Can You Use An iPad Instead Of A Laptop?

Tablets are typically used to entertain users, while laptops are used to complete work (school-related or otherwise).

However, as iPads are becoming more powerful, people are tempted to use an iPad instead of a Laptop.

Can you use an iPad instead of a laptop?

Can You Use An iPad Instead Of A Laptop?

An iPad can be used instead of a laptop, but laptops are more powerful than iPads. Sometimes, power is needed when working. Some schools don’t allow iPads to be used, but most colleges don’t put restrictions on devices used to complete homework. Many jobs don’t allow iPads to be used while working.

In some cases, an iPad can replace a laptop. 

However, most of the time a laptop is needed. More information about why iPads can’t necessarily replace laptops is below.

Can iPads Replace Laptops?

iPads can’t replace laptops in most cases, but they can in others. 

When you are working in an office or completing schoolwork, laptops are better than iPads. 

When you are gaming, laptops are much better than iPads. 

However, if you are typing or taking notes during a class and don’t need to do much else with the device, an iPad can replace a laptop.

It is somewhat difficult to switch tabs repeatedly and quickly while using an iPad, which is why a laptop is typically used while you are working and completing school work.

It is also harder to see words on an iPad’s screen than on a laptop screen.

Although recent iPads range in screen size, they are typically much smaller than the screen of an average laptop. 

It is important that you can clearly see all text and images displayed on a screen, especially while doing school work. 

If you can’t see everything clearly and easily, you may miss information and answer questions wrong.

Although iPads are powerful and have a large amount of storage space, especially when you use iCloud storage, laptops tend to have more power and storage. 

Storage is especially important when you are working and completing school work. 

It is surprising how many documents and photos you have to download while completing school work.

If you are a gamer, don’t purchase an iPad to replace your laptop, especially if you have or want a gaming laptop. 

Gaming laptops are specifically designed for gaming and have much more power than iPads.

If you use an iPad instead of a laptop while gaming, you will likely notice lagging or find it hard to navigate the controls.

iPads are easier to transport than laptops, but many laptops are quite small because manufacturers know that you are taking them to a variety of places.

iPads don’t have any place for you to plug in a USB drive or HDMI cable, which means you can’t connect any outside devices or documents to your iPad. 

You can plug your iPad into a Mac, but a Mac is a laptop that doesn’t need to be replaced with an iPad.

How to Make iPad Similar to a Laptop

Can You Use An iPad Instead Of A Laptop 1 Can You Use An iPad Instead Of A Laptop?

If you want to replace your laptop with an iPad, but don’t want to lose any of the benefits that laptops offer, you can purchase accessories for your iPad including a mouse and keyboard.

If you want to replace your laptop with an iPad, you can purchase a Bluetooth keyboard or purchase an iPad case that has a Bluetooth keyboard attached.

When you purchase a Bluetooth keyboard, you will also need to purchase a stand or a case that also functions as a stand.

Otherwise, you will have to crane your neck to see what you are typing.

This becomes uncomfortable after about 20 minutes.

If you like having a mouse when using your laptop, you can purchase a wireless mouse for your iPad. This will help make your iPad seem more like a laptop and make it easier to click on various images, documents, and tabs.

Unfortunately, some outdated and old iPads are not able to support both a mouse and a keyboard, which means you will have to choose one or the other. 

If you choose to use the mouse instead of a keyboard, you will have to type on the screen. Sometimes the screen lags when you type on it.

Luckily, new and updated iPads can support both a mouse and Bluetooth keyboard, so you won’t have to choose between the two.

Should I Purchase a Laptop or iPad?

You should purchase a laptop rather than an iPad because laptops are often more versatile than iPads, have more storage space, and are often slightly more powerful.

You should also purchase a laptop rather than an iPad because laptops last longer than iPads. 

After 2-5 years, iPads become slow and outdated, which is extremely frustrating when you rely on that device.

Laptops last for 5-10 years or more. 

Although the battery life of both devices decreases over time, they typically have similar battery capacities.

When using a Bluetooth keyboard with an iPad, sometimes the Bluetooth doesn’t connect properly. 

If this happens, you will be stuck and have to type on the screen instead. 

This doesn’t happen to laptops as the keyboard is not wirelessly connected.

Sometimes when you are using a Bluetooth keyboard with an iPad, the keyboard lags and doesn’t type right away.

When this occurs, you have to wait for the screen to catch up before you continue typing. 

This can take up to a few minutes, and you may not have time to wait.

Laptops have a better cooling system than iPads. 

Although sometimes laptops overheat, it only typically happens when the laptop is old and is being used constantly. 

After a few hours of use, iPads overheat and you need to wait until it has cooled down to use it.

In this case, laptops are better than iPads.

Laptops are more durable than iPads. 

If you drop an iPad, especially if it isn’t in a case, the screen will likely crack or shatter. 

If you drop a laptop, depending on the durability of the laptop, the screen may crack, but the laptop itself is still useable.

Laptops and iPads cost similar amounts, especially if you purchase a variety of iPad accessories.

If you want to purchase a device to use for work or school, purchase a laptop.

If you want a device to use for fun, purchase an iPad.

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