Can You Play PC Games On PS5? [Explained!]

It probably seems a bit nonsensical to try popping a PC game into the PS5.

You probably did not buy the PS5 so that you could play PC games on it at all. 

But the PS5 is capable of doing way more than just good ol’ ray tracing. 

It even does more than play all the new next-gen titles.

It has – get this – a web browser.

That’s right, a web browser. “But this is a console, not a computer!” you say. 

And, while that is certainly true, the PS5 is capable of accessing the Internet. 

It is just a little harder than it was on the PS4, on which you could simply click a button to get into the web browser.

Unfortunately, the browser can be kind of bug-y, and content does not always load like it should. 

You will definitely want to invest in a keyboard and mouse if you do plan on using the PS5’s browser a lot.

Can You Play PC Games On PS5? [Explained!]

You can attempt to play some browser games on the PS5, but it is incredibly difficult and riddled with errors. You cannot play PC games on the PS5. There is no way for you to play Steam games either, and some of them are exclusive to Steam due to licensing.

Why can’t you play PC games on the PS5?

Is it even remotely worth it to try using the browser function? Does Sony solely distribute games through the PlayStation store? 

Is it worth it to keep Steam if you also have a PS5?

Which gaming method is right for you – PC or PS5? 

Read on to learn more about why you cannot play PC games on the PS5 and what your options are for PC gaming.

Why can’t you play PC games on a PS5?

PC games will not run on a PS5. 

The PS5 runs on its own custom-designed operating system and therefore cannot read PC games at all.

It can only play games specifically designed for the PS5 system. 

PC games can be run on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android – none of which are compatible with the PS5.

PCs likewise cannot read the files on your PS5 game discs.

Can you play Steam games on the PS5?

Steam, which was launched by Valve in 2003, lets you download games to play on your PC. 

Unfortunately, you cannot play them on the PS5 since the console cannot read these files. 

While Steam caters to PC gamers, Sony has their own platform for downloading digital versions of PS5 games. 

The two sadly just do not mix right now.

What exactly is Steam?

So, here is the deal with Steam. 

When Valve launched Steam, the goal was to bring video game distribution to PC gamers.

And they have absolutely met – even surpassed, if you ask this PC gamer – that goal.

You can use Steam to update the games you have currently downloaded from it and can easily find thousands of new games to choose from.

There are a lot of indie games on Steam, which has been a huge asset to indie game developers over the years. 

Just think of the success of Shovel Knight and The Stanley Parable

Steam is undoubtedly a haven for indie gamers and game developers alike.

Why are some Steam games not available anywhere else?

A number of Steam games are not available anywhere else due to licensing issues. 

Until the license expires, you won’t be able to find these games anywhere else. 

Once the license agreement is up, the game’s developer can choose to expand their horizons and make the game available for PlayStation, but that is left up to the developer to decide.

Does Sony distribute games outside of the PlayStation Store?

To be brutally honest, Sony is incredibly exclusive. 

It works in their favor, but perhaps not so much in that of gamers. 

Sony only distributes their digital games through the PlayStation store.

No other company is allowed to distribute these PlayStation games.

Digital platforms like Sony’s have been designed to boost sales. 

In fact, Sony issued a PS5 Digital Edition for those who want to solely download digital games. 

This eliminates the clutter of physical game copies and makes everything easy to access and store.

Now, if Sony does not benefit from a purchase of a game you bought on a site like Steam, they aren’t going to want you playing it on their platform. 

When you buy a game from Steam, you can simply play it right from your computer – just not on your PS5.

Should you keep your Steam account now that you have a PS5?

There is no reason why a PS5 console gamer cannot also enjoy being a PC gamer.

Both styles of gaming have their advantages and disadvantages. 

PS5 is a competent console, and you can easily access and store your games. 

The PlayStation Store has a lot of great games to choose from too.

PC gaming lets you customize your gameplay since you can swap out your computer’s graphics card for a more powerful one when it comes out. 

You can tinker around with many more settings and play around with mods.

I once spent hours and hours trying to perfect a few mods for the PC version of Skyrim, and it was incredibly fun.

Keep your Steam account. 

You get access to cheaper games and many indie titles.

Closing Thoughts

While you cannot play PC games on the PS5, there are plenty of benefits to playing PC games on your PC. 

Have fun customizing your gameplay experience on your PC – something you cannot do on the PS5. 

Of course, the PS5 has its benefits and is a console worth owning.

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