Will Gamestop Repair Your 2DS?

Older consoles like the Nintendo 2DS are still used and loved by many gamers, but they’re more likely to encounter software bugs and damage due to their age. If you’re facing and issue with your console and you don’t know any repair shops, your first instinct might be to head toward GameStop.

The world of gaming console repairs can be a daunting task, especially when it’s a beloved device like the 2DS. With major retailers like GameStop at the forefront of the gaming industry, many wonder about their repair services. 

But will GameStop repair your Nintendo 2DS?

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Does GameStop Repair 2DS?

GameStop does not offer repair services for the Nintendo 2DS. Instead, they focus on sales and related services. If your 2DS is under warranty, GameStop may facilitate an exchange. For repairs, it’s advisable to explore specialized services or consult the device’s official website for guidance.

However, there’s a silver lining: if your Nintendo DS or 2DS console is under warranty, GameStop will facilitate an exchange. It’s recommended to review the warranty terms online or visit a local GameStop store for further assistance.

Discover GameStop’s approach to 2DS repairs, explore other avenues for fixing your console, and learn key considerations before making a repair decision.

If GameStop was the only destination you had in mind, don’t worry. There are several options to repair or replace your device. Let’s look at everything you need to know to get your Nintendo 2DS fixed.

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This article delves into GameStop’s stance on 2DS repairs and offers insights on alternative solutions.

Does Gamestop Do Repairs?

Unfortunately, GameStop doesn’t offer repair services for any consoles, including handheld systems like the Nintendo 2DS.

That said, GameStop may accept your used or broken console if you have a warranty. In these cases, they can send your console out for refurbishment or provide you with a replacement.

It’s best to check the warranty details or talk to your local GameStop for more information.

Exploring Alternatives for 2DS Repairs

If GameStop isn’t an option for repairing your 2DS gaming console, don’t fret. There are several alternative routes you can consider, from selling your damaged console to seeking specialized repair services.

Nintendo DS consoles come with unique features, including store credit, which can be immensely beneficial. It’s essential to ensure these features are preserved and to seek a fair price if considering a sale.

Here are some avenues to explore for repairing your 2DS gaming console:

Online Repair Shops

  • Digital Search: Begin by searching online for reputable 2DS repair shops.
  • Assurant Device: Known for repairing phones, Nintendo 2DS, and other devices.
  • Estarland: This service handles screen repairs, minor damages, and even significant technical issues.

Before settling on a specific online repair shop, thorough research is crucial to avoid potential scams or subpar services.

Local Repair Shops:

  • Proximity Advantage: Local shops can be more affordable and convenient than larger company repair centers.

Caveat: While they might offer competitive prices, local shops might not guarantee a complete fix, especially for intricate technical problems. It’s possible you might need to consult multiple shops for comprehensive repairs.

Consult Nintendo Customer Support

The third option is to consult Nintendo Customer Support. Nintendo provides repairs for select Nintendo 2DS and 3DS models.

For severe damages to your gaming console, it’s wise to head straight to the device’s official website. Their customer care teams are equipped to provide tailored assistance. If your device is still under warranty, some brands might offer free repairs or replacements.

However, remember that if the brand’s location is distant and your device isn’t covered by warranty, you might have to bear shipping and handling charges.

In some cases, repairs and replacements are free if your device is still under warranty. If your device isn’t covered, you might have to pay for the repair, shipping, and handling fees.

How Much Do 2DS Repairs Cost?

The costs of a Nintendo 2DS repair will vary depending on the damage, services, location, and more.

Many local shops offer repair services for under $80, depending on the condition, market, and location. Online services vary but typically cost around $60-$80, plus shipping and handling. The shipping fees can cost an additional $30, depending on the type and speed.

You might only have to pay shipping and handling fees if your device is under warranty. However, Nintendo of America might charge an additional $65, plus shipping and handling, depending on the condition.

In most situations, you cab expect to pay under $80 for a Nintendo 2DS repair. But remember that these numbers are just estimates, and your mileage will vary greatly.

Repairs vs. Replacement: What to Consider

Nintendo 2DS with case

If you’re staring at a broken console, you’ve probably considered getting it repaired at some point. But determining whether it’s better to repair or replace your device can be challenging. Let’s take a look at the different factors to consider. 

Before diving into repairs, it’s essential to evaluate if the console is worth the effort and cost, especially if it’s severely damaged or an older model. Consulting with expert technicians can provide clarity.

Here are some pivotal factors to weigh:

  • Repair Costs
    • The expense of fixing the console should be a primary consideration.
    • For instance, a new Nintendo typically costs around $80. 
    • If repair estimates surpass this, it might be more economical to buy a new one. Warranty coverage can also influence this decision.
  • Extent of Damage
    • Assessing the severity of the damage is crucial.
    • Issues like shattered screens or malfunctioning buttons might necessitate comprehensive replacements, which can be pricey. 
    • If the repair costs rival or exceed the console’s value, replacement might be the wiser choice. However, for minor technical glitches, repairs are often the best route.
  • Warranty Provisions
    • Check if your console is still under warranty. 
    • Brands often offer discounted or free repairs for covered devices.
    • For instance, if you’ve purchased a Nintendo directly from their outlets, there’s a chance it’s under warranty, potentially entitling you to cost-effective repairs or even a free replacement.

Deciding on Repairing Your 2DS

For avid 2DS enthusiasts, repairing a Nintendo DS can be a worthwhile decision. However, before committing to a repair, it’s essential to evaluate the costs involved and see if they align with your budget. 

Assess the extent of damage and check if a Nintendo warranty covers your device. In many cases, with the right considerations and expert technicians involved, repairing your 2DS console can be a valuable choice.


While GameStop might not be the go-to for 2DS repairs, there are several viable alternatives available. Whether you’re considering online repair shops, local services, or seeking assistance directly from the console’s official website, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons.

Armed with the right information and a clear understanding of your device’s condition and warranty status, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and budget. Remember, the gaming world awaits your return, so choose wisely!

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