3 Ways To Tell If Those Are Fake AirPods

If you have a pair of AirPods – or are getting ready to buy some – and are worried they may be fake, there are some specific ways you will be able to know. It has happened to all of us at some point. We’ve set out to purchase a new gadget, did our research, read reviews, and finally ordered what we thought was a genuine product. But then, something seems off when we receive it. Could it be fake? And how will we ever know? Luckily, with AirPods, you can figure it out pretty easily if they are the real deal. And maybe even before you actually purchase them.

How To Tell If Those Are Fake AirPods 3 Ways To Tell If Those Are Fake AirPods

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How can you tell fake AirPods apart from real ones? 

You can spot fake AirPods in one of the following three ways:

  • Check for the serial number on the AirPod case
  • Check the packaging that houses your AirPods
  • Decide if the price of your AirPods may be too good to be true

No one likes to get scammed, especially when the scam is over something you’ve really been wanting to buy. 

AirPods aren’t usually an impulse purchase – not only are they expensive, but each model comes with a variety of different features that you’ve probably spent time researching and debating which ones will best fit your needs. Realizing you have been sold a fake is not just disappointing…it can also mean that you may have to wait again for a while before you can re-purchase them.

And who knows it, you’ll get scammed again. Well, you can stop worrying because I’ve done the research and can provide you with some tried and true ways to know that the AirPods you are purchasing are the genuine deal.

I love electronic gadgets and getting a good deal. But I also know that scammers have gotten more sophisticated in recent years and, in order to stay one step ahead of them, we must know what to look for when purchasing high-end, high-priced electronics. Keep reading to learn everything I know about avoiding the scammers when it comes to your new pair of AirPods.

How Can I Spot Fake AirPods?

How To Tell If Those Are Fake AirPods 1 3 Ways To Tell If Those Are Fake AirPods

Ever since Apple introduced the world to AirPods, they’ve been taking the electronics industry by storm.

These tiny little earbuds have been a game changer for everything from having a phone conversation in your car, to making your workouts more fun and less cumbersome.

AirPods are also discreet, fitting neatly in your ear with no wires to get in your way.

Bottom line…AirPods are awesome and one of the best selling accessories that Apple has ever rolled out.

And not only do consumers know that…scammers do too.

Every year, more than 60 million pairs of AirPods are sold around the globe. How many fake AirPods are sold in addition to that is unclear, but it’s easy to imagine that it’s a lot. 

AirPods are not cheap, and being able to make a knock-off brand that emulates the authentic AirPods is big business. But let’s take a look at some things you can do to make sure you aren’t part of the scammer’s profit and instead are getting the genuine AirPods that you set out to purchase.

1. Check for the Serial Number on the AirPod Case

Serial numbers are kind of like a product’s fingerprints…if nothing else they can identify who they belong to, where they were purchased, if they were stolen, or if they are authentic…a serial number can do all that and more.

Any reputable company will put a serial number on each of its items, especially big-ticket ones. Apple is very aware of the fact that their products are not only expensive, but that people are constantly trying to make knock-offs and that the only way they can really keep track of all their products is to issue each item a serial number before it gets shipped out of the factory.

Your AirPod serial number will be on the inside of the lid, on one of the two earcups. (You may have to google your exact make and model to know exactly where your serial number is.)

If you don’t see a serial number at all, you know the AirPods are fake. If you see one, but are still suspicious, go ahead and call Apple customer support, and follow the prompts for validating the authenticity of a product.

It may take a bit of digging and investigating, but you should eventually be able to confirm whether or not your AirPods are a licensed Apple product by figuring out if the serial number is a legitimate one.

2. Check the Packaging that Houses Your AirPods

Here’s another great way to know if your AirPods are authentic or if someone is trying to scam you into buying something that is not what you bargained for.

Very often, scammers will get lazy when it comes to the packaging of an item, even if they took great care to make the item itself look as genuine as possible.

This is because many scammers don’t think a consumer is savvy enough to notice how the product was packaged before they ship it out, or line store shelves with it.

There are a variety of ways that fake Airpods can be identified based on packaging alone.

One of the most common mistakes that scammers make is that they don’t check the spelling when they print directions, descriptions, or even warning labels. Oftentimes you can spot a fake pair of AirPods just by flipping over the outside box and reading some of the fine print. 

Another easy way to identify fake AirPods is by looking at the box itself. 

AirPods are uniquely packaged by Apple, and come in a box that has a special type of suction that was carefully designed by Apple.  

When you remove the lid of your AirPods, the release of the inner box should be slow and almost dramatic in how it opens. 

Counterfeit AirPod creators most likely will not take the time to create such a unique package. As you lift the lid, if you don’t feel a suction-like opening, it is most likely that your AirPods are not the real deal.

3. Decide if the Price of Your AirPods May Be Too Good to Be True

Finally, we all know that old adage…if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

AirPods are not cheap, as we all (painfully) know. Even a used or a refurbished set of AirPods can cost upwards of $100, and a brand new pair can be hundreds of dollars, depending on the model that you are purchasing.

If you are being offered a price for a pair of AirPods that is way outside the normal retail cost, you must assume these are knock-offs…even if the person selling them to you tries to convince you they just happen to be able to offer them to you at a really great discount.

Like I said earlier…over 60 million sets of AirPods are currently sold around the planet every year. Why would someone be willing to offer you such a deep discount, when it’s obvious that these devices are still in high demand. 

Spend some time researching the person who is selling you the AirPods and why they are willing to give you such a great deal.

In the end, if you prevent yourself from losing money to a scammer, you will be more than happy to pay full price when you actually buy the real AirPods from a reputable source.

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