How Long Do Powerbeats Pro Earbuds Last & How To Make Them Last Longer

Some brands of earbuds have batteries that last longer than others. How long do Powerbeats Pro headphones last? Can you make them last longer?

How Long Do Powerbeats Pro Earbuds Last 1 How Long Do Powerbeats Pro Earbuds Last & How To Make Them Last Longer

How Long Do Powerbeats Pro Earbuds Last?

With the charging case, Powerbeats Pro earbuds can last for a full 24-hour day before the battery runs out. However, many things including interference from other devices can make them run out faster. You can clean them, update the firmware, or reset them to make the charge last longer. 

At my tech support job, I get calls from people who think their Powerbeats Pro earbuds are defective and don’t work as well as they should. It is much more likely that a simple fix like resetting the Powerbeats earbuds will fix the problem. 

Apple claims that Powerbeats Pro earbuds last for a long time. They say that they last for 24 hours if you have the charging case or 9 hours without it. 

Is their 24-hour claim true? If so, why does the battery often die a lot faster than that? 

Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones can last for 9 or 24 hours, so the claim is true. However, many things can drain your headphones faster than normal. A lot of the time, one of your earbuds will die a lot faster than the other. 

Why Are My Powerbeats Earbuds Losing Charge Quickly?

If your Powerbeats earbuds are losing power quite a lot faster than Apple claims they will, something is wrong. Most likely you can fix the problem yourself.

What if One Earbud Loses Power Faster than the Other?

Sometimes, turning off automatic ear detection or updating your firmware will make your earbuds lose power at the same rate. You can also reset your earbuds to fix the problem. Dirty earbuds might not work properly, so clean them when necessary. 

Unpair Your Earbuds From Other Devices

Unpairing your earbuds from other devices can help the earbuds last longer. When you connect your earbuds to another device (such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone) you go into menus on the device to pair the two. 

This creates a Bluetooth connection that allows the device to send music to your headphones. 

However, devices that you aren’t using may still try to connect to your earbuds. This drains the batteries faster than normal. Go through menus in each device you don’t use and unpair the earbuds so that it won’t try to connect to them. 

Use One Earbud at a Time

How Long Do Powerbeats Pro Earbuds Last 1 1 How Long Do Powerbeats Pro Earbuds Last & How To Make Them Last Longer

You might prefer to use two earbuds at a time to hear the music or podcast in both ears at once or to block outside noise. However, if one ear is ok with you, you can double the battery life this way.

Use only one earbud, and keep the other in the charging case so one of them is always charged. This works even with stereo recordings. 

The earbud will notice when you are only using one and will convert the stereo to mono. 

Make Sure Your Headphones Are Charging Properly

Powerbeats headphones can charge very fast – up to about 90 minutes worth of charge in only 5 minutes.

However, if the charging cable isn’t good, it won’t work as well. Possibly, there could be something wrong with your battery. 

Change the Power Settings

You can also change the power settings to make them use less power. This reduces the maximum rate of data transfer. However, they might work fine and last longer on a lower power setting. 

Turn the Headphones Off

Don’t leave your Powerbeats headphones on all the time when you aren’t using them. They do not always turn off automatically. 

Replace Your Battery

Some electronic devices have non-replaceable batteries – once the battery is broken, the device will never work again. 

Thankfully, Powerbeats Pro batteries can be replaced. You can either take them to the store for replacement or replace them yourself for cheaper. 

Reset Your Headphones

Turning something off and on again is sometimes enough to fix it. Your headphones might last significantly longer after a simple reset.

Consider Repairs

How Long Do Powerbeats Pro Earbuds Last 2 How Long Do Powerbeats Pro Earbuds Last & How To Make Them Last Longer

Sometimes, there actually is something wrong with your earbuds. Since Apple gives you a decent warranty, you may be able to get them repaired or replaced for free. 

Are Powerbeats Earbuds a Good Product?

Yes, Powerbeats earbuds are a good product despite flaws like one earbud running out of power faster than the other. The battery problems do not affect everyone and can be corrected with simple fixes. 

Powerbeats earbuds are an excellent product. They are much better than cheap earbuds and are certainly worth a couple of hundred dollars. 

The Powerbeats sound quality and durability make the earbuds worth it. They can get somewhat wet without damage and all types of sounds are crisp and clear. 

Powerbeats Earbuds Stay in Place

Another great thing about Powerbeats earbuds is how easily they stay in place during physical activity. 

You can run, work out, or play sports with Powerbeats earbuds and they won’t come out of your ears. Most earbuds don’t stay in place nearly as reliably. 

Powerbeats 3 Headphones Last Longer

If you get Powerbeats 3 rather than Powerbeats Pro headphones, they can last for 12 hours without the charging case. Not everyone wants to buy a new product right away, but the newer Powerbeats have some advantages. 

Key Takeaways

  • Apple is telling the truth when they claim their Powerbeats earbuds can last for 24 hours with the charging case. However, many things can drain them faster than usual. 
  • Despite the possibility of problems that make these earbuds lose power faster, they are still an excellent product. The sound quality is great, they’re somewhat waterproof, and they stay in your ears securely. 
  • Cleaning your earbuds can make the charge last longer. You can also try resetting them. Try turning off automatic ear detection or updating the firmware.
  • Possibly, your battery is damaged. Thankfully, you can replace the battery.

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