What Is The PS5 GPU Equivalent?

When Sony released the PlayStation 5 in November 2020, it had many upgrades. With games becoming increasingly graphics-heavy, Sony had to find a way to keep up. And that meant boosting the PS5’s GPU. GPU can be rated on multiple metrics, including frame rate and onboard processing, which is needed for functions like raytracing. But since consoles do not utilize video game graphics cards like gaming PC do, it is hard to find an exact comparison in the PC/Mac world.

Just don’t get it twisted – the PS5 comes with powerful hardware. With its Oberon GPU, the PS5 has a GPU clock of 2233 MHz, a memory clock of 1750 MHz, and 16 GB of storage memory. Not bad, eh? Due to its robust nature, the PS5 can run most games at 120 fps (frames per second) instead of 60 fps. Destiny 2, Devil May Cry 5, and Call of Duty: Black Ops can all run at 120 fps on the PS5. 

The average computer with a standard GPU would not be able to accomplish such a feat, which is one of the advantages of getting this console. So, what out there in the PC world resembles the PS5’s GPU? How do they stack up? Does it make a computer just as effective at gaming as the PS5? Or does the PS5 reign supreme?

What Is The PS5 GPU Equivalent What Is The PS5 GPU Equivalent?

What Is The PS5 GPU Equivalent To?

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 is the graphics card closest to the PS5’s Oberon GPU. The RTX 2070 has 2304 GPU cores, 448 GB/s memory bandwidth, and 45T RTX-OPS. Most games can run on the RTX 2070. They have become more expensive recently due to the recent shortage of computer parts.

Why bother comparing GPUs on PCs and the PS5? What is the closest equivalent to the PS5’s GPU?

Is the PS5 better than some of the RTX graphics cards out there? Are you playing Spider-Man with lower resolution and a slow processor just because that’s what Sony gave you? Read on to learn which graphics card the PS5 GPU is most like.

ps5 gpu 3 What Is The PS5 GPU Equivalent?

What are the specs on The RTX 2070?

Is PS5 GPU better than RTX? Well, the RTX 2070 pretty closely parallels it. It is a fairly average graphics card with some respectable raw specs:

  • 45T RTX-OPS
  • 2304 GPU cores
  • 448 GB/s memory bandwidth

Despite being close in GPU performance capabilities, the RTX 2070 has the benefit of being something you can swap out and upgrade for higher resolution later. 

With the PS5, you cannot do that. Consoles are designed to be closed environments that you cannot modify. 

In the future, you could buy a much more powerful version of the RTX that has better performance than the PS5’s Oberon GPU. But, for now, this is about as close as it gets. 

ps5 gpu What Is The PS5 GPU Equivalent?

The Computer Graphics Card Equivalent of the PlayStation 5 GPU

Multiple metrics factor into what makes a GPU powerful. You must consider that a GPU has its own speed, bus speed, and memory. 

To understand how powerful a GPU is, you need to consider its teraflops. In computing terms, a teraflop is the most basic unit for measuring power since it measures how many operations a computer can perform within one second.

In the old days of computers, you’d be doing good to get a few flops. 

These days, though, a computer can perform thousands and thousands of functions in a mere second.

This gives you a good idea of how much raw processing power a computer possesses. However, the overall system can have some caveats. 

Even with excellent CPU and GPU, a computer’s onboard memory can be limited, so some processes might still run slowly.

When calculating how much power the PS5’s GPU has, it comes out to about 9.2 to 10.28 teraflops (with a 9.2 rating for real-world performance and theoretical performance rated at 10.28). 

For a console, this is pretty strong. And the RTX 2070’s nine teraflops is certainly nothing to scoff at.

What Is The PS5 GPU Equivalent 1 What Is The PS5 GPU Equivalent?

Is PS5 better than RTX 3070?

The RTX 3070 is known for its astounding and brilliant ray tracing performance. This graphics card is bringing 4K into the mainstream for gamers, the “sweet spot” for video game graphics

The RTX 3070 is powered by the Ampere GA104 GPU, which possesses 5,888 CUDA cores distributed across 46 streaming multiprocessors. This is based on the Nvidia Ampere architecture you see in the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090.

Its GPU comes out to around 12 teraflops. However, the 3070 is quite a bit pricier than the 2070. 

But, for the power upgrade, you might find it worthwhile. Despite the fact that the PS5 is a powerful console, this GPU is superior.

Is PS5 better than RTX 3080?

The RTX 3080 is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to GPU. In terms of teraflops, you can get different power outputs from the multiple variants of the 3080:

  • The RTX 3080 10GB variant produces 29.8 teraflops.
  • The RTX 3080 Ti delivers 34.1 teraflops.
  • The RTX 3080 12GB gets approximately 30.6 teraflops.

Of course, that makes it exponentially more powerful than the PS5. Its discrete Ampere graphics are impressive, and its 320-bit memory bus tops the PS5’s 256-bit memory bus. 

It is, however, more expensive than buying the PS5. At about $699, it is $200-ish more expensive than the PS5.

ps5 gpu 1 What Is The PS5 GPU Equivalent?

Is PS5 better than RTX 3060?

Looking for something a little more midrange? The RTX 3060 is a great upgrade for those still on the GTX 1060. It will run games at a solid 60 fps and 1080p. 

The price point is lower than the PS5, which is nice considering it delivers about 12 teraflops. This certainly makes it stiff competition for the PS5.

Why bother comparing GPUs?

You might be trying to decide whether to buy a gaming console or upgrade your PC to make it more gamer-friendly. 

Truth be told, the PS5 isn’t quite as powerful as PCs that are upgraded with graphics cards or, for that matter, the Xbox Series One X. But it can definitely play all of your favorite AAA titles and probably will for quite some time. 

There are issues with PC gaming, and trying to design a PC to be like a PS5 isn’t exactly easy – or cheap.

ps5 gpu 2 What Is The PS5 GPU Equivalent?

Closing Thoughts

The PS5’s GPU is closely matched by the RTX 2070. While this graphics card isn’t quite mid-tier, it is powerful enough to run a lot of games on the PC.

Still, for a more traditional gaming experience, the PS5 should satisfy most gamers.

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