Do I Need A Screen Protector For Apple Watch? [Consider this!]

The screen on your Apple Watch is designed to take a few hard falls. But that doesn’t mean you will want to leave this very expensive piece of technology unprotected. After all, we invest in screen protectors for our phones and tablets – so why not for a smartwatch?

Apple says that the Apple Watch’s screen is already scratch-resistant. Sapphire crystal glass adorns the ceramic and stainless steel models while the aluminum ones get equipped with ion-x glass. Either way, these are some pretty durable materials. There’s a good chance that your screen won’t shatter if you accidentally drop your Apple Watch onto the ground.

However, if you are anything like me, you are looking to keep your Apple Watch in pristine condition. After all, you just dropped some serious dough on this device, so why not go the extra mile with a screen protector? You can easily find hundreds of high-grade plastic or tempered glass screen protectors online, and the tempered glass screen protectors are incredibly durable (and, therefore, long-lasting). This is honestly your best bet at keeping scratches and stains at bay.

Let’s take a moment to learn exactly why it is beneficial to get a screen protector for your Apple Watch and how to choose the best one.

Do I need a screen protector for Apple Watch?

You do not necessarily need a screen protector for your Apple Watch, as the glass is said to be scratch-resistant. However, putting one on adds another layer of protection, which is something you might wish to do in order to keep your expensive new watch safe and secure. Tempered glass screen protectors are the strongest options and serve as superb reinforcement.

Since the Apple Watch can be as expensive as some new phones, you’ll want to protect it to the best of your ability. Screen protectors offer that extra layer of protection. But which one should you buy when there are hundreds on the market? And what might happen to your Apple Watch’s screen if you leave it unprotected? Read on to find out this and more.

Do Apple Watch screens scratch easily?

If you are wondering “Do Apple Watch screens scratch easily?”, the answer is that they do not. But they can get scratched. Despite Apple’s claim that the Apple Watch 7 Series is scratch-resistant, a few early buyers report on Reddit that they have accidentally scratched their screens.

They were left lamenting their lack of a screen protector. Sure, the scratches might add character, but they can also take away from that pristine finish you so enjoy when a watch is new.

Are tempered glass screen protectors worth it for the Apple Watch?

Tempered glass screen protectors are able to best protect your Apple Watch’s screen from scratches. Tempered glass is thicker and more durable than your standard plastic screen protectors. You can still get scratches and cracks with a plastic screen protector.

Tempered glass, not so much. And a good tempered glass screen protector will run you under $20, so it is an expense that can easily be justified.

What kind of substances will harm an unprotected Apple Watch screen?

There are a lot of different substances with chemical compounds and textures that can harm an Apple Watch with an unprotected screen. Showering with a watch on is risky because soap, body wash, shampoo, and lotion all have chemicals that can degrade watertight components, and if you already have a crack in the screen, you run the risk of soapy water getting in.

Sand is another substance that, if it comes into contact with the Apple Watch, can cause damage. Apple recommends that you thoroughly clean the watch if it comes into contact with sand.

Owners also say that sand can get into the edges of the screen, which is a cause for concern. Dissolved minerals from swimming in the ocean can also do some damage if there is enough exposure.

Do I Need A Screen Protector For Apple Watch? [Consider this!]

What kind of material is the Apple Watch screen made from?

The screen’s materials actually depend on which model you get. You can choose from aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium materials for the watch itself. Aluminum is the least expensive while titanium is the most expensive.

The aluminum models come with ion-X glass, while the stainless steel and titanium versions are equipped with a more heavy-duty sapphire crystal display that Apple claims is scratch-resistant because the material is harder.

How do I choose the best screen protector?

I’ll make it easy for you – go for the RinoSkin Shield Screen Protector. They have screen protectors available for every model up through the new Apple Watch 7, in multiple sizes. I chose this screen protector because it is made from the same military-grade stuff that is used to protect surfaces of aircraft.

There is very little chance that this screen protector will fail to do its job – and it is affordable. You won’t see any bubbling or yellowing over time, and there is nothing sticky to be felt.

What if my screen still gets damaged?

There is always a possibility that your screen will get damaged no matter how careful you are with your watch. Apple Care does cover two incidences of accidental scratches, but after that, you are on your own. Each of these incidences is subject to a $69 service fee and any applicable tax.

You can buy a scratch repair kit to try to fix the scratches sustained on an Apple Watch’s screen. The repair kits for them are fairly inexpensive, but they aren’t a surefire fix for every scratch. Your best bet is to put that screen protector on right after buying the Apple Watch.

Closing Thoughts

Do Apple Watch screens scratch easily? No. It takes a little bit of force. But scratches do happen, even on the supposedly scratch-resistant screens. And “resistant” doesn’t mean the screen is “scratch-proof”.

Will your watch’s screen shatter if you drop it from a height of 5 or 6 feet? Probably not. But you do risk scratches and exposure to chemicals that could do damage in the long run.

It is best to get a well-tempered glass screen protector as soon as possible since that is your first line of defense against scratches on your Apple Watch’s (very expensive) screen.

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