Can A JBL Speaker Be Repaired?

When you think of JBL as a brand, what strikes your mind is the quality speakers and other audio equipment they manufacture and distribute. For many decades, JBL has been known for the development of top of the line durable, sturdy speaker with high-quality sound and features. JBL has pride itself as one of the best manufacturers of speakers. Their range of speakers include JBL Charge, Clip, Flip, Go, Xtreme, and Boombox among others.

However, since speakers are electronic gadgets, they are prone to damages. Just like any other technology device, they will require repair at some point in their lifetime. You may be wondering whether JBL speakers can be repaired. In this article, we will learn more about fixing JBL speakers.

Can JBL Speakers be Repaired?

Yes, JBL speakers are repairable. However, you should first confirm whether your speaker is still within the warranty period. If yes, you can make a warranty request for JBL to fix or/and replace your malfunctioning speaker. It is recommended that when you encounter a problem with your speaker, you should submit a case request to JBL support, and the customer service team will further assist you in fixing it.

Repairing JBL Speakers

Over the last three decades, JBL has made some of the best speakers in the market today. Speakers like the JBL Boombox 2 rank among the most expensive speakers ever developed by JBL and offer hands down the best sound quality compared to the other models of JBL speakers. These speakers have been used in recording studios to mix master recordings where sound quality is a very sensitive factor.

Repairing any of the JBL speaker models is not only easy, but it is also recommended because the repairs will not cost you a lot, but will restore your speaker. Since, by design, the JBL speakers are designed to last longer, a simple fix will ensure your speaker is performing at its peak and producing high-quality sound.

But the repair and maintenance must be done by professionals. If you choose to do it yourself, you should make sure you follow the guidelines to avoid causing more damage to your speaker. Since the speakers are designed to be portable, they can have small details on the circuitry, which can be damaged if not handled carefully. In JBL audio equipment, the woofer is the most commonly repaired component of an existing speaker.

Here are the steps to follow when repairing a JBL speaker:

  • 1. Carefully remove the speaker grill. Depending on the model of your speaker, the grill is often fixed in place by plastic pins connected to the grill itself. To avoid breaking the plastic buckles, progressively remove the grill from both sides and the top.
  • 2. Check the loudspeakers in the cabinet. Woofer issues can be heard as a distinct lack of bass and can be identified as dried-out foam or rears in the cone. Because of tweeter issues, the overall sound will be muffled.
  • 3. Depending on the nature of the damage, take out the faulty speaker piece from the cabinet. Remove the screws using an authorized screwdriver. Replace the malfunctioning elements with working parts sourced from authorized dealers. To ensure compatibility with the system, only source for replacement parts from JBL service stores. It is important to use OEM replacement parts. If necessary, check other wiring details of the speaker to ensure there are no visible wiring issues.
  • 4. Once done, clean the speaker’s cone and speaker basket of the old form surround. The basket can be cleaned using the tip of a flat screwdriver, but the cone must be handled carefully to avoid tearing or puncturing it.
  • 5. Glue the surroundings to the cone first, then the basket. Adhesive is always included with foam replacement kits. Foam replacement kits are cheap. You can buy them from any electronic shop or authorized JBL service stores.
  • 6. Remove any dead or blow mid-range or tweeters from the cabinet and check the part number etched on the back of the magnet. You can buy the replacement parts from authorized JBL dealers or service stores. Before you go shopping for parts, ensure you have the part number. Every model, however similar in design, will have its unique parts. Some parts will not fit in others, and even if they do, you may fall into other issues of mismatching voltage or faulty capacitance.
  • 7. When finished, carefully assemble the speaker back before plugging it into the power source. If the issue persists, seek technical advice from a professional or JBL authorized service stores.

Some of the Common JBL Speaker Issues and How to Fix Them

Troubleshooting and repairing of JBL speaker is a critical process to ensure your speaker lasts longer. Before commencing to repairing, it is important to know the common problems that may affect your speaker and how to fix them.

Here are some of the common diagnosing issues with most JBL speakers and how to fix them:

• Battery fails to charge – this is a common problem with Bluetooth speakers. It occurs when the battery won’t charge even if plugged into the mains power outlet. The reasons behind this could either be a bad battery, bad charging cable, or a faulty charging port. Batteries deteriorate over time. If the power LED doesn’t light, and the speaker does not produce sound, the battery could be dead. Replace the battery by opening your speaker. Also, the power cable can fail due to wear. Before trying to repair your speaker, first try a new cable to see if it can charge. Sometimes it could just be because of a damaged charging port. To fix this, you will disassemble your speaker and replace the charging port.

• Bluetooth Connection is not working – Bluetooth speakers are prone to this problem. It occurs when your speaker cannot pair other devices through Bluetooth. This is often caused by having connected too many devices or damaged Bluetooth receiver, or the device needs reset. Before disassembling your speaker to fix this, you should first ensure all devices nearby are unpaired. If it fails, force unpair by resetting the device. Sometimes it can be due to a faulty Bluetooth receiver. To repair this, disassemble your device and replace the Bluetooth receiver.

Audio issues – This can be vibration in the speaker, intermittent sound, or sometimes totally not related to sound at all. This will happen when the battery doesn’t hold enough charge due to losing screws, faulty speaker wires, or damaged speaker. To repair, disassemble the speaker and check for loose cables, debris, or physical damage on the speakers.

• Faulty Speaker buttons – this occurs when you press a button, and there is no effect. The button may be stuck. Also, it can be caused by an accumulation of dust and debris in the speaker. To repair, turn off the device, try to unstick the button by pressing it repeatedly. If this fails, disassemble the device and inspect the rubber membrane, and contact pints for wear. Clean or/and replace the affected buttons.

Can A JBL Speaker Be Repaired?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My JBL speaker charging port is not working; how can I repair it?

If you have a damaged charging port and your device is still on warrant, consider visiting a JBL service center for repair. Do not attempt to repair it if you don’t have the skills and an original replacement port.

The charging port is very sensitive and, if handled carelessly, can cause more damage to the speaker’s internal circuit.

2. What is the procedure for getting my JBL speaker repaired if it is under warranty?

If it is under warranty, send it back to where you bought it from. Or to the nearest JBL service center. JBL warrants your speaker for one year (five years for any non-powered speakers).

This is from the date of purchase by the original end-user purchaser. To do this, first, fill the order form available on the JBL warranty support page. An email will be sent to you with a legible copy of your original purchase receipt or invoice, shipping address, and product serial number.

Once you receive this, a customer service agent will contact you with further details in 24-48 hours.


JBL prides itself on designing and manufacture of high-quality and durable speakers. You will rarely have issues with the JBL speakers. But even if something happens to the speaker, under normal use, JBL will fix the problem provided it is still under warranty.

However, even without the warranty, JBL speakers can be easily repaired and restored to normal working conditions. It is important to identify an authorized JBL service center near you.

Alternatively, you can take the speaker for repair where you bought it. If this is not feasible, JBL allows you to apply for service and repair using a downloadable form online. Check out the JBL warranty page for details.

Before you disassemble any JBL speaker, ensure you read the manual to avoid causing more damage to the speaker. Consult a professional or JBL support service for expert advice, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

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