner of the phone you intend to switch. 

After they have confirmed, you can now shop for a new cellular phone of your choice. These phones are also available on eBay, Amazon, or the US Cellular site. 

Typically, US Cellular offers basic flip phones to luxury smartphones such as iPhone and Samsung. Before shopping for a phone, ensure that you have carefully checked the payment plan to check whether it is affordable according to your budget.

Buy a New Cellular Simcard

After you have paid for phone installments, you will get your prepaid cellular phone. Since US Cellular only uses its network, you will require a US Cellular Sim card if the Cellular phone does not have it. 

The Simcard is available on online stores such as Amazon, and it will be shipped or delivered to you once you make the order. Additionally, ensure that you buy a 4G LTE Simcard for faster network speeds.

switch phones on US Cellular Prepaid 3 A 3-Step Guide To Switching Phones On US Cellular Prepaid

Is it Worth Switch to US Cellular Phones and Services?

It is worth switching to US Cellular phones and services because the company guarantees network coverage through network roaming agreements with other network carriers. 

It also provides both cellular prepaid and postpaid plans that you can choose from, depending on your financial ability. They also ensure that every postpaid user acquires $10 when they use 3GB of data or less.

 However, the downside of switching to US Cellular phones and services is that its network coverage is about 10% of the US Cellular core network.

Therefore, some areas may have lower cellular network coverage than others.

Additionally, when you hit your data limit, US Cellular drops their speeds to 2G, and they won’t provide any options for unlimited data plans. Regarding the cellular prepaid plan, US Cellular is expensive compared to other wireless network companies such as AT&T.

Key Takeaways

  • US Cellular network covers about 10% of the US network access
  • US Cellular accepts both compatible and incompatible smartphones for exchange
  • There are factors to consider before switching your phone to US Cellular prepaid
  • US Cellular prepaid phones only use a network provided by US Cellular company
  • US Cellular prepaid phones and services have pros and cons

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