How Long Do Bose Earbuds Last?

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to earbuds, but Bose offers a durable option that can outlast other wireless earbuds. 

Considering the hefty price tag on some of Bose’s earbuds, you’re likely wondering how many years (or months?) you’ll be able to get out of your new Bose earbuds.

How Long Do Bose Earbuds Last?

If properly cared for, Bose earbuds can last up to and beyond five or six years. A warranty is extended on Bose earbuds that lasts for 12 months, which guarantees that they will last up to at least a year. Bose earbuds are durable, but the battery will wear out faster if used heavily.

Bose earbuds can last a long time, but what makes them so durable? 

What can you do to make them last even longer?

What Makes Bose Earbuds so Durable?

Bose products are known for their high quality, great sound, and superb noise-canceling ability, but they also come with a good durability rating as well. 

While they typically last around five years, some happy customers have gotten ten to fifteen years of use out of various earbuds sold by Bose.

Bose has kept in mind the little things as they’ve designed their earbuds, making sure they will be protected from everyday life and common wear and tear. 

The design of the earbuds themselves are compact and sturdy, making them resistant to exterior damage, such as drops and falls. 

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds have an IPX4 rating which matches the Airpod Pros but beats out the Samsung Galaxy Buds. 

This rating says that they are fairly water, sweat, and dust resistant. 

With this resistance, it’s easier to keep them safe from outside contaminants. 

With more protection from dust and sweat, they are less susceptible to internal damage done by these external irritants. 

The earbuds keep the dust and water from getting inside of the buds where the delicate electrical parts are.

While they are protected from falls by their sturdy construction, they are also protected from falling by their design. 

Bose QuietComfort earbuds have a rubber wing that tucks into your ear which keeps them in place much better than other true wireless headphones.

The rubber cones around the speaker also grip the ear and keep the buds in place. 

Because they stay in the ear so well, they are less likely to sustain damage from falling.

The exterior is less likely to crack or break open, but the interior components are also less likely to rattle and become loose or worn as quickly. 

While it comes as an annoyance to a lot of customers, the large case size helps to preserve the life of the earbuds as it protects the buds very well. 

How Long Do Bose Earbuds Last How Long Do Bose Earbuds Last?

The case also features a button release for the lid, unlike most other earbud cases.

This prevents unintentionally opening the case, exposing the earbuds to accidental drops. 

While the size of the case is almost impractical, it does its job well by ensuring the protection of the earbuds. 

Bose earbuds also come with a high battery capacity, lasting up to six hours of listening. 

The charging case offers an additional eighteen hours of listening.

Because Bose Earbuds have a high battery capacity, as the battery wears out, they will continue to maintain battery life more easily than earbuds with a lower battery capacity.

Decreased Battery Life

While Bose does have a strong battery with a high capacity, any battery loses power and length of charge time as it’s used. 

The more worn a battery is, the less time you have on it after each charge.

If you buy a pair of earbuds with very long battery life, you increase the overall length of life for your earbuds.

The most common issue that you face with earbuds is a worn-out battery.

Batteries can’t provide an infinite amount of energy to your devices. With time, they wear out and lose “juice.” 

The battery wears out in Bose earbuds, just as it does in any other earbud, but Bose earbuds tend to last longer than the average set of earbuds. 

Over time, you will lose length of listening time on a full charge, which will decrease the value and practicality of the earbuds, but they will continue to function for a long time, if well maintained. 

A pair of old Bose earbuds can still hold a decent charge, making them usable, just less convenient. 


Bose offers one year of warranty coverage for most products, including their earbuds, if they were purchased from Bose or an authorized Bose reseller.

This warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship; the warranty doesn’t cover any damages from misuse, or other external causes.

If you suddenly experience unexplained loss of battery life, you should be able to send your earbuds back to Bose for a repair or replacement. 

This warranty guarantees that you will have at least one year of excellent audio and long battery life.

After the year mark, you may begin to experience some decrease in battery life. 

After a couple of years, your earbuds will likely be showing some signs of normal wear and tear and they might even begin experiencing other minor issues. 

Generally, there are no issues with Bose earbuds within the first year of use, but any problems not caused by improper use will be covered in the warranty. 

Taking Care of Bose earbuds

No piece of technology will last forever, but you can take certain measures to increase the life of your Bose earbuds. 

Bose earbuds come with a case designed to protect your earbuds from damage and wear and tear. 

Keeping them in the case whenever they are not in use will increase the life of your earbuds and decrease the chance of accidental damage. 

In addition to this, attempting to protect your earbuds from any drops, water spills or extremely dusty areas will help you preserve the life of your earbuds. 

Since the battery is typically the first thing to go, practicing good charging and storing habits can help you avoid wearing out your battery. 

For daily storage, keeping your earbuds at a comfortable room temperature is better for them and can increase the battery life. 

Heat and cold put a strain on the battery.

If you are storing your earbuds for a long period of time, make sure you store them at the recommended 30-70% battery percentage. 

While there aren’t any immediate repercussions for leaving your earbuds plugged in for long periods of time, overnight, or even all the time, it will definitely wear your battery out much quicker. 

Try to unplug your earbud case as soon as it is charged in order to keep your battery function at its top. 

As you use your earbuds every day for normal activities, you may need to replace parts, such as the rubber cone.

These can be purchased through Bose or on Amazon. 

Ensuring you have well-fitted cones and rubber wings will help you avoid having them fall out of your ear.

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