Can You Charge Your Beats Flex With An iPhone Charger?

Although there may be a slight similarity between the Beats Flex and BeatsX, the design has undergone a significant change. 

First, the microphone and other controls have been repositioned onto the cord´s left side close to the battery power. 

With this change, you get an improved balance of the earphones as well as not needing to talk closer into it while talking on a call. 

With lightweight buds, they have a significant amount of comfort while wearing and hold together nicely with a magnetic attachment. 

While listening to music, it will pause after they are attached together and will resume with the music if you detach them to use. 

With a strong fit of the magnets, the user is able to enjoy their Beats Flex easily.

Can You Charge Your Beats Flex With An iPhone Charger?

You can charge your Beats Flex with any USB-C cable, so you can use the same cord you use to charge your iPhone to charge your Beats Flex. Any charger that you use for your iPhone can also be used for your Beats Flex. You only need the USB-C and everything will be compatible. 

In order for your Beats Flex to be charged, you need to have a connection with a USB-C and the charger itself that is plugged into a outlet. 

Once you have a charger connected, you will see a fast charge that will last for at least 12 long hours.

Read on for all you need to know about getting the most out of your Beats Flex!

Charging Your Beats Flex With An iPhone Charger FAQs

Can you charge beats with an Apple charger?

Yes. Any charger that you use to charge your Apple device can just be connected to the USB-C that comes with your Beats Flex.

What do I need to charge my Beats Flex?

When you see that it is time to charge your Beats Flex, your USB-C will be connected in order for it to be done. 

Although a USB-C cable is included, you will need to ensure that your charger that is plugged into the outlet is compatible. 

If not, then you can connect to your laptop or iPhone for charging.

What Advantages Comer With Your Beats Flex?

You will love that your Beats Flex keep you connected wirelessly. 

Having a magnetic attachment allows you to pause music when you remove the buds. 

Having auto-play will allow you to enjoy your music after reinserting them.

How Comfortable Are Beats Flex?

Being lightweight in nature allows you to enjoy the comfort they provide and will not be a deep fit in the ear canal.

The buds are soft flex and will rest comfortably on the neck. 

They are also well balanced and the design enables them to hang comfortably.

Music can be listened to no matter if you are sitting up or laying down.

You have a variety of choices when it comes to the tips you can use so that the perfect comfort can be achieved.

Sound Quality of the Beats Flex

The design of the Beats Flex allow for a nice acoustic sound via dual chambers as well as a driver that is layered which will provide a nice bass separated by stereo.

This makes it perfect for genres that cater to hip-hop and rap. 

You will easily notice a response of the bass in many songs that contain a heavy bass sound. 

However, the treble will not be as good as you might expect so the vocals may sound cryptic. 

There is also a nice balance with its mid-mid. Plus, a nice bump in your high-mid will be experienced. 

This may lead to a cracky sound of the instruments.

All together, the driver angle is optimized so that the sound is crisp and clear, which makes the Flex sound good for the price.

Reaction of the Frequency

Although you may not like how the frequency reacts with the earbuds and how they are not as accurate as they should be, its reaction is pretty consistent.

Once a fit has been achieved and your buds seal nicely, the treble and bass will be perfect each time you listen.

Isolating and Cancelling Noise

There is no technology used by Beats Flex that allows them to isolate and cancel noise as you talk. 

However, when you talk, you are able to have an isolation of noise that is passive in nature. 

Having this decrease in sound is obtained through your earpieces and tips that will allow your ears to be blocked. 

Checking the Beats Flex Battery Life

You just go to the app for Beats Flex and find the screen showing the device that is connected and then to the screen for the device and you will see the battery and how much charge it has left. 

Can a Charger for Macbook Charge Beats Flex?

Yes. If your Macbook has a USB, then you will be able to connect it to the USB-C that comes with your Beats Flex. 

Plus, you are able to charge from your Macbook and any other Android device.

Charging Your Beats Flex Case

You will see an LED light indicating that your case is charging and when it begins to charge, it will turn white. If your case is below 40% in remaining power, then it will become red. 

This means it will need to be fully charged first before the headphones can be charged. 

Can Beats Flex Be Submerged in Water?

The Beats Flex are not rated for being used in water or being able to handle much sweat. This means you should not use them while you are bathing or in a pool.

Beats Flex Bluetooth

Having a nice Bluetooth that is compatible with Beats Flex can offer a sufficient amount of quality listening. 

Both USBC and AAC are supported, but does not support aptX. This may frustrate you but it is not a bad thing. 

Having multiple pairing of devices is also not possible with Beats Flex as well as NFC. Regardless of that, Flex does incorporate the W1 chip from the older Apple devices. 

Having the W1 chip allows you to pair all features of the Apple device as long as they are iCloud synchronized. You are also able to shift from one device to another. 

Resetting your Beats Flex

There are a few steps to take in order for you to reset your Beats Flex. 

First, press the power and volume at the same time for a few seconds. You will see a flash and then release and the reset will be complete.

With a reset complete, you can begin to enjoy your Beats Flex. 

Can Gaming be Accomplished with the Beats Flex?

No. This is because they only allow for Bluetooth capability as headphones. Although you can use them on your computer, you will not get the true capability you expect from gaming headphones. 

Who Benefits the Most from the Ear Buds from Beats Flex?

Having Beats Flex provide a nice mix for listening to your music. Being very light and with a structure that is flexable and portable makes them perfect for travelers. 

If you exercise often you will get some good use out of them as you enjoy those activities. Having the heavy bass will keep you energized throughout your workout.

If you are a runner, then you will love how they perform right along with you regardless of having a rating for water use.

Many may enjoy using them as they work so that they can concentrate as they work. 

With more than 11 hours of listening capability, you will be able to get your entire work day completed and still enjoy listening to your music. 

You will not have to worry about others hearing your music either and allow the sound around you to be slightly decreased.

Who Would Not Benefit From the Beats Flex?

Because of their inability to fully isolate noise, you would not benefit from traveling with them on an airplane or bus full of people. 

You can use them best for short calls or messages but long calls may be difficult to enjoy.

It would also be a bad idea to use them for holding an online meeting or teaching classes through the web.

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