Can My Apple Watch Have A Different Phone Number?

The Apple Watch carries a range of settings that tweaks to my heart’s content, but if you live a busy lifestyle like me, you may find yourself wanting to set it up with its own, separate phone number.

But is that even possible? Can an Apple Watch have it’s own phone number?

Can My Apple Watch Have A Different Phone Number?

Apple Watches can have their own separate phone numbers. Each Apple Watch comes with a distinct phone number than can be changed and synced with other devices using the family setup.

My Apple Watch can have a different phone number than my other devices, and people will be able to reach me through it! It’s pretty simple.

but one thing I can’t change is the phone number on the device itself (which is tied to my SIM). 

This is because it’s a separate chip from the device itself, and thus I cannot modify its settings.

The phone number is available to others, which means they can reach me. 

Everyone can reach me– except the people on my emergency list! My emergency contact list will only work if I have set it up. 

If I want to reach my friends and family, this list is the only way to reach me.

My watch has a feature called Family Setup. 

After it has been set up, the watch gets its phone number.

This can be a number that I enter or a number assigned to the watch by the carrier.

I think that the default number is a number assigned by my carrier. 

If I have not set my watch up with any other device, it will use its current phone number on my device. 

This is useful if I am getting an Apple Watch and changing carriers. 

All settings will be transferred if I already have a SIM card on my iPhone.

Here are the most common reasons I need a second number for my Apple Watch

I live in the same household with my parents and my siblings. 

My family and I share the same phone number, which means that I can only call or text them on my watch.

If I want to speak with someone else, or if I want to leave a message, it becomes difficult because they have a different number than me. 

This is not ideal because we are all deeply connected. 

Also, this is not good for business purposes when I need to reach somebody on another line.

The exact reasons apply to other members of my family. 

They have a different phone number, and I cannot call or text them on their watch. 

This is also a problem when they need to reach me because they can only call my number.

I’m not always available at that number, and they could miss out on something important if they’re unable to contact me otherwise!

I have friends outside of my family, and I need the ability to call or text them on my watch easily. 

For this purpose, it would be ideal to keep two different phone numbers.

When I try to call someone else on my Apple Watch, and they tell me that they’re unable to answer because they don’t have their number, I’ll either have to leave a message or not contact them. 

This isn’t very pleasant because I can’t reach them if needed.

In some cases, it’s even more of a problem if I need to reach the emergency services. 

This is why it’s necessary to have two different phone numbers to call each other on my watch.

I want to keep another number for other people, just like my parents do. Because we spend time together, it’s easier to have this ability.

I travel a lot, and I don’t have any home phone service.

If I am going through an area where I cannot get cell service, my watch is the only way to communicate with anyone else.

This is why I need to keep two different numbers so that I can control the activity on either line.

I want to keep two different numbers for other reasons as well. 

I need to keep a separate business number on my watch so that my clients can reach me at any time. 

As a business person, I find this an important way to communicate with clients and present myself professionally.

I sometimes use my computer as a phone. If I need to call someone else, I will have to find their phone number and try to reach them directly with my computer. 

This is a pointless task, and it’s also quite annoying when you don’t have access to the other line.

How do I use my watch’s second number?

Once I have set up my new second number on my phone, it is ready to go! I can send texts and place calls with ease.

When I receive a text message, I will be prompted to accept or decline the message the first time it happens. 

Once I’ve accepted the message, I need only read it to see what’s said! I can use my phone’s messaging application to do this.

If someone is trying to call me on my watch, they will have to have a different number on their phone to call me. 

This is because the phone number that I can use on my watch is different than their own. 

For this reason, it’s essential to have a second line so that it can go directly to voicemail, and then I can contact them by text. 

The same thing goes for calls – when I’m trying to reach someone who does not have a separate phone line, all calls will ring on my watch, and then I can decide whom to call or reply from there.

In conclusion, having a different phone number on my watch is very practical and helpful! It has improved my life because it never leaves me without a way to contact anyone else! I should keep two different numbers to communicate and interact with people better than I could before.

It’s empowering to have the ability to set up my watch’s second number. 

Now, I always control who has contact and how far it reaches me!

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