How Strong Is the Airpods Hinge? [Answered]

Apple is known for its innovative projects, including its AirPods. When you purchase a pair of AirPods, they come with a small case they can be charged in.

The latest wireless cases have longer talk time, longer listening time, and wireless charging capabilities. The AirPods don’t need to be near the case to work.

The hinge on the case is more robust and less likely to break than older models. Read on to learn more about the Airpods case, its hinge, the pros and cons, common problems, and if Apple will cover any damage.

What Kind of Case Comes With Airpods?

When you purchase AirPods, they come with a charging case. There are three options for cases when buying AirPods as listed online:

  • The AirPods With Wireless Charging Case
  • The AirPods With Charging Case
  • The Wireless Charging Case

The difference between the wireless charging case and the charging case is clear. The wireless capabilities make the wireless charging case the most popular choice.

However, the AirPods with a charging case are more affordable, and the charging case by itself is even cheaper. If you only need to replace your charging case, the third option is best.

How Strong Is the Airpods Case Hinge?

Just how strong is the AirPods case? How strong is the hinge? The case itself is made of polycarbonate plastic and silicon. Polycarbonate plastic is a strong material. It is durable and will not break easily. 

The hinge on the charging case is made from machined metal. It has a matte finish and looks very sleek. If you drop the case from 6 feet or less, it is pretty unlikely to have any damage other than superficial scratches or scuffs. That includes the hinge.

Common Problems With the Airpods Case and Hinge

Although the AirPods case and hinge are durable, consumers have reported some common issues.

  • The hinge is loose or wiggling side-to-side
  • The case is not charging properly
  • The hinge breaking if dropped from high enough
  • The lid is not closing all the way

If any of these problems arise, it may be time to contact Apple support.

Will Apple Replace My AirPods Case?

If your Airpods case suffers some damage or is not working correctly, there are a couple of options for you. The first thing you should do is contact Apple support.

You will need your serial number, so you need your proof of purchase. Apple support should be able to tell you what options you have. They may ask you to mail in your case to be repaired or replaced.

You can take your AirPods case to the nearest Apple Store. They may repair or replace your case depending on the damage. If your AirPods case is still under warranty, these services may be of no cost to you.

What Is AppleCare+?

AppleCare+ is a converge option offered by Apple. It gives you coverage for accidental damage protection and includes expert technical support.

If you do not have AppleCare+, you may need to pay fees to repair or replace your devices, especially if they aren’t under warranty.


Apple offers a 1-year limited warranty for AirPods with Wireless Charging Case. This warranty protects consumers from the costs of repairing or replacing the product. The warranty may not pay for damages in all circumstances, so it is best to contact Apple support with any questions.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Airpods Case?

The latest AirPods with a wireless charging case is a great product. They are a popular product, and their many benefits are part of the reason. There are some downfalls, however. Below are lists of both pros and cons for this popular device.


The pros of the wireless charging case and AirPods that come with it include:

  • Wireless charging– The new charging case offers wireless capabilities, making it more convenient than ever
  • Compatibility– You can use the latest case with Gen 1 or Gen 2 AirPods
  • No need for lightning connector- You don’t need the lightning connector with this case, but you can still use it if desired
  • Qi Charging– Charge your AirPods without cords or direct contact with the pad.
  • Rechargeable batteries- The case used rechargeable batteries; no need to be plugged in.
  • Long-lasting charge– The wireless case charge lasts over a day, allowing you to recharge AirPods multiple times while out.
  • Water-resistant– The plastic and silicone case has been made water-resistant; it is unlikely to be harmed if it falls into the water.


Here are some of the cons of this version of AirPods

  • Shorter lifespan over time– The cells in the rechargeable batteries will have a short life as time passes, and you will need to replace them
  • Cost– Purchasing AirPods or the case is notoriously pricey
  • Not repairable– AirPods and their case is difficult, if not impossible, to repair yourself
  • Small size– The small size of the case may be convenient, but it also makes it easy to misplace

Qi Charging

The AirPods with a wireless charging case is an innovative product. Its Qi charging capabilities are definitively part of that. Qi charging is considered the standard for wireless charging.

What is Qi charging?

Qi, pronounced “chee” is a kind of wireless charging that uses inductive charging. When using a Qi charging pad with a compatible device, Qi charging happens.

What is good about Qi charging is that not only can you charge your device wirelessly, but you can also do it from a small distance. Your device can charge without even touching a charging pad. All devices with a Qi logo are compatible with Qi chargers.

In Summary

AirPods and their cases are popular Apple products. When purchasing an AirPods case, there are three different options: the AirPods With Charging Case, Airpods With Wireless Charging Case, and the Airpods Charging Case by itself.

The Airpods charging case is made of rigid materials. Polycarbonate plastic is quite sturdy and difficult to damage. The hinge is made of machined metal and is unlikely to break unless dropped from a great height.

Before purchasing AirPods or their case, read up on Apple products and their benefits.

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