How Do I Connect My iPhone Via Bluetooth To The Sonos Playbar?

Sonos is currently one of the most outstanding speaker brands. On top of having a beautiful appearance, they have unrivaled sound quality. Bluetooth is not installed on most Sonos speakers, although the portable and tiny ones are Bluetooth-enabled. Bluetooth connectivity on their portable devices enables you to listen to your favorite podcast or music while away from home.

How Do I Connect My iPhone Via Bluetooth To The Sonos Playbar 1 How Do I Connect My iPhone Via Bluetooth To The Sonos Playbar?

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How do I connect my Sonos Playbar to my iPhone using Bluetooth?

The process of connecting your Sonos Playbar to your iPhone via Bluetooth varies depending on the particular model of iPhone and Playbar. In general just ensure that your iPhone is in Bluetooth discovery mode, turn on your Sonos Playbar and enable Bluetooth, then couple the two devices.

Ensure that your Sonos Playbar is configured over Wi-Fi using the Sonos app before switching to Bluetooth mode and linking your iPhone. If you skip this process, your Sonos Playbar will not work. Confirm the Sonos is on before initiating a connection.

Even though the Sonos Playbar does not appear in the Sonos app when attached over Bluetooth, you can adjust volume and playback using your iPhone. In addition, many Sonos services, such as stereo pairing and voice assistants, are inaccessible when Sonos Move is in Bluetooth Mode.

Which Sonos Playbar Models Support Bluetooth?

While most Sonos models do not support Bluetooth, since the speaker primarily uses your home Wi-Fi network, the Sonos Move and Sonos Roam play bars support Bluetooth connectivity.

Having Bluetooth on the other prominent speakers that are only used in the house is not a must. Missing Bluetooth on small portable speakers like the Sonos Roam and Sonos Move is very inconvenient.

So you may be trying to connect to a Sonos Playbar with no Bluetooth feature. Confirm if the specific model supports Bluetooth connectivity.

How Do I Connect My iPhone Via Bluetooth to the Sonos Playbar?

How Do I Connect My iPhone Via Bluetooth To The Sonos Playbar 1 1 How Do I Connect My iPhone Via Bluetooth To The Sonos Playbar?

The Sonos Move Playbar must be configured using the Sonos app via Wi-Fi before switching to Bluetooth mode and pairing with your iPhone.

Although the Sonos Move Playbar will not appear in the Sonos app when paired with Bluetooth, you can control volume and playback through your iPhone.

Additionally, certain Sonos features like stereo pairing and voice assistants are unavailable when Sonos Move operates in Bluetooth Mode.

Here is a step by step on how to connect your Sonos Move to your iPhone

STEP 1: Change the Bluetooth settings

Locate the Bluetooth key in your Sonos Move that is positioned between the Power and Join function keys on the back of the Playbar. To switch to Bluetooth Mode, single-press the Bluetooth button until the speaker’s top light turns blue and the play bar beeps.

STEP2: Turn on the Sonos Move pairing mode

To enter pairing mode, hold down the Bluetooth button. The light will flash blue, and the Playbar will beep again. If you do not hear the beeping sound, repeat the process.

STEP 3: Pair iPhone to Sonos Move Playbar

Launch the Control Center first to pair your Sonos Playbar to your iPhone. Swipe upwards from the bottom of the display on iPhones with home buttons. On iPhones without a home button, swipe downward from the upper-right screen corner adjacent to the battery indicator.

When Control Center displays, click the Bluetooth icon, which resembles a decorative “B” in a ring.

When Bluetooth is enabled, the Bluetooth icon in the Control Center automatically changes color to blue. Swipe Control Center to the left or tap an empty place on the screen to dismiss it.

Alternatively, you can enable Bluetooth in Settings. To accomplish this, launch the Settings app, select “Bluetooth,” and then press the switch next to it. You can pair your Sonos Move Playbar with your iPhone using the same menu.

Once you successfully pair the two devices, a solid blue light will illuminate, and a beep will sound.

How to Pair Sonos Roam to iPhone

Before the Sonos Roam Playbar can create a Bluetooth connection with your iPhone, it must be configured over Wi-Fi using the Sonos app. Make sure that Sonos Roam is switched on and active before proceeding.

Once everything is set, here is how to proceed:

  1. Press the power button of the Roam Playbar for a few seconds before releasing it. The front status Light will begin blinking blue, and the pairing tone will be audible.
  2. Navigate to your iPhone’s Bluetooth list and click Roam from the available list.

When pairing is successful, the status light will turn solid blue, and you will hear another tone.

What To Do When Having Difficulty Pairing Your iPhone With Sonos Playbar?

In the Bluetooth settings of your device, an error message such as “Connection Unsuccessful” may show if it cannot establish a connection with Sonos. Here is what you can do to fix this issue:

Ensure that Bluetooth Is Enabled On Sonos

Upon initial pairing, your Sonos Playbar must be in Bluetooth discovery mode. When Bluetooth discovery mode is active, the mobile Sonos equipment’s status light will glow blue.

However, bear in mind that before pairing your iPhone with Sonos Move, the Sonos Move must first be configured for Wi-Fi.

Reduce the Distance Between Your iPhone and Your Sonos Playbar

Bluetooth is highly affected by proximity. Place your iPhone and Sonos Playbar nearer together for a successful connection. A significant distance between your iPhone and Sonos Playbar adversely affects the Bluetooth signal strength.

Place your iPhone and Sonos Playbar In A Separate Area or Room

Suppose you suspect something in the vicinity is interfering with the Bluetooth connection. In that case, you can move your Sonos Playbar and Bluetooth device to a new area and try connecting again.

Having too many things in a room also causes interferences in Bluetooth connectivity.

Ensure Your Sonos Playbar Is Up and Running

Your Sonos Playbar will be inaccessible through Bluetooth when turned off or in sleep mode. If the status light on your Playbar is off, turn it on by pushing the power button or, if the battery has run out, by plugging it in.

Verify Your iPhone’s Data Connection

Ensure that your iPhone has a good Wi-Fi or cellular data connection if you’re using a music streaming service as your source. You can evaluate your connection by unplugging your iPhone’s Bluetooth from your Sonos Playbar and then turning on your music source.

The connection is strong if audio and video play correctly.

Switch Bluetooth On and Off

This is the oldest trick you have probably already attempted in the book. Navigate to your phone’s settings and switch Bluetooth off and on. This technique works nine out of ten times, and your iPhone and Sonos Playbar connect efficiently.

Reduce Wireless Obstructions

Move your Bluetooth device and Sonos Playbar if they are close to devices or substances that can interfere with Bluetooth signals, such as microwaves, metal, cordless phones,  or concrete.

Infact, you can shift rooms to be sure that it is not the obstructions that are in the room making the connection fail.

Try Pairing Again

When having trouble reconnecting to your Sonos Playbar, sometimes the simplest solution is to force your iPhone to “forget” the Playbar and begin again.

On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth, then press “Forget This Device’ next to the issue device. It may be necessary to delete or “forget” the device from the Sonos app.

Once you do this, you should be able to reconnect with no stress.

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