AirPods Pro Case Not Charging: 5 Quick Solutions

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AirPods Pro are one of the most popular Bluetooth earphones used by Apple and Android users alike. However, sometimes your AirPods case won’t charge properly. So, how do you fix this problem? 

If your AirPods Pro case won’t charge, it’s likely because of a faulty power connection, software issues, or dirt stuck inside the lightning port. You can resolve the problem by changing the charging cable or adapter, cleaning the charging port, or resetting and updating the AirPods. 

Let’s take a closer look at why your AirPods Pro case won’t charge as well as some quick fixes to the problem, so that you can get back to using your AirPods as usual.

How Long Does an AirPods Case Take to Charge?

An AirPods case will take about an hour to charge fully. It may take slightly longer if your AirPods case is completely depleted since you also need to charge the AirPods themselves.

A fully charged AirPods case can charge the AirPods four times before needing a recharge. Considering that a fully charged pair of AirPods will last around 5 hours, most users only need to charge the case once every 24 hours.  

While the charging times of AirPods and the case are usually consistent, there may be variations on how long the battery lasts. If you use your AirPods on high volume, the AirPods will need to be charged more frequently. 

If you see an amber light when charging the AirPods case, it’s an indication that the case isn’t fully charged. When the light turns green, you can use it to charge the AirPods several times.

While charging the AirPods in the case will deplete the case’s battery more quickly, simply leaving the case idle can also slowly reduce the battery. If you’re using your AirPods case after a long time, the battery will probably be dead. 

Why Isn’t Your AirPods Pro Case Charging?

If your AirPods case isn’t charging, it’s probably because of a faulty cable, power adapter, or wall socket. Dirt stuck in the lightning port and software problems can also cause your AirPods to experience charging issues. 

If your AirPods Pro case isn’t charging, you should first check the charging cable and adapter. You’ll need another one if the adapter doesn’t work on other devices.

However, if the problem is specific to your AirPods case and you’ve checked the wall socket, then a software glitch could be the problem. 

Let’s look at common charging problems that you may face with your AirPods Pro case: 

AirPods Case Displays an Orange Light

If the AirPods case flashes an orange light, it means the battery level is less than 10%. In this case, you’ll have to leave the case on charge for 5-10 minutes and then open the lid to see if the light turns to amber. An amber color means the case is charging, and the battery is above 10%. 

AirPods Case Isn’t Charging, and There’s No Light

The easiest way to see whether your AirPods case is charging is to look for a flashing amber light when you plug it in. However, if your AirPod case doesn’t display a light when connected to a power source, it’s either because the power isn’t connected or the battery’s completely flat.

Leave the case on charge for a couple of minutes and check the status again by opening the lid. If the case is charging, you should see an amber light.  

AirPods Case Not Charging, but AirPods Are

If the AirPods case isn’t charging but the AirPods are, it’s because the case isn’t connected to a power source.

Check the cables, adapters, and wall socket, and ensure everything is working properly. If the power connection isn’t the issue, it could be that the AirPods case’s port is dirty or damaged. 

If the port is dirty, you can easily clean it with a toothpick or cleaning kit (on Amazon). However, if the case is damaged, you’ll have to get a replacement case. Fortunately, the case isn’t as expensive as the AirPods, and you can get an authentic replacement case from your nearest Apple store

How to Fix an AirPods Pro Case That Won’t Charge

If your AirPods case won’t charge, there’s no need to get a new one just yet.

In most cases, the charging problem has nothing to do with your AirPods, and you can fix it by charging the charger, updating the AirPods software, or resetting the AirPods.

Here are some solutions for fixing an AirPods case that won’t charge:

Leave the AirPods on Charge for a Few Minutes

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If your AirPods aren’t charging because the battery is dead, you’ll need to leave them on charge for a few minutes before you’ll see any status light.

Once you charge the case for 5-10 minutes, check the charge status by opening the lid while it’s connected to a power source. 

Change the Charger or Wall Socket

If the charging adapter or cable is damaged, use another one. Always use an original Apple charger, or an Apple MFi certified charger (on Amazon) if you want faster charging times. Sometimes, your AirPods won’t charge when plugged into a faulty wall socket or computer USB port.

Check the socket by charging another device there. If there’s nothing wrong with the power connection, move on to the next fix. 

Clean the Charging Case

Dirt trapped in the lightning port may also interfere with the AirPod’s ability to charge. If you’ve checked the power source and cables, clean the AirPods to remove dirt from the charging port.

Use a toothpick or a soft-bristled brush to remove the dirt gently. Avoid using metal clips as these will damage the charging case. 

Update the AirPods

Software problems may also cause your AirPods to have charging issues. To update your AirPods, follow these steps: 

Step 1

Place your AirPods on charge and make sure both AirPods are inside the case. 

Step 2

Go to ‘General Settings‘ on your phone and click ‘About.’

Step 3

Under the list of connected devices, click on your AirPods. 

Step 4

You’ll see the system version and an update option if there’s one available. 

Step 5

Restart the AirPods. 

Reset the AirPods

If updating the AirPods doesn’t work, try resetting them to factory settings.

To reset the AirPods, place both AirPods inside the case and press the setup button for 10-15 seconds, or until you see the status light flash white. After resetting the AirPods, you’ll have to pair them again with your devices. 

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