Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? [Explained!]

As an Apple user, I expect to have a high-quality audio listening experience. 

And I also want to check my Facebook while I’m blasting some Tori Amos on my Apple Music app

I mean, who doesn’t want that kind of well-rounded iPhone experience?

Well, as we probably all know, Apple devices aren’t glitch-free. 

A lot of users report having Apple Music stop playing as soon as they open up Facebook. 

Just check out this sole discussion topic on the Apple forums

It seems that trying to troubleshoot this issue is easy for some and nightmarish and ineffective for others.

I personally experienced this problem just once, and the fix I used seemed to do the trick. 

But that method doesn’t work for everyone. 

You will have to take into consideration that, when you’re running Apple Music and Facebook at the same time, you are using two massive, data-heavy apps in tandem, and that sure does put some strain on your phone’s processor.

Most phones can handle it (even my old iPhone 7), but there are going to be instances in which opening a data-heavy app will cause Apple Music to stop playing music and crash.

Although this issue is insanely frustrating, Apple does provide some workarounds. 

Let’s go over what they are and why this issue is so commonly reported.

Why does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? [Explained!]

Apple Music may stop when you open Facebook because they are both data-heavy apps that require your phone’s processor to put in extra work to run them both. If you’re running other apps too, then you’re more likely to experience a crash. 

You can try a few troubleshooting methods to see if you can get these apps to cooperate when being used at the same time.

How can you possibly make AM keep playing when you open FB on your phone? What kinds of workarounds exist? 

Are any of them actually effective? Read on to learn about why AM might be stopping when you open your FB app.

How can I make Apple Music keep playing when I open Facebook?

Why does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook Explained 1 Why Does Apple Music Stop When I Open Facebook? [Explained!]

Apple Music will stop playing music when you open FB if there is a video on FB that is auto-playing. 

And FB will auto-play videos as you start scrolling through it. 

You might also notice some variations in volume once you open the FB app, and this is typically caused by the microphone and sound control being required when you open FB.

There are a few measures you can take, from switching your sound settings to restarting your iPhone

Switch Your Facebook Settings

FB is loaded with videos that will pop up in your feed.

While some of them can be fun and interesting, you might not want them interrupting your favorite tune. 

There is a way to stop FB from automatically playing videos, and this is how you can disable that auto-play feature:

  1. Open up FB, then go to FB Settings (where you see the three dots).
  2. Click on Account Settings.
  3. Select Sounds.
  4. In-App Sound will be checked. Click on this to un-check it.
  5. Your auto-play should now be disabled. Try playing a song on Music again while opening the FB app one more time.

This is by far the easiest problem-solving method and is usually pretty effective.

Reinstall Facebook

You might need to reinstall FB if the problem persists. This isn’t an issue with AM but with the FB app instead.

If this problem isn’t going away, you are going to want to reinstall FB by:

  1. Uninstalling FB from your phone.
  2. Downloading the FB again.
  3. Launch the app again while playing AM and see if the problem has gone away.

If you keep getting volume alterations or full-on interruptions, you’ll want to try a few other troubleshooting methods.

However, this method tend to resolve the issue for quite a few people.

Restart Your iPhone

If you still have no luck, try restarting your iPhone.

Sometimes, this will take care of any bugs or glitches with the FB app. 

However, doing this will also reset your auto-play settings to the default ‘on’ setting. 

And restarting your iPhone might not fix the issue at hand.

Close Out of Any Apps Running In the Background

Running multiple apps at once can drag down your phone’s processing speed. 

This can cause apps to become laggy or start to malfunction in other ways. 

Multiple data-heavy apps running at once can cause system lag as well as crashes, and the best way to prevent this is to only have a couple of apps open at a time, max.

To close out of background apps on your iPhone,:

  1. Hit the Home button twice, which will display all of your open apps.
  2. Swipe up to close out of an app. (To keep it open, swipe right to get to the next open app.)

The more apps you close out of, the better your iPhone should allow an open app like Music to run. 

Closing down background apps is something you should get in the habit of doing since it can help your iPhone run more smoothly on the whole.

When to Contact Apple Support

One of the above workarounds should ideally help keep Music playing your favorite tunes as you peruse your FB feed. 

But, if they don’t do the trick, you might want to contact Apple Support

You could be experiencing software or hardware issues if the problem continues or worsens. 

An Apple technician can answer your questions over the phone, via online chat, or in person at an Apple Store location near you.

Closing Thoughts

Apple’s Music app is meant to handle a heavy flow of data, but when you open up your FB app and get bombarded by auto-playing videos, your music can stop playing. 

The Music app might even crash if the system is too inundated. 

Try running the gambit of troubleshooting methods listed above and see if one of them fixes this rather obnoxious issue.

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