Where Is The Join Button On The Sonos Move? [Answered!]

When I was looking for a new speaker to invest money in, one option that kept getting recommended to me was the Sonos Move. Everyone kept mentioning how good the sound quality was and how easy it was to hook up and use for all manner of purposes. So, I bought it – hook, line, and sinker.

I was super excited to get my Sonos Move, but when I went to set it up, I saw that the Join button was going to need to be used for a lot of different functions on this speaker. I could tell that I was going to need to familiarize myself with the controls, so I started researching what each one meant and where they were located.

Where Is The Join Button On Sonos Move 1 Where Is The Join Button On The Sonos Move? [Answered!]

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Where Is The Join Button On The Sonos Move?

The Join button is located on the back of the speaker. It has the infinity loop on it, so it is sometimes called the Infinity button. It isn’t one that you will use a whole lot, but you will need it for the initial set-up and if you ever need to perform a reset on the Sonos Move.

In total, the Sonos Move has seven buttons. On the top of the speaker, the four buttons control the device’s volume level, playing and pausing the audio, and turning the microphone on and off.

Then, the three buttons on its back are essentially used for to power the device on and off, WIFI and Bluetooth modes, and pairing your Sonos during the set-up procedure.

Whew, that’s a lot, isn’t it?

Let me tell you more about the Join button, where it is, what it does, and what the other buttons do as well.

Buttons On the Sonos Move

As mentioned above, there are a total of seven buttons placed on the Sonos. The Join button is just one of them and is probably the one that you will use the least.

But it is there for a reason – they all are.

Where is the Join button on Sonos?

Wondering what are the buttons on the back of Sonos Move? The Join button, which has the infinity symbol placed on it, is found on the back of the Sonos Move speaker.

This is a button that you will need to use during the setup of your speaker as well as any time that you need to reboot the Sonos Move. It is located below the other two buttons on the back.

What does the Join/Infinity button do?

The Join/infinity button is there for joining during the set-up process. It is also used along with the power button – also situated on the back of the speaker – to reset your Sonos Move speaker.

Where is the power button located?

Looking for the power button? It is on the back of the speaker as well, and it is the top-most button back there. Wondering where is Mode button on Sonos Move? You’ll find that on the back as well, slipped in between the Power and Join modes.

Where Is The Join Button On Sonos Move 1 1 Where Is The Join Button On The Sonos Move? [Answered!]

The Top Buttons

So, what exactly will you find on the top of the Sonos Move? The top buttons are as follows:

  1. Microphone On/Off: This button turns the Microphone on and off. When the light is in, the Microphone is enabled.
  2. Play/Pause: Tapping on this button will start playing music if the music is currently paused or pause the music currently being played through the speaker. Holding down on the Play/Pause button generates a speaker group and makes the speaker start playing any music that is playing in another room of the house.
  3. Volume Down: Volume Down is located on the left side of the Play/Pause Button. It turns down the speaker’s volume when you press on it. Holding the Volume Down button lets you more rapidly turn the volume down.
  4. Volume Up: Found just to the right of the Play/Pause Button, this button lets you turn the volume up when you press on it. You can hold down the Volume Up button to turn the volume up more quickly.

The Back Buttons

Of course, you have the three back buttons. They are:

  1. Power Button: When the speaker is off or in Stand-By Mode, you can just press down on this button to turn it on. When the speaker is on, simply hold down on the power button to turn your Sonos speaker off.
  2. Mode Button: This button toggles between WIFI mode and Bluetooth mode. There is a status light on the top that tells you which mode the speaker is currently in. WIFI mode is white and Bluetooth is blue.
  3. Join Button: This button is one that is mainly used during the set-up procedure; it allows you to connect your Sonos Move to the rest of your Sonos system. This button is also used alongside the power button to reboot your Sonos speaker when you need to do that.

How do I put my Sonos in pairing mode?

Want to put your Sonos Move into pairing mode? You will need to follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Bluetooth button on the back. Press the button once in order to switch over to Bluetooth Mode. The speaker will chime and the LED will turn blue.
  2. To enable pairing mode on Move, press and hold the Bluetooth button. The speaker will chime again and the LED will flash blue.
  3. To pair your device with Move, go into your settings and turn on Bluetooth. Choose Move from the device list. (If it does not show up on the screen, check to make sure that your speaker is in pairing mode and shows a flashing blue LED.) There will be a solid blue LED light, and you will hear a chime when the connection is finished.

Closing Thoughts

The Join button on your Sonos Move isn’t one that you will likely use all that often. Just look for the infinity loop on the back of your speaker – that’s the Join button. Use it for pairing when you need to, but that is about all the purpose that it serves. It is really that simple.

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