Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow Instead Of Green?

If you’re like me, then you’ve always got one eye on the battery icon when using your iPhone. I always want to know how much power I have left, especially if I’m thinking of playing games or watching movies. Usually, the icon is either green or red if it’s running low, but there are times when it’s yellow. I’ll tell you what this means and how to change it.

iPhone Battery Yellow Instead Of Green 1 Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow Instead Of Green?

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Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow Instead Of Green?

Your iPhone battery icon will appear yellow if Low Power Mode is active. You may have done this intentionally to save power, or it may have happened once the battery was low. You can easily change this back in the battery settings. Just go through Settings, then Battery, and then turn off Low Power Mode.

I’m going to teach you more about Low Battery mode, what it means, how to fix it, and other useful information that will make you an iPhone master. Read on to learn more about your iPhone.

Low Battery Mode

If your iPhone battery icon is yellow, then that means that Low Battery Mode is active. While you might think that the battery must be low for this to activate, that would be incorrect. This can be active at a very high battery percentage.

While it helps your iPhone last longer, there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of. You can easily turn this mode on and off if you know where to look.

What is Low Battery Mode?

Low Battery Mode on an iPhone is a way of conserving power. It turns off or slows down certain processes to make your phone last longer. If you find that your phone doesn’t quite make it through the day, or if you really need your device to last for an important meeting, then having this mode on can be very beneficial.

You can still make calls, send texts, go online, and do just about everything else you normally do. Low Battery Mode affects some aspects of your device, though, such as 5G connectivity and the display refresh rate. It will also auto-lock your device after 30 seconds, and background apps won’t refresh as quickly.

Another difference you’ll notice is that the screen brightness is turned down. You won’t be able to access your iCloud photos when this mode is active, but turning it off will give you access to these images again.

While this does limit some functionality, you’ll find that you can still use the main functions of your device without being impeded.

iPhone Battery Yellow Instead Of Green 1 1 Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow Instead Of Green?

When Does Low Battery Mode Activate?

You might expect Low Battery Mode to activate when your device has low battery, but that isn’t quite true. Some people have this mode on all the time so that it activates as quickly as possible. Others turn it on only if they need to stretch their battery life.

If you have this option enabled, then your device will go into Low Battery Mode as soon as the battery drops below 80 percent. While there should be a notification telling you that this mode has been activated, you will also notice that the battery icon switches from green to yellow.

This only occurs if you keep Low Battery Mode active. You can decide to turn it on and off whenever you want.

Accessing Low Battery Mode

Some people like Low Battery Mode, while others find it annoying because it reduces some functionality. You might also be concerned because you see your battery icon being yellow, and you don’t know what that means.

Accessing the Low Battery Mode option on your device is simple. You can then decide to turn this mode on and off whenever you want.

Battery Settings

The most direct way to access this option is through the Settings menu. Go to Settings and you will see a list of various settings that you can access. Choose the Battery option there.

You will see many different items and toggles here. Look for the “Low Battery Mode” toggle. You can turn it on and off just by tapping the switch. You are in complete control with this.

You can decide to keep it on all the time, or you can turn it on only if you need extra time before recharging your phone.

Add to Control Center

You can also add Low Battery Mode to your Control Center. This makes it even easier to access. If you do this, then you can turn it on and off even quicker just by bringing up the Control Center. 

You’ll see an icon for this that you can toggle just by tapping it.

Go to Settings and then go to Control Center. Tap the Customize Controls selection and you’ll see various functions you can add to your Control Center. Tap on Low Battery Mode and it will be added to your Control Center.

This is handy if you see yourself using this frequently. If you’re only going to use it every now and then, then you may not need to add this to your Control Center.

Improve Battery Life

This section will give you some tips on how to improve your iPhone battery life without using Low Battery Mode. 

While that mode can certainly be helpful in tandem with these tips, you’ll find that each of these tips can also significantly improve how much time you have with your device.

Software Updates

Software updates can be slow and tedious, but they are very useful. Most people know that they can improve functionality and security, but did you also know that they can improve battery life? Some updates are targeted to making the app or hardware more efficient so that it does all the same things while using less energy.

You don’t have to update your device the second a new patch or version is available, but be sure to keep your device as current as possible.

Avoid Very High and Low Temperatures

These phones can work in a wide range of temperatures, but having it in extreme temperatures can damage the battery. If you’re using your device in very low temperatures, then you might find that the device is slow and it requires more power to function properly.

If you have your device in very hot temperatures, then this can actually permanently damage the battery. Surprisingly enough, charging your device in very hot temperatures can actually lead to further damage.

Try to stay at room temperature or close to it. Those who are exposed to extreme temperatures may want to keep their phones secure.

Use WiFi

Using WiFi instead of your 4G or 5G connectivity makes sense for many reasons. While most carriers have unlimited data, there is often a cap on how much high-speed data you get. Most people use WiFi to conserve their high-speed data, but it also helps with their battery life.

Accessing data such as websites, videos or images requires less power with a WiFi connection. If your battery is running low and you need to conserve it, then try to use WiFi if possible.

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