Are Bose Wireless Earbuds Worth It?

There are a number of wireless earbuds available across the market, especially since the technology has become more widespread. 

But that just means it can be a struggle to find the right earbud pair to buy. 

Many brands have tried their hand at creating the optimal wireless earbuds and Bose is no different. 

But are Bose’s wireless earbuds worth it?

Are Bose Wireless Earbuds Worth It?

Bose Wireless Earbuds are worth it. They come with great features, decent battery life, and excellent sound quality. When it comes to buying a pair, make sure you are comparing price, battery life, sound quality, and the features you are looking for, as Bose has more than one pair of wireless earbuds.

We can fully appreciate the differences and features to help you make your decision with a comparison between the most popular Bose wireless earbuds and Apple’s AirPod Pros.

What Makes Bose Wireless Earbuds Worth The Money?

Battery Life

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The battery life on most wireless earbuds is tricky and has been a problem for a while. 

No wireless earbud is ever truly free from it and each brand has its own way of tackling the battery problem.

Apple tried to combat this with a specialized program that optimizes battery charging and doesn’t charge their popular Airpod Pros fully to keep the battery in good health. 

However, Bose still beats them in battery life with the QuietComfort wireless earbuds.

The QuietComfort earbuds last for up to 5 hours and 29 minutes with constant sound being played, and the charging case employs quick charging technology which allows for with only 15 minutes of charging around 2 hours of listening. 

The case itself takes 3 hours to charge all the way and for a full charge on the QuietComfort earbuds, 2 hours is needed to complete it.

The other most recommended Bose wireless earbud pair is the Bose Sport Earbuds.

The battery life on these wireless earbuds is comparable as well, lasting around 5 hours and 17 minutes with constant sound playing. 

It echoes the QuietComfort earbuds and only needs 15 minutes for a 2-hour battery life, but 2 hours of charging to be full. 

And it takes 3 hours to charge the case.

Both Bose earbuds beat Apple Airpod Pros with battery life in this instance. 

Airpod Pros only last for 5 hours and 6 minutes on a single charge, and as an Airpod Pro owner myself, I notice this battery lifetime lessens if I am in a voice call.

The case is still equipped with fast charge and holds a full 24 hours of battery in the case. 

The Bose case only holds around 12 hours of battery charge but seems to have won out here.

Sound Quality

A huge part of what type of earbuds you buy is with the sound quality.

No one wants to buy a pair of wireless earbuds and then have it blasting absolutely awful sound in their ears.

The sound quality of the Bose QuietComfort earbuds is reported to be rather good and closely matches what the SoundGuys review of the product and consumer reviews typically see as a good sound quality. 

Again, similar quality is echoed for the Bose Sport Earbuds.

When compared to the Apple AirPod Pros, it is worth noting that the bass is emphasized greater on either of the Bose earbuds, and the AirPod Pros tend to seek out more of a balance in the sound.


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How a pair of earbuds fits in your ears is extremely important to your enjoyment of the product. 

And this impacts the sound quality as well. 

Having a pair of earbuds that fits in your ears well will have a huge impact on how well you like the earbuds. 

If you’re like me and have unnaturally small ears, finding the right tip for the earbuds can be hard.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are bulky, both with the charging case and in their fit with your ear. 

While it does boast a sleek and rounded design and protrudes from your ears slightly. 

If you don’t like that, it’s not the right fit for your ears.

The Bose Sport Earbuds has a much sleeker design, one that blends in much better with your ears and also has the selection and choice of different tips to help your ears enjoy the smaller earbud.

The AirPod Pros have a stem, which neither of the Bose earbuds has. 

It fits well in the ears, but this also might impact how compact the design of the Bose earbuds are in comparison. 

Not something to base your entire decision on.


Another huge thing you’ll look into is the price range.

While most wireless earbuds aren’t as expensive as a pair of headphones, it’s important to know how much you’re willing to put into something like this.

On BestBuy’s website, the QuietComfort Earbuds are $279.

The Sport Earbuds are $179, and the Apple AirPod Pros are $189.99. 

The Sport earbuds are the cheapest option, but they come with another downside when compared to the other two earbud pairs.

Extra Features

There are a number of features that have been developed for wireless earbuds to improve customer satisfaction. 

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds and the Apple AirPod Pros both have sound cancellation technology and good transparency settings. 

The Bose settings are more customizable whereas the AirPods largely adjust to their environment on their own.

The Bose Sport earbud does not have noise-canceling, as it was built with sports in mind and solely for that purpose. 

Having noise-canceling earbuds while doing sports could be grounds for injury.

The Apple AirPod Pros are notoriously difficult to connect to other technology brands. 

They are built with iOS programming in mind and that’s what they stick to. 

The Bose QuietComfort earbuds, on the other hand, can connect to either! They have adjusted with a Bluetooth setup 5.1.

This means it can connect to both an Android phone or an Apple phone with some persistence! 

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