Why Does It Say “Message Blocking Is Active” on iPhone?

Having the ability to communicate via text message on your iPhone can seem trying at times. 

This can be specifically true if you get a message saying “message blocking is active”. 

Not only that, but a lot of times a person feels confused because they do not know how or why the message pops up in the first place. 

Besides that, many may become irritated when they try to fix the error but do not know how to fix it. 

Regardless of all of that, we need to understand why does it say message blocking is active. 

Why Does It Say “Message Blocking Is Active” on iPhone?

When your iPhone says “Message Blocking is Active,” that means that the contact´s number has been blocked by your phone. If that is the case, then you can easily check your settings and see your blocked list and unblock the number. 

However, there may be more to it than that.

Basically speaking, having the message “message blocking is active” come up usually refers to a message that can´t be sent to the number due to the number being blocked by you. 

Or you may have been blocked by the other person.

If you were the one doing the blocking, then you can easily unblock the number if it is listed. 

However, when you are on the receiving end of the block, then you will have no way of notifying them to find out what happened.

What does it mean on an iPhone when it says message blocking is active

Having the message “message blocking is active” can mean many different things. 

Below are a few of them:

Depending on how many persons use the mobile plan, there may be instances where a member of the family has made the number become blocked by accident. 

If you think this is the case, then you can just ask others who use the phone.

Your carrier service may have suspended your texting ability for unknown reasons.

Get ahold of your service provider to find out.

When attempting to send a message that is above your text messaging plan and you will be in overage, then you may be prevented to send messages.

While upgrading your service plan, ensure that you have a texting plan along with the upgrade.

No plan and no texting, so you will get the error message.

Besides the above, many others may be possible. 

This leads us to how to rectify the issue.

Fixing the Error “Message blocking is active”

With many reasons for the error message to occur, there are also many ways that can fix the issue. 

You should not be surprised knowing that your phone may have had a glitch in the settings or the system itself, which a user may not have any control of. 

But if you want to stay in control of who you can and cannot send a text to, then you can try a few ways to correct the issue.

Verify Your Plan for Text Messages

When you are thinking about upgrading a cellular plan, keep your messaging plan in mind. 

You want to make sure that the plan will cover the text messages. 

This will be the case if your new plan is set for “calls only” and no texts are included.

Try checking the following:

  • Ensure that you have a network connection
  • Make sure that your message is supported
  • Visit the settings for SMS/MMS messaging and ensure that it is turned on.
  • Check that your iPhone has adequate space for the message

When checking your plan, make sure that you have not exceeded the number of texts you are allotted.

A lot of times, when you have reached the limit, you will be unable to send further texts until you have enough to send or you have obtained additional. 

Until then, you will see this error.

This will also be a condition seen while using a SIM card for iPhones or a specific service provider. 

You can easily keep up with the number of texts you have and the amount you have used through the mobile app you use.

Like we said above, you will need to purchase additional text messages in order to continue sending if you have reached your limit. 

This may be a separate text message package that can easily solve the error message for your iPhone.

Ensure Country Code is Correct

For you to send a text internationally, the number will require the country code to be correct or you will get the error “message blocking is active”. 

If you are sure that the full number is correct, then you may not have enough text capability to send it. 

You will need to check your minutes and text balance to ensure it will have sufficient abilities to be sent internationally.

If you see that the full number is not correct, simply re-enter the number and try again. 

If it is sent, then you have resolved the issue.

Besides that, it is important that you still have an ample amount of texts available so that your text can go through. 

Another alternative is to have roaming activated. 

You should know that when you are over the allotted amount, you will be in a roaming status, which will cost you more. 

You should check this to ensure that you are not roaming so that you will be able to continue to send text messages. 

When you want to go roaming on your iPhone, you need to take the following steps:

On your iPhone, go to the settings and then click on Mobile Data. Then go to the Mobile data option. You will then be able to change the roaming by sliding it. Now just save and return to the beginning.

Set Automatic for your iPhone´s Time and Date

A lot of times, the iPhone´s time and date get changed for no known reason and display a random combination.

When your iPhone has the wrong information, it could cause a malfunction and several other issues such as the error “message blocking is active”. 

This not only will cause confusion as you go through your day but your ability to send a text may be compromised.

This may happen if you have a short amount of days left before your plan is set to end. 

When your iPhone skips the amount of time you have left, then it will cause this misunderstanding and thus giving you the error message. 

Resave Contacts After You Have Deleted

Making errors is human and making small errors is normal. 

With that, you may have inputted the wrong number into a contact´s number. 

To ensure that you have it all correct, it is good to delete them and resave them.

If the number is wrong, then you will get the message error. 

How do I turn off message blocking on my Iphone

In order to turn off the message blocking, you need to go to your phone´s message app and select the “i” on the upper right to view the information. 

Sometimes Apple will have notifications muted so that you do not receive the message, which will cause the message error.

After you have removed the error messaging, you may be asked to use responses that may be a good solution that can be used based on what information is used.

Another method that may work includes taping the favorite, which contains information identifying the user. 

When you tap the back and go into an app, make sure to turn the notifications on. 

Then, in the phone app, make sure that the iOS is up to date.