How To Install Apps On A Mac Without The Admin Password

If you don’t have access to the admin password on Mac, but you need to install an app, you will find that conventional installation won’t work. 

There is a way, however, to bypass the admin password on your Mac and download apps without it.

How to Install Apps on Mac without Admin Password

To download Apps onto a Mac without an administrator password, download them directly to the downloads folder or desktop from the browser rather than through the app store. Then right-click the application, click on the run option, and it will run as usual unless it requires an installment package.

Read below to learn how to install apps to downloads and what to do about apps that come with installment packages. 

Downloading Applications to Downloads

To download an application to the downloads folder, you will need to download it from your internet browser. 

Downloading apps from the app store will require an administrator password. 

First, find the application you want on the internet and download it through your internet browser. 

Make sure it downloads to your downloads folder or your desktop. 

Bypass the Admin Password

Once the app is installed into downloads, right-click on the application, and you will be able to run the program as usual.

If you are running apps through downloads, rather than applications, you may not be able to save data on the app. 

You may save files of a specific type to your computer and use the app to open them later, but your data may not save to the app itself. 

For example, if you have Microsoft Word installed in downloads, you can always save a word document to your files and reopen the document in Word when you pull it up. 

Other applications, like internet browsers, may not save history or account logins. 

Apps with Installment Packages

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If the application is a complete file without an installment package, you will be able to run the app as normal, however, PKG apps that have an installment package will generally require an admin password. 

When you download a PKG file, it isn’t fully installed and cannot be run as-is. If you try to open the installment package, you will be prompted to give your password. To get around this, follow the steps below or watch this video.

1. Create a folder

Create a folder where you will store your application. Name it accordingly and put it somewhere easy to access during the installation process, such as your desktop. 

2. Open the terminal

Open the terminal on your Mac. This is located in the “Other” section in Launchpad. Once the terminal is open, type: pkgutil –expand 

3. Drop PKG file into the terminal

Drag and drop the package file into the terminal after the text you just typed. After that, drag and drop the folder you created in step one after that. 

4. Press enter

You will likely get an error explaining that the folder already exists. If this happens, delete the folder you created in step one. The folder will be “recreated” when you run the code again.

5. Rerun the code in the terminal

Press the up arrow key to copy the text you just entered and tried to run. After you have done this, press enter again. From there, the folder will be created and put in the same place you designated in step one. 

6. Open the folder and view the package contents

Open the folder. Inside will be the PKG file. Right-click and choose “Show Package Contents” on the drop-down menu.

7. Find the payload folder and convert it to an application

In the PKG file, there will sometimes be a folder named “Payload.” Put this folder somewhere you will be able to find it and rename it. 

After payload, type: .app This will turn the folder into an application, and you should be able to see the app icon appear as the new folder icon. 

From here, you can rename the folder to the application name. 

Payload File

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If you have a payload file, rather than a folder, follow the instructions below. 

I. Create a new folder

Create a new folder to which you will extract the payload file. Name it as you would the app. Place it somewhere easy to find, like the desktop. 

II. Open the terminal and enter code

Open the terminal the same way you did in the previous step and type: tar -xvf 

III. Drop payload file into the terminal

Drag and drop the payload file into the terminal and type: -C

After this, drag and drop the folder you just created into the terminal. To run this command, you don’t need to delete the folder first. Press enter to run the command. 

IV. Open the app

The app will be extracted to the folder you just created. Once it has been created, you can move the folder to your applications or leave it where it is. It should run as a normal application with no issue. 

*If you are having issues with any of the code, make sure you have written the code exactly keeping in mind and capitalization and spaces. Be sure to add a space before dragging and dropping a file or folder into the terminal.

Disable Password Requirements for Downloads

If you know the password, but you want to disable the password requirement for downloads, you can easily do so in System Preferences.

To disable the password requirement, open System Preferences.

This can be found by clicking on the Apple icon on the menu bar or in the section “Other” in Launchpad. 

From there, go into your Apple ID section. If your account was set up with an Apple ID, this section will allow you to make changes to the password requirements for downloading. 

From there, click on “Media & Purchases” in the menu on the left. 

There should be an App Store icon next to it. This will give you the option to require a password for free app downloads.

You will also have a separate option for password requirements for apps you will need to purchase and in-app purchases. 

It will require your password to make these changes, but once you have made the changes, you should be able to download apps without entering your admin password.

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