Why Do I Have 2 iPhone Backups?

Did you know that sometimes, iPhone users have 2 iPhone backups on their iPhone? 

This can cause quite a bit of confusion when viewing your iPhone backup list. 

So why does this happen?

Why Do I Have 2 iPhone Backups?

When the iPhone is backed up, iPhone software looks for any different files in your iPhone’s File Sharing section. When it finds different data, it backs that data up separately, which can cause there to be multiple backups. Luckily, there is an easy fix for this backup confusion.

This can cause quite a bit of iPhone backup confusion when looking at your iPhone backup list and seeing multiple backups for the same iPhone.

How Do I Fix iPhone Backup Confusion?

When viewing your iPhone’s iPhone backups, you will know which one to choose if iPhone Software prompts you with this message. To fix this, go to iPhone Settings & General & iPhone Storage.

Choose which iPhone backup you want to delete and hit Delete Backup permanently. You can always add iPhone backups in the future when you need them!

This iPhone backup software lets iPhone users backup their iPhone without iPhone backup confusion. 

So, what does iPhone Software do that iPhone Backup Software doesn’t? iPhone Backup Software doesn’t save files already saved on your phone. 

Why should it?

What’s the Catch to iPhone Backup Software?

iPhone Backup software is available, but additional charges apply. 

The price of iPhone Software varies depending on the iPhone model and iPhone backup functions.

For example, iPhone 5S iPhone software costs iPhone Software $19.95 while iPhone 6 iPhone software costs $29.95.

This is a small price to pay when compared to the cost of your phone protection plan! Don’t be caught without an iPhone backup or iPhone software. 

iPhone backup software is a must-have iPhone app.

Is It Free To Backup on iTunes?

Although iPhone backup software is not accessible, iPhone users can create iPhone backups in iPhone settings for free. 

When iPhone software prompts you to choose a backup and there’s no iPhone Software available on your iPhone, choose the “i-Tunes” option.

You will be prompted with this message:

“Choose i-Tunes if you’ve synced this iPhone with iTunes on this computer and you have all your music, photos, videos, app data, and other content on it. 

Your iPhone software will be erased when you create the iPhone backup.”

To avoid iPhone Backup confusion, iPhone Software is an iPhone user’s best friend! iPhone Software makes creating iPhone backups a simple process that any iPhone user can do! iPhone Software enables iPhone users to have their iPhone backed up with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Why Do I Have 2 iPhone Backups 1 Why Do I Have 2 iPhone Backups?

How do I contact iTunes?

Apple iPhone users can contact i-Tunes by calling iPhone customer service at 1-800-275-2273. 

iPhone users can email iPhone customer service at itunes@apple.com or access i-Tunes frequently asked questions to see if the answer is already there.

What do you need to run iTunes?

i-Tunes is a computer program, so iPhone users need access to a PC or Mac before iPhone software is available. 

iPhone Software requires iPhone operating system 9 or higher and iPhone users can access i-Tunes at itunes.com/download

Computer Requirements:

  • iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with iOS 9 or later
  • 400MB available disk space
  • 500 MHz processor or faster
  • 128 MB RAM iPhone Software is a must have

Do I need an Apple ID to purchase and download files from iTunes?

Yes, iPhone Software requires iPhone users to have an Apple ID. 

Without an Apple ID, iPhone software cannot be downloaded. 

iPhone users can create one at appleid.apple.com

What are the benefits of having an Apple ID?

iPhone owners can purchase iPhone applications and iPhone music from i-Tunes with their iPhone IDs instead of creating new iPhone applications and iPhone music accounts. 

iPhone owners can also use their iPhone IDs instead of creating new accounts for iCloud, iBook, Audiobooks, and other iPhone software platforms. 

iPhone users are no longer limited to the amount of iPhone software purchases they make because they already have an iPhone ID!

How Can I Create an i-Tunes ID?

An iPhone ID is free with an Apple account, which iPhone owners can create by opening the iPhone settings app. 

iPhone IDs are also available for purchase at the apple website iphonebackuptools.com.

How Can I Change or Remove My Apple ID Payment Information?

An iPhone user can change iPhone software iPhone IDs by logging into their iPhone settings and changing the payment information.

If an iPhone user has forgotten their Apple ID or there is a problem with their iPhone IDs, iPhone users can visit appleid.apple.com to reset it.

I’d Want To Sell My Music on i-Tunes, so How Much Does It Cost To Join Up and Put My Stuff on There?

i-Tunes is a platform iPhone users can use to sell iPhone software and iPhone music.

To join i-Tunes for iPhone or iPod touch, iPhone owners must have or create an Apple ID. 

A credit card, debit card, or former memberships are required to join i-Tunes.

It costs $25 to join i-Tunes and iPhone music will be sold for 0.69$ or .99 cents.

How Can I Change the Name of My Library in i-Tunes?

Although iPhone users cannot rename iPhone libraries, iPhone users can create a new i-Tunes library and import their iPhone software to the new library. 

iPhone owners can also sync their iPhone with a different PC or Mac to change the name of their iPhone library.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is a free service iPhone owners can use to back up iPhone software. 

iPhone owners can sync iPhone music, iPhone photos, and iPhone videos to iCloud with a free Apple ID or purchase an iPhone storage plan for unlimited iPhone software backup space.

What is i-Tunes Match?

i-Tunes Match is a paid service that enables iPhone users to upload iPhone software they have not purchased from the i-Tunes Store to their iPhone library and allows iPhone owners to access iPhone software on other devices. 

iPhone users can also download iPhone software, iPhone music, and iPhone movies after being matched with i-Tunes.

To subscribe to the service, iPhone owners must contact Apple customer service at 1-800-275-2273 or email i-Tunes@apple.com for more information about iPhone software.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

iPhone software is not available for Mac computers?

No, iPhone software is only compatible with iPhone devices.

Will iPhone software work on my iPhone if I purchase it from a different iPhone?

No, iPhone users can only download iPhone software to their iPhone device with their Apple IDs and cannot transfer their downloads between iPhones. 

The original iPhone user will be the only iPhone user who can download iPhone software to their iPhone. 

iPhone software also cannot be transferred from iPhone devices to Mac computers. 

iPhone users must have an Apple ID and the correct password to download iPhone software for each iPhone registered under that Apple ID.

What is the purchase limit on i-Tunes?

There is a 5-device limit on iPhone software and iPhone music iPhone owners can purchase on i-Tunes. 

iPhone software and iPhone music purchased with an Apple ID can be shared with other iPhone devices but cannot be downloaded to more than 5 iPhone devices.

How do I create an iPhone ID?

To create an iPhone ID, iPhone users must open their iPhones settings app and tap the iPhone name, email, or phone number associated with iPhone IDs. iPhone owners can also create an iPhone ID by visiting appleid.apple.com on a web browser. 

iPhone users may need to use the security code they chose when creating their iPhone ID to change their payment information or reset their Apple ID password.

Can an iPhone user use different iPhone IDs on different iPhone devices?

iPhone users can create multiple iPhones IDs, but they must transfer iPhone software and iPhone music purchased with one Apple ID to the iPhone associated with the same Apple ID. 

iPhone software cannot be downloaded from i-Tunes or iCloud to more than 5 iPhones per Apple ID at a time.

To download iPhone software from i-Tunes or iCloud, iPhone owners must have the correct Apple ID password associated with their iPhone. 

iPhone owners without an iPhone can create a new Apple ID but cannot download iPhone software until they purchase an iPhone device.

How do I return iPhone software?

To return the iPhone software purchased on i-Tunes, iPhone users will need to contact i-Tunes customer service at 1-800-275-2273 or visit appleid.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html for more information about iPhone software returns on i-Tunes. 

iPhone owners who purchased iPhone software through Apple can contact Apple customer service.

Closing Thoughts

The reason why you have 2 iPhone backups is because of iPhone software. 

iPhone software is used to back up iPhone devices, create iPhone IDs, transfer iPhone software between iPhone devices, and return purchased iPhone software on iTunes.

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