What Is The Xbox Series X Download Speed?

Regarding game download speed, the Xbox Series X is known to be one of the faster new gaming consoles to download apps or games quickly. A poor connection can cause slow downloads that take multiple days to complete. This can be a nightmare for Xbox Series X owners, so it is essential to know what speeds to expect and how you can improve them. 

What Is The Xbox Series X Download Speed What Is The Xbox Series X Download Speed?

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What’s the Xbox Series X’s download speed?

The Xbox Series X download speed is between 200-350 Mbps. You can maximize your download speeds even more for this console by closing any running apps or games or updating your internet connection. It is essential to test your speed and see if your current internet can support this device too. 

Xbox Series X download speed was a question that many Xbox One owners were asking. The Xbox Series X console is one of the most powerful Xbox devices created to date. This guide will explain more about the upgrades included and the type of download speed you can expect when using it. 

The Xbox Series X download speed is impressive, and all the speed information provided has been collected through personal tests with the console. We have included the speed you can expect with WiFi and ethernet connection. 

What To Know About the Xbox Series X Download Speed

With the Xbox Series X Download Speed, gamers can download games in seconds. The console can download games at speeds of 200-350 Mbps. 

This console significantly improved compared to previous models, which had download speeds of less than 200 Mbps. One example is the Xbox One, but this console is even faster with some upgrades. 

The key to uncovering your Xbox Series X download speed is knowing how to run speed tests and what type of equipment should be used to get the best speed results. 

Many users debate whether a WiFi or ethernet cable connection is better. The other concern is console memory and the size of the games you are downloading. Keep all of this in mind when learning about your download speed. 

What Causes Xbox Series X Download Speed To Be Slow?

We have seen numerous reasons why your Xbox Series X download speed might be slow. It is essential to know the causes so you can identify the issue. 

Once you know what is causing your slow speeds, you can apply the proper fix and get your Xbox running fast again. This helps to create faster game downloads and an all-around improved user experience. 

What Is The Xbox Series X Download Speed 1 What Is The Xbox Series X Download Speed?

Too Many Games Or Apps Running Together

One is that the Xbox Series X has limited bandwidth for downloading games, apps, and updates. This happens when you overload the console by running too many things simultaneously.

It most commonly occurs when you leave apps like Netflix running in the background while gaming. 

Running both together while trying to download a new game is too much for the device to maximize download speeds. 

You can get much more impressive speed and performance from your Xbox by running your apps one at a time. 

Outdated Firmware

You may not know about automatic updates if you are still new to Xbox and your new Series X console. This is a feature you need to take advantage of to avoid outdated firmware problems.

You can go into the settings and turn on automatic updates. When activated, your device will download these updates when the device is less active or in sleep mode.

This keeps the device updated at all times and doesn’t slow you down while you are using the console. This also helps to improve your download speed. 

Poor Internet Connection

The other critical factor when checking your Xbox Series X download speed is your internet connection quality. A poor connection can quickly cause your console speed to decline. 

The type of connection you use matters too. For example, results differ by a wide margin when comparing the average WiFi connection to an ethernet connection.

You can expect faster speeds, lower latency, and better download quality with an ethernet connection. Checking your internet connection should be one of the first steps you take. 

How To Increase Your Xbox Series X Download Speed

The Xbox Series X Download Speed will have a faster download speed than the current Xbox One. It is one of the best Xbox versions for download speeds too. 

It will be able to download games faster and stream video services such as Netflix at a higher quality. But if you notice these speeds dropping off, there are a few tricks you can try to improve the speed. 

Check Your Game Download Speed

A slow download speed can be a massive problem for any gamer. 

Whether you are trying to download a new game or just want to play an old one, it can be frustrating when your game doesn’t load promptly. 

The first thing that you want to do is check your current download speed. This can be done in the Network Settings on the Xbox Series X. 

Here you will see both the download and upload speed of your console, along with the latency. If you are using a wireless connection, it will also display your wireless connection strength. 

Close Running Apps And Games

After checking the connection, you will better understand your current speed. If they are slow, one thing you can try is eliminating excessive apps or games running.

When you have many different things running at once, it will hurt your download speed the most. If you play a game during a download, it could even cause the download to be paused or suspended. 

The best way to stop this from happening is to go into your settings and make an adjustment. You can temporarily suspend your game in the Queue settings to speed up downloads. 

Restart Your Console

Many times the most straightforward solution can solve the most complex problems. The same is true when diagnosing slower download speeds on your Xbox Series X. 

If this applies to you, try restarting the console. Once it turns back on, check the download speeds to see if anything changed. 

Update Internet Connection

As a last resort, you can look into updating your internet connection by talking directly with your provider. It is possible your current router does not support the speeds needed for your Xbox. 

Xbox Series X Download Speed: WiFi Vs. Ethernet

If you want to experience lightning-fast speeds, look to set up an ethernet connection for your Xbox Series X. While it may be less convenient, the speeds are a significant improvement. 

For example, the average WiFi user that was tested never exceeded 350 Mbps for download speeds. And we saw results as low as 50 Mbps depending on the WiFi equipment and setup. 

Compare this to an ethernet connection where we saw speeds as high as 850 Mbps for Xbox Series X users. This also includes double the upload speed without the worry of losing your wireless connection. 

However, not everybody can make an ethernet setup work. If this applies to you, use a 5 GHz WiFi Band for your network. 

This will allow you to experience high-end download speeds for WiFi in the 300 Mbps range. Speeds in this range provide plenty of support to quickly download games on your console. 

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