Can You Watch Youtube On An Apple Watch? 3 Factors

If you love all the features of your Apple Watch and are hoping you can also watch YouTube videos on it, there is now some good news in this department. We continue to become more impressed and reliant on our Apple Watches, using them for all kinds of things, from making phone calls to monitoring our heart rates. Though the screens are significantly smaller than an iPad or even an iPhone, you may be hoping your Apple Watch is going to be able to provide you with even more features, like watching YouTube videos. And, if it can, how hard is it to make that happen?

Can You Watch Youtube On An Apple Watch 1 1 Can You Watch Youtube On An Apple Watch? 3 Factors

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Can You Watch Youtube On An Apple Watch?

You can watch YouTube videos on your Apple Watch as long as you have a certain version of the watch, you have downloaded the WatchTube app from Apple’s app store, and you are in a country that allows YouTube videos to be played.

As Apple Watches continue to grow in popularity, their features do too. From being able to track your fitness goals, to being able to message and call people, it seems like our Apple Watches can do it all. 

Being able to watch a YouTube video on how to fix something while we are in the middle of doing it, or watching a YouTube video when we are standing in a long line would be ideal. Well, guess what? Under certain circumstances, now you can, and I’m going to show you how.

I have fallen victim to the Apple Watch craze. I avoided it for a while, but finally broke down and bought one, and I am so glad I did. 

Not only is it great for fitness and health tracking, but the number of other areas that it helps keep my life organized and saves me time is pretty remarkable. And…being able to watch YouTube videos on my Apple Watch is just plain fun as well! If you are ready to watch videos on your Apple Watch, read on and let me show you how.

Can I Watch YouTube Videos on My Apple Watch?

As the world of gadgets continues to expand, it seems as though there is now a device for almost anything. And if there isn’t, there will be one soon enough!

Apple has been a leader in the field of electronics and computer technology and continues to create products that make our lives easier, more efficient, and more fun. From phones to headphones to computers to tablets, Apple continues to lead the pack in the field of high-tech devices for work and play.

When the Apple Watch first hit the scene in 2015, consumers were immediately smitten. The idea of being able to track our fitness, check our emails and text messages and even make phone calls put the Apple Watch way on top of the must-have list for many consumers. 

But now, Apple is doing it again. Recently, it was announced that there is a new app for the Apple Watch which is called the WatchTube. 

WatchTube is an app that is created for the Apple Watch. When an Apple Watch user downloads this app, they can interact with video content on YouTube straight from their watch. 

This content can be quite varied, as YouTube has many different purposes and platforms, depending on what a person is looking for.

Whether you want to use YouTube in order to be able to watch entertainment videos, watch tutorial videos, subscribe to different channels, or follow certain content creators, you can now do it all from your Apple Watch.

Can You Watch Youtube On An Apple Watch Can You Watch Youtube On An Apple Watch? 3 Factors

But, like most things in life, there are a few caveats and you’ll need to have certain things in place before you can start scrolling through the latest YouTube feeds.

Let’s dive in and find out what those certain things are.

1. You Need a Certain Version of Your Apple Watch

Probably the most important element to being able to watch YouTube videos on your Apple Watch is what version of the watch you currently have.

While some older versions of the Apple Watch will allow you to text yourself YouTube videos and then watch them on your wrist, if you want to actually run the YouTube site, you’ll need a faster, more sophisticated version of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch versions four, five, and six will allow you to download WatchTube onto your Apple Watch, but they can sometimes still be a bit glitchy and the buffering may be too slow for some people.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is your best bet for installing the WatchTube app straight onto your Apple Watch and having the videos play best. The technology in this latest watch is quite superior to the others and is most compatible with the majority of apps that have been designed for the Apple Watch.

Another thing to remember…the Apple Watch speakers themselves are quite small, so you may also want to invest in a good pair of genuine AirPod headphones, which will really enhance your audio experience while watching content on YouTube.

As I said before, if you don’t have an Apple Watch version that will allow you to download the app necessary to enjoy watching YouTube videos, you can always copy and paste the videos to yourself in a text message, then open that text on your Apple Watch.

Yes, this is a bit more cumbersome, but probably worth it, if you want to watch videos but aren’t in the market for a whole new Apple Watch.

2. You Need to Install the WatchTube App on to Your Apple Watch

Okay, assuming you have an Apple Watch that can support the app, you will next want to go into your app store from your watch and download the app entitled WatchTube.

WatchTube is a free app and it’s easy to download straight to your watch. When you first install it, you will be asked some questions about the kinds of content you are interested in. You can skip these, but then you’ll also have to watch a handful of videos that are currently trending.

After watching those videos, you can begin browsing the content you are interested in and creating your own algorithm. 

Many Apple Watch users say that watching YouTube videos from their Apple Watch is still not ideal. Even with the latest Apple Watch 7 as well as the WatchTube app, the videos tend to be glitchy at times, and don’t always download very quickly.

That said, when in a pinch, watching YouTube content on your Apple Watch is still acceptable and I have no doubt that Apple will continue to improve the Apple Watch platform when it comes to streaming more kinds of content.

3. You Need to be in a Country that Allows YouTube

Finally, the only other thing that may hold you back from watching YouTube videos on your Apple Watch is if you are in a country that doesn’t allow YouTube.

Though most countries have no issues with anyone watching YouTube, certain countries still don’t allow it.

Countries like Turkey, the UAE, China, and Iran have put bans on YouTube, or restrictions on certain channels.

Other countries will sometimes ban types of content or keywords that may pop up in the YouTube videos. 

These bans seem to change periodically, so if you are planning on using your Apple Watch to engage in YouTube content, you may want to check and make sure the country you are in does not currently have any bans or restrictions in place.

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