Can You Get YouTube Music On PS5? Answered!

The PS5 acquires its music from music streaming apps such as apple and amazon music. But, can you get YouTube Music on PS5? 

YouTube Music On PS5 1 Can You Get YouTube Music On PS5? Answered!

Can you get YouTube Music on the PS5?

Even though YouTube Music and PS5 do not work together, it is still possible to play YouTube Music using external devices such as USB. Therefore, you can download the music, transfer it to the USB drive, and convert it into formats such as AAC and FLAC, which are compatible with the PS5.

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Recently, the Sony LCC released the PS5 in November 2020 with quicker performance and more storage capacity than the PS4.

Typically, PS5 is a home gaming console that also supports music from specific apps such as Amazon, Spotify, and Apple Music to provide extra entertainment.

However, when it comes to using or accessing music apps such as Spotify, only 68 countries worldwide use it. Therefore, if you are in any of the 68 countries, you cannot use Spotify.

Another drawback of using Spotify is that the PS5 game console will only support about 128 kbps for good audio quality. Other apps, such as Amazon and Apple Music, are expensive and require a premium account. 

Therefore, if you cannot afford these music apps, it is possible to use other music apps that are cheap and efficient.

YouTube Music On PS5 1 1 Can You Get YouTube Music On PS5? Answered!

How To Get YouTube Music On Your PS5

Getting YouTube Music to play on PS5 through an external USB drive is possible. You will need to choose and download music on the USB drive and then put it in the PS5 port to listen to them. 

Keep in mind that YouTube Music has a different format that the PS5 cannot support; thus, if you do not change the music format, it will read invalid.

Typically, PS5 will be compatible with music formats such as mp3, AAC, or FLAC.

The most convenient app to use and is compatible with the PS5 is the Macsome YouTube Music downloader. You can follow the steps below to set up YouTube Music on your PS5 game console:

Go to the Music Library on YouTube

If you are using the Macsome music downloader for the first time, you will require to download and install it. 

Sign up to open an account and follow the rest of the instructions, which will show you how to use the downloader.

After that, access the YouTube Music downloader library and open the web player using the button provided on the home screen. The app will take you to a login page where you must enter your username and the password you used to sign up.

Configure into the PS5 Audio and Video Format

YouTube Music On PS5 2 Can You Get YouTube Music On PS5? Answered!

After you have logged in to the Macsome downloader, you will go to the menu bar on the top right of the screen. Then, select the setting option and choose the audio and video formats from the pop-up window. 

The audio and video format allow you to choose from various audio and video formats supported by PS5. 

You can also change both the sampling and the bit rate of the music according to your taste and preference. After you are satisfied with the kind of format you used, you can proceed to the next step.

Choose your Music in the Music Playlist

The next process is to go back to the YouTube downloader music library and select and launch the music you want to listen to on your PS5. 

Press add to my list option so that all the songs you choose will load in the conversion window. Double-check to confirm that you have selected all the songs you want.

 Remember that the Macsome downloader allows simultaneous downloading and batch transcoding of numerous playlists and albums. 

Therefore, you can download a lot of songs conveniently and quickly. The youtube downloader will save all the songs you download or add to the list option after clicking the save to list option.

Then, you can create a new playlist and follow the same process of adding other songs to your list. The task list will then allow you to proceed and choose all the music you require.

Start Downloading the Music

On the menu bar, select the convert option, and all of the music playlists you have chosen will be saved in the download section of your computer after the downloading process is complete. 

Ensure that all the playlists you made are completely downloaded before going to the next step. 

The period it will take for the download to be complete will depend on the quality of the file and whether it is in audio or video format.

YouTube Music On PS5 3 Can You Get YouTube Music On PS5? Answered!

Transfer Music to your USB Drive

The next step is to transfer or copy the music playlist from your computer into the USB drive because PS5 can play the music stored in the USB drive. 

The first thing you will need to do before you transfer the music to the USB is to create a folder for music on the USB drive after you have inserted it into the computer. Ensure that your computer has antivirus protection to avoid transferring the virus into your gaming console.

Then copy or transfer the YouTube playlists you had previously downloaded into the folder and ensure that all the music is completely transferred. 

Take the USB into your PS5 gaming console, and go to the control panel.

Choose music, and you can see the USB drive music in your playlist. Choose the USB, and you will see all the downloaded music playlists. One advantage of using YouTube Music on the PS5 game console is that you can also play music while playing Playstation games because it will not interfere with your gaming.

Key Takeaways

  • PS5 uses music streaming apps such as amazon, apple, and Spotify
  • Spotify is only compatible with 68 countries worldwide
  • You can you the Macsome YouTube downloader to convert the music format
  • The best way to use YouTube Music on your PS5 console is to use the USB drive

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