Can A PS5 Connect To A Bluetooth Speaker?

The PS5 is one of the most advanced gaming consoles currently available. While that might make you think that you can easily connect a Bluetooth speaker, I found that it’s a little harder than that.

Can A PS5 Connect To A Bluetooth Speaker Can A PS5 Connect To A Bluetooth Speaker?

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It can be done, but unfortunately, you can’t connect the speaker directly to your PS5 without an accessory.

Can A PS5 Connect To A Bluetooth Speaker?

Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to your PS5 can’t be done directly, but it can be done if you’re willing to get an accessory. You will need to connect a wired Bluetooth adapter to your PS5. The adapter can then connect to a speaker, which allows the audio to play from the speaker.

Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to your PS5 can be done, but only in a roundabout way. 

I’ll help you connect these accessories so your video game audio will play through the speaker rather than your TV.

Initial Steps

Despite the PS5 being very advanced and Bluetooth technology being very common, I’m surprised to say that you can’t directly connect a Bluetooth speaker to your PS5. 

Maybe this will be patched at some point, but at this point it can only be done indirectly.

You will need the proper equipment before you can connect your console and speaker. 

Of course you need a PS5 and Bluetooth speaker, but what else do you need?

You will also need a Bluetooth adapter and a USB cable. 

PS5 comes with two USB-A and two USB-C ports. 

In general, it’s best to choose an adapter that connects to a USB-C port because this tends to work better and has a more stable connection. 

That being said, USB-A is fine as well.

Which Bluetooth speakers should you use with your PS5? That really depends on your budget and what you have available. 

At the same time, we have reviewed many Bluetooth speakers and have found the best on the market.

Some of our favorites include:

  • JBL Boombox 2 <– (Amazing! By far my favorite, but massive size)
  • JBL Flip 5 <– (This is probably one of the best all-around portable speakers)
  • OontZ Angle 3
  • COMISO Bluetooth Speaker
  • Sony SRS-XB43 <– (Not a favorite, read why)

Check the reviews for more info. 

If you already have a speaker, then you should be able to connect it to your PS5 via the Bluetooth adapter.

Can A PS5 Connect To A Bluetooth Speaker 1 Can A PS5 Connect To A Bluetooth Speaker?

Connecting the Devices

Now that you have your Bluetooth adapter and speaker, you need to connect all the devices to make sure they work.

It takes a few more steps than simply plugging everything in, but I promise that it’s not that difficult.

Just follow along and you’ll get it. 

I will include some troubleshooting steps below if anything goes wrong.

Connect the Adapter

Insert the adapter into your PS5. 

The PS5 has USB ports on both the front and back.

While using a front port is more convenient, both will work perfectly fine. Simply push it into the port until it’s fully connected.

Most Bluetooth adapters will let you know that they are active. 

This is normally by having a blinking light or a green indicator.

Each adapter is different in this regard though, so keep that in mind.

Pairing the Adapter

Turn on the PS5 and access the Settings menu.

This is done by pushing up at the main menu and selecting the Settings icon. 

It will look like a toolbox and should be to the right of the icons.

Go to “Accessories” and you should see the Bluetooth adapter there. 

If not, then unplug the adapter and plug it back in.

Now go to “General” and choose the “Bluetooth Accessories” option. 

You will see the adapter there.

Choose to pair the adapter and it will fully connect with the PS5.

Pair Speaker and Adapter

You will now need to pair the speaker and adapter.

While you can do this later, it’s best to do it now to make sure everything works properly. 

Each speaker pairs differently, so it’s best to check the speaker’s instructions.

There are some common ways of going about this.

Some speakers have apps. If that’s the case, then you’ll likely pair the devices with your phone.

If not, then there is usually a button specifically for finding and connecting to adapters.

In either case, this should only take a few seconds to complete.

Audio Output Settings

You will now have to set the PS5’s audio output so that it uses the Bluetooth speaker. 

From the Settings menu you can choose to use the adapter as the default audio device.

Go to Settings and then select “Sound Settings.” Choose “Audio Output” and then “Output Device” and choose the adapter. 

This will use the speaker for your game’s audio.

I suggest testing it at this point by turning on any game or app and making sure the sound plays properly.

Troubleshooting Steps

Sometimes things don’t work as expected even if you follow all the steps. 

I’ll help you troubleshoot common problems that might come up during the process. Just follow these steps and you should be fine.

Check the Adapter

The adapter is the bridge to connecting the console and speaker, so it’s the first thing you should check. 

Connect the adapter to your computer and see if the device is recognized.

This tends to be the easiest way to see if the adapter can connect to a device.

If you have a very old adapter, then it may not connect with the PS5.

At the same time, this is rarely an issue.

If the adapter doesn’t work, then you may need to buy a new one.

If the adapter works but doesn’t seem to be working with the PS5, then follow the steps again and make sure you didn’t miss any steps. 

You may also want to try another USB port to see if another one works better.

Speaker Pairing

Another common issue is pairing the speaker and adapter.

As I said above, every speaker is different so I can’t give comprehensive instructions for this. 

At the same time, I suggest testing the pair from another device if you’re having a hard time with your PS5.

Connect the adapter to your computer or another reliable device. 

You will also want to review the pairing instructions to ensure the speaker properly connects with the adapter. 

Try playing songs or media from the speaker to make sure it works.

Check for Updates

If your PS5 needs to be updated, then some features won’t work properly. 

This includes connecting with Bluetooth accessories.

Check to see if there are any updates. 

If so, then allow the PS5 to fully update and then try again. This will fix many issues that you might be having problems with.

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