Using Spotify In Mexico: The Surprising Catch!

Some apps, especially those with entertainment and media, have rules about locations. Does Spotify work for US users in Mexico?

Does Spotify Work In Mexico 3 1 Using Spotify In Mexico: The Surprising Catch!

Does Spotify Work In Mexico?

If you are traveling from the United States to Mexico, your Spotify will work for 14 days and have access to your home catalog of music. According to Spotify, a Premium user can also switch their method of payment to a local currency to get access to local catalogs. 

We’ll discuss some more specifics about Spotify working in Mexico, and what the 14 day limit means, as well as why the location would matter.

Using Spotify In Mexico

Yes, at least for a little while. If you are going to Mexico on vacation for a few days, you can expect Spotify to provide your local United States-based library while you are there without a hiccup. 

Rules for Spotify free

Does Spotify Work In Mexico Using Spotify In Mexico: The Surprising Catch!

There are some rules. Let’s say that you use the free version of Spotify – which many people do without having control over what plays next.

If your vacation is longer than 14 days  – first, good for you, and second, you might get a warning from Spotify regarding your location and the use of their service outside of your home state or country.

The best part is that you don’t need to do anything within Spotify about traveling. The app itself counts the number of days, and as you might suspect, the app needs access to your location to work anyway. 

You may get a notification before time expires about Spotify Premium, which has a different set of rules that we are about to get into.

Rules for Spotify Premium

The rules for the paid version of Spotify are a bit different. With a Spotify Premium account, instead of having only 14 days of play when in Mexico, you just have to change the currency and payment settings in the account to the local currency, Pesos, in order to continue accessing Spotify.

You need only change the payment method if you are going to be in Mexico for two weeks or more, and at that point, there is a good chance that other payment methods and accounts you are using might need some level of conversion too.

Also, having read the features about Spotify Premium within the Spotify website, they don’t clearly or intentionally say that playing music in another country requires a subscription, but it might be buried in there somewhere.

Does Spotify Work In Mexico 1 Using Spotify In Mexico: The Surprising Catch!

So what should I do if I am going to Mexico for a few weeks?

Going to be on Mexico for more than 14 days? We suggest either starting a free trial of Spotify Premium or paying for the app for at least a month. 

At the moment, it’s literally just $10 for a month, or half that if you are a student with a registered college or high school email address.

Can I use a virtual private network for Spotify?

You could, and actually for a couple of reasons. First, just so you know, a virtual private network, or VPN, is used for the purpose of privacy. 

A VPN can also be used to make it look like you are in a different location or country. For example, an American can make Spotify think they are in Mexico.


Everyone likes paying less. Whie this might not be entirely practical and there could be some issues within the app – you could make your VPN show you as being located in Mexico. 

Why? Spotify costs about half the amount in Mexico.

Use it anyway

While you are in Mexico, you could set a VPN to show that you are in the United States. This is to avoid paying for the Premium subscription while in Mexico and is really only applicable if you plan to be there for more than a couple of weeks.

Does Spotify Work In Mexico 2 Using Spotify In Mexico: The Surprising Catch!

Will being in a different country change my music catalog or recommendations?

Not really. Spotify makes some seasonal recommendations but you’ve probably noticed that Spotify’s recommendations are based more on popular music and the music you already listened to. 

This is to say that Spotify is unlikely to recommend Spanish speaking musicians because you are in a different country.

I’m a dual citizen – what should I do for my Spotify?

To ensure consistent use with Spotify, we suggest using the paid version or using a virtual private network with the free version.

The worst thing that could happen is that Spotify could stop or hold your account if they feel like you are cheating – but people do use VPNs and travel between countries, so the need isn’t that uncommon. 

Consider communicating with Spotify about your specific situation before doing anything.

Key Takeaways

  • With the free version of Spotify, your music will continue to work for 14 days while in Mexico
  • If you have the paid version of Spotify, there is no limit to the number of days, though the app will ask you to switch payment methods to one using the local currency of Pesos.
  • Using a virtual private network to tell the app you are in a different location can help reduce the price or remove restrictions though it comes with the risk of getting banned by Spotify.
  • The easiest method of getting uninterrupted Spotify service in Mexico while traveling from the United States is to pay for it, then switch payment methods to Pesos while in Mexico.
  • If you are only going to Mexico for a few days and use the free version, you don’t have to do anything different!

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