What Is Super Alexa Mode? [What Can She Do?!]

You might not have heard about Super Alexa Mode. I hadn’t either for the longest time, but when someone mentioned it in passing, I had to look it up online. Was Alexa turning into some sort of superhero of the AI world? 

What Is Super Alexa Mode 1 What Is Super Alexa Mode? [What Can She Do?!]

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What Is Super Alexa Mode?

Super Alexa Mode isn’t an actual capability. Instead, this is an Easter egg that can be activated, prompting a rather hilarious response from Alexa. If you have Echo Show, it will even display an image on the screen that reinforces the message Super Alexa Mode issues.

What I found is that, no, Alexa isn’t trying to go all Super Saiyan on us. Actually, this neat little Easter-egg can trigger a rather, ahem, curious and unique reply from Alexa when prompted. It doesn’t do much, but by Jove, is it good for a laugh.

If you don’t have a sense of humor, stop reading this right now. Just navigate away from this page. But, if, like me, you appreciate a big belly laugh, keep reading to learn more about Super Alexa Mode.

What exactly is Super Alexa Mode?

Super Alexa Mode is based on a Konami cheat code, originally used in the 1986 game Gradius on the NES platform, but this code is perhaps best remembered as being from the 1987 Contra

When a player entered the code on the game’s title screen, it would give them an extra 30 lives.

When you’re done listening to music on your Alexa and then activate Super Alexa Mode on your Amazon Alexa device, Alexa will (rather comedically) say, “Super Alexa mode activated. Starting reactors … online. Enabling advanced systems … online. 

Raising dongers. Error. Dongers missing. Aborting.”

Those who use Echo Show will also see an image pop up on their screen related to this message.

How do you activate Super Alexa Mode?

You activate Super Alexa Mode in basically the same way you would have the original Konami cheat. You simply say, “Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.” That prompts Alexa to respond with the Easter egg, thereby causing Gen X-ers and older Millennials to laugh and reflect on the good ol’ days of video gaming.

Why is any of this important?

What Is Super Alexa Mode 1 1 What Is Super Alexa Mode? [What Can She Do?!]

Super Alexa Mode is definitely not meant to be taken seriously. Far from it. Harkening back to the golden days of gaming, this Easter egg recalls Konami’s infamous cheat code. 

Alexa sounds all space-age-y and serious, but then the dongers are mentioned.

What does that mean?

“Raising the dongers” references a League of Legends player who goes by the handle Imaqtipie. In this huge team-based MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, Imaqtipie battles champion Heimerdinger.

While engaging his Twitch audience, Imaqtipie jokingly refers to Heimerdinger as “Donger”, which evolved into “raise your dongers” and became a popularly used phrase by other players in the game. It is either used as a call to salute or as a way of saying “let’s get ready”.

Does this even give Alexa new abilities?

You don’t get anything but a laugh from this mode. Alexa cannot gain infinite lives or restorative capabilities. Sorry.

Are you able to play games with Alexa?

You can actually use some of Alexa’s skills as a game, especially if you own the Echo Show. There are some decision-based and explorative skills you can use in a game-like fashion. 

Magic Door is a choose-your-own-adventure game in which you and Alexa go on a journey through mountains, over seas, and more. 

Alexa will offer reactions to whatever you encounter. It is a good beginner’s game.

You can even kind of play Skyrim with Alexa. You’ll just be playing an audio-based version in which you direct Alexa around Skyrim, fu-ro-dah-ing dragons and chatting up NPCs. 

This was Bethesda Game Studios (the maker of the Elderscrolls games), so it is as authentic of an experience as you can get.

Are there other Alexa Easter eggs available?

The Super Alexa Mode Easter egg is the most complex one that you can find, but there are others out there. 

Just say “Alexa, all your base are belong to us” and hear her response. Or try “Alexa, drum roll, please.” She will indeed give you an actual drum roll.

These Easter eggs are meant to be comedic. I mean, having Alexa respond to “Alexa, I’ve got 99 problems” with “But a glitch ain’t one!” is hilarious. 

Programmers have a sense of humor after all! If you have some extra time on your hands, start looking for Easter eggs on Alexa and see what kind of hilarity ensues.

Closing Thoughts

Super Alexa Mode is nothing serious, as I’ve demonstrated above. But it sure can be fun to do things like this with Alexa. 

No, this is not an actual game, although Super Alexa Mode is indeed based on popular 80s games from Konami. Alexa does not gain any actual abilities from this Easter egg, but you can play speech-based games on Alexa for fun if you have some time to spare.

Alexa’s programmers add Easter eggs more often than you might think, so there are plenty of them out there for you to discover. 

Alexa will even “self-destruct” (not really) when you say “code zero, zero, zero, destruct, zero.”

Go ahead, ask Alexa for a “yo momma” joke. Alexa will give you a gut-bustin’ answer each time. 

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